Ready to ROCK! Starting 5/16/11 - Join me!

  • Amy - Hi!!  I don't really miss having to do a lot of cardio... I used to HATE weight training, but... I have to admit, it's starting to grow on me.  I LOVE being sore after a good workout.  :)  I know what you mean about nothing being around when you NEED it.  I had a decent treadmill (kind of had a mind of it's own sometimes though), but we decided it wasn't getting used and was taking up too much space... so we gave it away.  Duh-oh!!  Really wishing right now that I would have kept it.  So now I'm struggling to come up w/different ways to do my HIIT... done the jump rope and did it on the elliptical.  I think I stationary bike would be nice, though it brings back memories of a really sore bottom from a brutal spin class.  lol  

    Hmm... better tell that hubby he'd better get all of his calories in!  You're totally right, he NEEDS to eat and he's denying his body proper nutrition/energy and fuel.  Plus, I'm assuming he's eating under his BMR, so he's probably doing damage to his metabolism and once he goes off his 12 week plan, he'll start putting on weight like crazy.  If you know his stats, you could figure out his BMR for him.  This would be the MINIMUM number of calories he should consume (it's what he'd burn if he sat in bed all day long).

    You're right about the smaller meals and eating more often revving up the metabolism.  :)  Plus, what's not to love about having to eat more often?  ;)    No, don't think I'm getting hungrier, but then again, I can always eat.  Part of my problem.  lol  

    I've noticed that the protein and fiber fill me up pretty quick and hold me over pretty well.  I'm glad you've notice you're getting fuller faster.  Haha, glad you like the Ben & Jerry's pic... that's what I had on my free day for dessert.  Yummo!  :)  

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • Morning guys!  Great job on moving!!!  Great UBWO this am!  I was proud of myself last night after a really hard run.  I passed up the free beer!

    Karey,  I'm not sure what the brand of yogurt is.  It was lowfat.  I should have opted for the non-fat, but this was on sale.  I was reading BFL last night and he said you have to pair yogurt with cottage cheese for a complete protein.  This yogurt has 24 g of protein, so I am wondering if Greek Yogurt is different from regular yogurt.

    Amy,  remember you only have 12 weeks to make the first transformation and you want it to be as rockin as you can!  Pushing that cardio to HIIT is so important.  Try walking, then running.  If you can't get out, do it up and down a hallway, up stairs.  I believe the HIIT is almost as important as goal setting.

    The smaller meals are really important and if hubby and you are doing this together, you both need to plan in advance the meals.  The journaling is really important too.  If you fail to plan, plan to fail.  I even put a protein bar in my purse today, just in case.

    Last time I did not count calories, fat or any of that.  I just followed the plan with the meal suggestions and even used many out of his cookbook.

    I'm trying to be a little more conscious of fat, ect. this time.  

    Does anyone else have goals that they are excited about?  Please share.  If you are part of the group and haven't said hello, please do.

    Goal number two:  By August 6, 2011 I show off my rockin body by running in my sports bra.

    Have an awesome Wednesday.

  • Karey- good morning!  Don't get me wrong, I don't really LIKE doing cardio (although I DO like how I feel after!), but I really hate NOT being able to do it when I want to.  And right now, I'm feeling so much more energized, I think I actually would enjoy burning some of it off.  So I've improvised my structured cardio by substituting some pretty hardcore gardening.  It's been raining and cool here, so we put off putting our veggies and flowers in the ground until now.  And I was rewarded with some (blissfully) sore muscles.  Like a lot of folks, I don't feel like I've really worked unless I'm sore.

    I like that I'm filling up faster... Last night was grilled turkey burgers on ww and salad.  Normally I'd eat 2 burgers, and the salad would be chips...  But ate the salad first and could barely finish the burger (and had to remind myself to snack later!).  I don't feel hungrier, but I do notice my tummy growling now.  That's how I know I missed my 3 hour mark!lol

    Hubby is definitely hungrier.  But again, I think it's bc he thinks he should eat the same amt as me (even tho he's 6 inches taller, and you know, a man).  I'm an old pro at the gaining and losing thing, but he's still a relative amateur (high metabolism, but now a bad back). Thanks for the calculator, tho.  I'll work it up for him asap!

    Today is gonna be a grilled chicken day...MMMMM!!

    Himmehill--- I like Goal 2!  Thanks for the advice:)

  • HI ALL!   Sorry - been super busy at work and have had time to READ all your posts, but kept getting interrupted everytime I tried to respond!  The nerve!  :)

    Karey_B:  my cardio is always on the treadmill.  The only cravings I've been having are really more "habits".  Passing the bakery on the way to work, and craving something sweet, etc.  Haven't cheated though!

    Been doin' great on my workouts and my eating - REALLY like this plan!

    I hope everyone else is doin' great too!


  • Hey guys!  Wow today was kind of a rough day for me, but I made it through!  My workout was really good, but I was having some major food cravings... was really craving some PB M&M's... But, I didn't get any and stayed right on plan.  I think I've just been really stressed and tired lately, along with PMS and a husband who is out of town... I think for me it all adds up to wanting to eat something sugary.  I keep telling myself that my free day on Saturday isn't too far away... just hang on and I can have a bit.  ;)

    Other than that, just having a "fat" day today... feeling like I sit on my butt more now that I'm not doing my 55min Jazzercise class most of the week.  It's an adjustment to think that working out so much less is going to make me end up looking better.  I think that's my biggest struggle... the eating is great and really isn't much different from how I have been eating.

    Himmehill - Great job on the run and passing up the free beer!  I wouldn't worry too much about getting the lowfat greek yogurt versus the nonfat.  Maybe your fat intake is on the lower side anyways.  I would tend to think that they're saying to pair regular yogurt w/cottage cheese since regular yogurt only has probably around 6-7g protein and more carbs, versus the greek ones that have 12-24g of protein usually.  I've been eating my greek yogurt w/diced fruit, cereal, or pb mixed in.  :)  

    I love your second goal!  I would sooo love to be able to do that too!  I'd love to be able to cut the lawn in a sports bra or bikini top and feel totally confident.... I can only imagine the amount of honks I'm going to get from cars driving by!  lol  I want to stop traffic w/my sexy bod.. haha.  :P  In all seriousness though, I'm really wanting to fit comfortably back into my jeans and NOT have any sort, form, or even a hint - of a muffin top!  I'm also currently scoping out sexy bikinis online and trying to pick one out that I'll hopefully be able to rock at the end of this.  :)

    Amy - The part I don't like about the workouts is that they recommend doing them first thing in that morning and/or on an empty stomach.  I can't always get them in right away, so I have to go almost 3 hours w/out eating and I'm starving while I'm getting ready to workout.  I may not need to wait 3 hours after I eat, but I want to make sure my tummy is empty and I burn as much fat as I possibly can.  That's great to hear you have more energy and are filling up faster and w/healthier foods.  :)  Your garden sounds nice.  Hope you're able to talk some sense into your starving hubby! ;)

    Sandy - The cravings have been bad today... I'm craving some Peanut Butter M&M's.  ;)  Great job on passing up the bakery and being good.  We can do it!!  :)

    Keep up the great work everyone!!  

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • Good morning, all!!  I forgot to mention that yesterday was hubby's birthday!  So, that's 2 birthdays in 2 weeks at our house (Mine was the 10th), but guess what?? No cake, and no junk!  We made (yet another) trip to the Mexican restaurant for his birthday dinner, and as before, I ended up taking half my dinner home!  Yay, me :P

    Also, thanks for all the feedback about hubby's caloric intake (or lack thereof).  I think he finally may be getting it.  Fingers crossed!!

    Kids both rebelled and got on the scale yesterday (even after Mexican), and were rewarded with a 7lb loss (DD=dear daughter) and a 4lb loss (DS=dear son).  They were very happy!  Today they will be rewarded with a missing scale (muahh-ha-ha).

    Had a great UBWO yesterday, and I'm feelin' it today.  Tried skipping rope for my cardio today, but after the injections in my foot yesterday, that didn't go well.  So, squats and lunges and crazy-moving-around-like-a-crazy-woman-to-get-my-heart-rate-up exercise, it is.  So, it's just, 'whatever'.  I'm makin' it happen!

    Really digging the almond milk in my protein smoothie.  It's pretty gross by itself, but yummy in the smoothie, and only 40 calories:)

    Happy day 11, every one!


  • Good afternoon guys!  Still truckin' here!  Did my 20 min HIIT session right away before work this morning... first time w/my new Gymboss.  Anyone else use this?  It's pretty awesome for intervals!  :)  I didn't know what to do for my HIIT, so I started w/jump rope, some jumping jacks, and burpees.  Just kind of alternated between those and would rest for a few seconds, then get the heart rate back up again.  I'm still on the hunt for more ideas though... still wishing I would have kept that darn treadmill.  lol  Think I'm going to peruse Craigslist...

    Amy - Great job on taking half of your Mexican dinner home!  Don't know if I would have had the willpower to do that.  I LOVE me some Mexcian food!  :)  Happy be-lated b-day!  

    I'm glad your hubby may finally be getting it about the low caloric intake.  :)  That's amazing about the 7lb loss for your daughter!!  Wow!!!  Did they tend to eat a lot of really processed stuff before BFL?  It's amazing what some clean eating can do.

    Great job on the cardio this am!  You sound like me... just used my body to keep movin around.  Whatever gets the job done.   What kind of almond milk do you like to use?  I really like the Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze.  :)

    Have a great day!!

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • Karey-  Thanks for the encouragement!  Mexican food is my fave, also... I was very tempted to have the waiter remove the chips and salsa from our table because I didn't trust myself, but instead the kids and I counted out 10 chips each, and had those with hot salsa (yum).  DH ate all his food:)  He's still kind of OCD with this right now (I think in his former life he was a supermodel, used to splitting an m&m 3 ways lol).  DD was like, 'Mom, Dad just doesn't get it...'  So funny. :P

    We live in WV, so ALL readily available food is processed.  And hormone injected.  And carb-laden.  And before I hurt my foot, I was the general mgr of a restaurant (and thus the big, flabby can I'm sittin' on), so after 11 hrs at work, I often brought food home. So yeah, we were all 'highly processed.'  And we're all feeling so much 'cleaner'!!!

    We all know this initial weight is probably water and toxins, but it sure is encouraging to see rapid change during the first critical weeks.  That's why I'm hiding the scale; I don't want them to see that number climb and want to quit.

    Great job on your HIIT this morning!  Happy hunting for a treadmill.  I used to have one of those, too. I saw a comic strip in shape magazine once that depicted a couple trying to decide between a treadmill and a stair climber... Wife: Honey, which do you think we'll use more?  Husband:  Well, the treadmill will hold more laundry...            How true that was in my case!

    Still prowling for a stationary bike (with a gel seat, thanks to the spin-class reference:).

    What's for dinner tonight???

  • Amy - Sounds like you and your family are all doing great!  Must be great to have them doing it right along w/you.  :)  Ugh, chips and salsa are a major weakness for me... great job on only counting out 10 chips each!  Great restraint.  Haha, that's kind of funny that your son commented that your husband doesn't get it.  lol  Hopefully he'll catch on soon.  

    OMG, you must be feeling a HUGE difference if you were eating so much processed and hormone injected food.  That's such a big change, good for you and your family!!  I know it's not easy to change at first, but over time the eating gets so much easier and you won't really even WANT to eat much processed food (except maybe on your free day).  As for everything being hormone injected... ick.  I did some research on that awhile ago and lets just say I was horrified... I will not buy any meat that has added hormones or antibiotics.  I really like the brand Just BARE because their chicken has no added hormones or antibiotics and is fed an all vegetarian diet.  They even give you a number that you can lookup online and track it back to the family farm.  It's HORRIBLE and sickening what companies are doing these days to sell their meat more quickly...the animals are living in their own filth and being injected w/chemicals... and then we're eating it all.  Ugh.  Sorry, this subject upsets me.  I think if more people were aware of the dangers of the meat in most of our stores, they'd all buy the antibiotic/no added hormone stuff.

    I think it's really smart of you to hide the scale from everyone.  This way they'll hopefully stay motivated for awhile and focus more on how they're feeling and clothes fitting right.  Good luck hunting for the stationary bike.  Haha, like the comic strip.  ;)

    Dinner was scrambled egg beaters w/portabella mushrooms, green bell peppers & fat free mozzarella on top.  Some oat bran (for my complex carb) on the side w/sugar free raspberry preserves & a tbsp of Naturally More peanut butter.  What'd you end up having?


    Been doing research online for HIIT bodyweight routines that I can do... found a couple things I like and went out and bought a little stepping stool so I can use it like an aerobic step.  :)  Also trying to revamp my LBWO for tomorrow.  Felt ravenous again today... thinking the PMS and hormones are kicking my butt.  Hoping I can control myself some on my free day.  lol  Have a good night & keep up the good work!

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • I had my leftovers, minus the chips for 4th, 1 grilled chicken thigh and 1c green beans for 5th, banana smoothie for 6th.  I'm using the same almond milk as you are, Karey, and we really like the flavor it gives the smoothie.  Also it doesn't aggravate my allergies like regular milk does (another plus).  

    I had really been having a problem with the ethics within my company for the same reason you were just discussing.  I've worked there since I was 16 though, so it was really hard to walk away from 20 years.  And it's a national chain, so it's not like my voice would've been heard, you know?  So, when I started having these 'structural problems' with my feet and back, I took it as the Lord telling me it was time to get out.  So here I am!

    Good night, everyone!

  • Hey Guys!  I've been dying to talk to you all day.  I read what you post a work, but never seem to have the time to write.  I haven't noticed the pics of my new friends before.  Great seeing a name with a face.  I'll try to update my profile soon.

    It's great to be a part of a group that is so motivated!  Great job on sticking with the plan and supporting each other.  If there is anyone out there reading and not chiming in, let us know you are there, so we can at least say hello!

    Amy, you and your family are doing amazing!  Scale story...when I started this 11 days ago, I got on the scale and it measured my BFI at 34%.  High enough, but I wasn't too concerned as I am planning on reducing that number.  I felt really good last week and before my free day, measured and it read 32%!  Rock on.  Today was feeling a little sluggish and was curious.  It read BFI of 35.5%.  Now obviously, one's fat deposits do not change that quickly.  It is an expensive scale and I don't want to get rid of it (though I should cause obviously it is defunct), but I am afraid if I do, I won't be able to measure my progress (although clothes fit better now).

    Karey, great job researching the HIIT.  I was supposed to do cardio this morning, but woke up feeling VERY puny with a sore throat.  I've been pushing pretty hard and can't afford to get sick, so I figured I'd get it in later.  Took my gym bag to work only to find out at 5 - no socks for running!  I had a meeting at 7 and an hour drive, but managed to find the running store, buy a pair of socks and get a great HIIT in!  I was proud of myself for not letting an excuse get in the way.  I'm right there with you on the meat issue and have about the same feelings with organic produce.   My parents raised me organic before it was "cool."

    Sandy, great job for passing up the bakery.  It seems our habits are the hardest "cravings" to break!  21 days they say.

    Here is goal number 3 - By August 6 I am happy, healthy and fit.  I try to say my goals and visualize them every day at least 5 times.  I believe the journaling and goal setting are the heart of the program.  Who has a goal to share?

    Everyone else out there reading, good work!  Keep eating like the book suggests and hit those HIITs and do your weight training and in less than 10 weeks you will be on your way to a Rockin' bod!



  • Morning all!  Did my lower body work out today - felt great!

    Been eating good and continuing the workouts!

    Aside from my "arm issue" (see post from another thread below) all is good!



    Sandelio posted AAAAARGH! My arms! in Getting Started.

    Just finishing up week 2 - LOVING IT - but, my arms suddenly look more cellulite-y!!!  They're less gigglely, which is great, and I know I read that this happens and will pass, but I have a huge event next weekend that I will probably be sleeveless for!

    Is there anything I can do to help speed this part of the process along?  Drink more water?  (I already drink 100+ oz daily).  Lower the carbs for a few days before?

    Thanks for any input!  (Unless it's to eat oatmeal or cottage cheese!  *gag*  LOL!)


  • Sandy-  great job on your workout!!  I'm noticing a similar problem, on my back/rib area (not cellulite, really, but it looks fatter, almost?  Even though the inches are decreasing...)  IDK, I've never been this heavy and not been preggo, so it's different.  I'll be interested in the suggestions for this, too:)

    Great job everyone for week 2 of clean eating!  Thanks for the support system.  Have a great day!!


  • The explanation I had read somewhere on here was that basically the muscle(s) can start forming/building before the fat all melts alway, thereby kinda "pushing" the fat further out - which also explains why some people actually feel their clothes get tighter...

    I'm just curious if there's any ways to help decrease it.  Obviously, at some point the tables turn and all the fat goes away, leaving behind nothing but glorious muscle!  :)

  • Hi!  Kind of revamped my LBWO and went at it a bit harder this morning... felt great!  Think I'm already feeling those hamstrings... might have a bit of a waddle tomorrow.  lol  Still doing well on food, but still craving some sugary and carby goodness.... I bought a single serving pouch of PB M&M's for my free day.  lol  Darn hormones!  ;)

    Amy - Great job w/the eating!  Yeah, that almond milk is pretty tasty for such low calories.  Wow, that'd be hard working at a big company and having the ethics issues w/them... that was such a long time working there too.  So did you quit?  I think the main problem w/the whole buying the no added hormone and antibiotic free meats is that people just don't know... they're not educated on where and how their meat is being raised and how the animals are treated.  If more people would know the truth, they wouldn't even bother w/the other stuff.

    Himmehill - Hi!  yeah, it's nice to put a face w/the names.  :)  Just wanted to say AMAZING dedication on getting your workout in!!!  That's awesome that you tracked down some socks and bought them so you could get your workout in.  :)  Good for you!!  It would have been soooo easy to make an excuse, but you didn't.  Rock on!  

    Glad you're w/me on the meat issue.  :)  I think so many people do buy it because they think it's cool... not sure if they really know WHY they SHOULD buy organic meat.  lol  At least they're buying it though.  We just need to get enough people educated on what they're eating and create the DEMAND for organic meats and produce.  :)

    Sandy - Great job on keeping up w/everything and staying on track!!  :)  Sorry about the arm issue... I have no idea what you can do about that... might just have to wait it out.  The explanation you found seems to make sense though.  

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.