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  • Hi girls!  Woo-hoo for week 12!!  Almost finished!  It's been flying by, but I've been pretty stressed out w/my cat lately.  She's still not eating on her own, so had to go and learn how to force feed w/a syringe.  Hopefully things get better soon.

    As far as another challenge, I keep going back and forth whether I want to try it again, but I think I will, why not, right?  lol  This program did keep my workouts on track and I've never missed one while on this challenge.  I'm not planning on taking any time off though because only bad things will happen... like a sugar monster attack.  haha  After all, this is Body for LIFE, right?  It's a lifestyle.  ;)  Just my thoughts on it.


    Lori:  I saw a pic from the Bridal Tea that you did - beautiful!!  Good job!!  Looked really yummy and fancy.  Thanks, hope you're right about the progress.  We shall see...  So how are you feeling about yourself lately?  Hope you enjoyed the martini and the hot tub action!  ;)

    Amy:  Glad you enjoyed some yummy food.  The BBQ, Mexican food and pizza sounds amazing!!  Mmm!  I unfortunately can say I know what you mean about the food hangover.  lol  Hope it wasn't too bad!  That's awesome about the daughter's dress fitting you, woo-hoo!!  That's great that you're thinking of going back to school.  If you're not sure where to start, you could just take some of the common pre-req type classes... Composition, College Algebra, Economics... you know, that kind of stuff.  

    Henna:  Glad you're feeling better this week.  I'll cross my fingers for you on going 12 for 12.  That's awesome, good for you!!  :)  I think that's cool that you're going to celebrate next week.  You deserve it!  I don't have any celebrations planned, but it's my wedding anniversary on Monday... probably go out to a nice dinner somewhere over the weekend.  

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • Good afternoon, all!  We just enjoyed some delicious, low-cal Progresso soup for lunch... it was good (not divine, but still pretty good!).  We are cleaning out our upstairs back bedroom (commonly referred to as the JUNK room) before DD's birthday bash on saturday.  I totally want to make some margaritas for the adults, but I don't think my poor body can handle alcohol, cake, AND ice cream, lol!!  Can you say 'sugar coma'?  

    I had my foot injected (and re-re-located, yes two "re's")... it was completely gross-sounding when those bones popped (and the 3 gi-normous needles weren't great, either) and I could barely walk on it yesterday, but it's feeling better today.  Our water hose was leaking and drained my entire spring box yesterday also, so we couldn't use any water (except to flush, you know~ew!)... the one day I had dishes still in my sink, of course.  Thank God I've been keeping up my laundry, or I'd be in trouble.  I checked the box this morning and it's coming up, but very slowly.  So I totally hope it rains for like 2 whole days!

    Karey- sorry Izzy's still not being cooperative.  You're a good mommy.  I hope she feels well enough to eat on her own soon.  DD put a couple of pics of my new grandpuppy on FB the other day, if you guys wanna look at them.  He's pretty cute.  Congrats on the upcoming anniversary!  Where do you think you will end up having dinner?  Are YOU planning hot tub martinis, lol?  About school, are you taking classes online or at a facility?  I've seen several online colleges offering what I'm interested in, but they never want to talk about money in their initial info.

    Lori- what've you got in the works for your birthday???  I know you have to be doing some delicious sweeties!  Do tell, don't leave out details, so we can drool without actually feeling guilty!

    Henna-  you are truly a jet-setter, aren't you?  I don't know how in the world you travel so much with those tiny little babies!  Proud of you though, I know it could be very easy to fall into the 'I'm a mom to little ones and cheese puffs and fish sticks sounds fine to me' routine, so it's cool that you're trying to be healthy and set the example for your family.  I must admit that I've not been feeling so motivated these last couple of weeks.  Probably b/c of my friend's death and DD's accident, I haven't played tennis since that day...  I'm just out of the groove.  Got to pull myself up by the bootstraps and get with the program!  

    Are you guys waiting till the wkend to measure and weigh? Hubby's already wanting to be measured, but I'm lazy and don't want to have to do it twice.  Is that bad?  LOL!

  • Hey all,

    Sorry for my absence.  Busy. Busy.  New job is going well.

    Karey, Hope Izzy is better.  It's so good to connect on Facebook, since I can't get on here every day.  Hopefully it's all on the uphill slide.  I think you are right about jumping right into another challenge.  I need to commit better.  I have not missed a single workout either, although I have doubled up a couple of days cause I don't want to do back to back runs.  The eating is where I really struggle and I hear you about the sugar coma.  I think in a week, I could actually gain everything back!

    Amy,  I am working on my birthday.  Thought I would have hubby take me out for a nice dinner, but he may go out of town.  No plans.  Kind of a bummer!  I am sure something interesting will turn up.  I know my bday will be lame.  Working 3 pm till late.  Cheffing for a wedding of 200+.  Good money, but lots of stress.  I do enjoy it though and my son will be working with me, so that's fun.

    Henna,  Always happy to see you. You can join the challenge on whatever week works for you.  We still love you!  I can try to give you suggestions on the running, but have been blessed with I believe one of the countries most organized running groups.  I think the thing is that you have to increase you mileage by no more than 1/2 mile per week.  Too fast too soon equals injury.  I didn't quite committ as much on the food part as I should have, so I am not sure if my slow loss has to do with that or that I didn't have much to lose or that I didn't do enough weight training or didn't push hard enough on the weights.  I am a bit of a scaredy, lazy cat, so I don't push myself like I should in that dept!  Would love to do better on that.  Excited about going into a new challenge, as I get to achieve new goals and I am sure that there are several hidden in this email.  

    Son wants to the computer.  Early day off work tomorrow, so I'll check in.

    Lori (Aphro)

  • Hi girls!  Sorry I've been a bit MIA... been pretty exhausted w/the whole kitty situation.  She's still not eating on her own, but it's going ok... I have hope.  ;)  So I've been a bit distracted w/that (feels like I have a baby, lol), but I'm on track w/BFL still.  I'm thinking about measuring tomorrow... not really looking forward to it though.  I figure I have to work all day Saturday, then probably going out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary (which is Monday), so not really a good day to do it and Sunday I'll be bloated.  I guess I consider Sunday the end of the Challenge in my own head.  lol  

    I feel like I haven't made much progress w/this Challenge in changing my body, but I'm hoping to see some small changes in my measurements and/or pics.  The scale hasn't been very kind to me, but hopefully it'll be made up in other ways.  Body fat was at 23% again this am, so that's good.  I think I need to try eating even more... according to my little armband (GoWear Fit) I really am active and burn a LOT of calories.  I've been feeling a bit like I'm force-feeding myself though trying to keep up at around a 1,000 calorie deficit, it's still a lot of food - especially when you're trying to eat more whole foods and fruits and fresh veggies.  I still just think my metabolism is screwed up and I need to eat more and jump start it again.  Going to give it a go and see what happens.  I feel like I'm doing everything else right though, so frustrating!  

    So I'm trying to get excited for the next Challenge... I think it'll be good for us.  I think we should start a new thread (start fresh) and come up with a cute and/or sexy group name.  Something like "Getting Our Sexy Back!" or something along those lines... Any ideas??  


    Amy:  Glad you enjoyed your soup.  That stuff is pretty low in cals, but I don't find it to be too satisfying, personally.  I usually need something a bit more solid or I still feel hungry.  lol  I want to come to the birthday party!  A sugar coma sounds good to me!  lol  Mmm.... cake *drool*.  Have a slice for me too!  I need to check out the puppy pics... I love dogs!  Sorry about the leaky hose and the foot!  Ouch!!  Sounds so painful, but I'm such a baby when it comes to hospital needles and injections.  

    Not sure where we're going for our anniversary dinner yet... still trying to decide.  My husband kind of wants to go to Texas de Brazil (Brazilian Steakhouse), but I don't eat meat anymore, so I'd be paying quite a bit for the salad bar (which is pretty huge and fancy)... I don't mind though.  My other thought was going to this Italian restaurant that's supposed to be really good, called Pannullo's.  It's always packed, smells amazing walking by and is in a really cute, ritzy area on the outskirts of Orlando called Winter Park.  Oh, and no hot tub martini's.  lol  ;)

    As for the school thing, I'm taking classes online right now through Barton Community College in Kansas.  I know, a lot of the schools are very vague on how much it costs, etc.  At Barton, it's $130 per credit hour.  I'm getting ready to go into my second semester there and I like it so far.  If you have any questions about it, just let me know.  Most of their credits transfer to Kansas State College too, so I plan to eventually do that and graduate through them, but I figure it's a bit cheaper to take the basics at Barton first.  ;)

    Lori:  Glad you agree about going right into another Challenge.  I also think I'd undo any progress I've made if I allowed myself the freedom.  I'm trying to just enforce to myself that this is a way of LIFE and how I should continue to eat, but talking to you guys and the actual program keep me accountable.  Woo-hoo, great job on not missing a workout!!!  Awesome!  Feels good, doesn't it?  I so wanted to bail on one the other day because I was so tired, but I kept thinking that then I'd have to tell you guys I missed one and I wouldn't be able to say I did them all.  Hope you had a good early day off!!  :)

    Henna:  Hi!!  How's this week going so far?

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • Hi girls!  Just thought I'd pop in and say hello!  I'm off today, so having a pretty good day so far.  Got a nice, quick LBWO in this morning.  I also weighed and did my measurements today.  Might do pics later, we'll see.  ;)

    A bit disappointing... not a lot of progress, but did see a little at least in my measurements.  Some is better than none!  


    My starting weight was: 149.4lbs (but was a bit of a fluke from a vacation - probably lots of water)

    Current: 144lbs.


    Starting Body Fat %: about 23%

    Current: Omron is saying it was 23% yesterday and 23.5% today... caliper says about 22.7%-23.4%... so not much of a change


    Hips: Down -5/8" to 35"

    Waist (smallest part): Down -3/8" to 29 7/8"

    Thighs (at widest): Down -1/8" to 22 3/4"

    Bicep: Gained +1/8" of muscle  :)

    I didn't really reach my goals, but I guess I can try again!  ;)  Ready for the next Challenge!!!  Bring it on!!

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • Great Job Karey.  I know you don't think you see much improvement in the numbers, but hopefully a lot of this is setting yourself up for a healthy future!  I'll probably do my measurements tomorrow after my six mile run.  I'd like to think that you stayed strong through the stress of Izzy and your vacation and it was worth it.

    I didn't see as much progress as I would have liked either, but feel I am in a better place than when I started, so I'll take that.  Doing my goals for next Challenge today.  I am probably totally straying from BFL and doing the Fat Flush challenge, so I'll keep you all posted and you can compare it against your progress.  Might be interesting for you to switch it up for challenge 3.  I am thinking PFX for challenge 3?  Maybe?  My biggest goal with the upcoming challenge is to keep working out.  I will have to leave home at 6:45 to get the kids to school and won't get home till 8:30 in the dark, so I haven't figured it out yet.  Probably getting up really early.  I did almost miss a workout yesterday.  I was soooo tired, I even took a nap, but after got up and got HIIT 2.5 mile run in and DD went with me.  It was nice.  I love the name of the name discussion group that you suggested.  Why don't you start it?  Hoping to get some newbies too!  Maybe we should let them know we are on our second time.

    Amy, Happy birthday to your daughter.  Have a great party.  I tried to pull up the pics on my phone, but it didn't work.  I'll have to try on the computer.  

    Trying to enjoy my son-free day.  Catch you guys with my measurements on Sunday.  Taking that as my free day.  Have a great Saturday.


  • Woo-hoo, congrats on reaching the end and day 84 everyone!!  :)  Got a fabulously hot and sweaty interval run in outside this morning and feeling good.  Never missed a w/o!!  :)

    Lori:  Thanks!  I just think a lot of my problem is that I'm either eating too many or too few calories for what I burn.  I eat really clean (except free day night) and most of that hasn't really changed from doing Body for Life.  The biggest thing it's done for me is keep me accountable on my workouts and got me back into weight lifting.  I really just need to figure out the right calorie amount for my body to lose some weight.  

    Hope you had a great birthday!!  So jealous that you're making carrot cake!  My fav!!  I had a big slice of it last night when we went out for some Italian food for dinner (we were celebrating our anniversary a couple days early).  It was delish!!  :)  Did you do anything fun on your birthday?  Did you get the measurements done?  What's PFX??  Are you thinking of p90x?  My husband did that one for awhile.. it was insane!!  Great job on powering through and getting your workout in still the other day!  Good for you!!  :)  

    Amy:  How did your daughter's B-day party go?  Did you get to enjoy some yummy treats?

    Henna:  So how did the weigh-in go??  Did you end up 12 for 12?

    So.... I'm starting to think that I'm not going to be participating in another Body for Life Challenge.  Sorry guys, but I need to focus more on the calories since I already have been eating pretty well and am accountable w/my workouts.  I've rejoined the forums on calorie count website (that I lost the 50lbs on) for motivation and support.  I just need to be in a place that I can talk/chat w/people daily and check-in.  We've been lacking in that in here.  It's been awesome getting to know you guys and I'll miss checking in w/you, but I'm not really going to be technically following the whole program, so I figure why try to say I'm doing it and only half commit?  I think I need to do what works for me.  :)  I'll check back w/you ladies later to see your progress.  Good luck!!  :)

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • The goddesses rock!  Congrats girlfriends on finishing 12 weeks of Body For Life.  You are all winners!

    Karey,  I was unhappy to hear that you were leaving the group, but totally understand.  Our membership has been a little hit or miss.  I am not planning on doing Body for Life plan, but sticking to a drastically modified program.  Not sure what to do with the group.  You seemed to be the core.  Thought about counting calories, but my interest and time is not there either.

    I started reading the Fat Flush book and was shocked.  I read that your liver detoxifies and if your liver is clogged it will hold fat.  I seriously think that is my issue, as I'm not shedding the fat like I would like and I seem to have a more pronounced appearance of cellulite (also discussed in the book).  I did like having the support group to hold me accountable, so I am not sure what to do about that.  I was excited to not miss a work out.  I think if we still keep in touch on facebook, ect. we should be able to keep moving with the program.  I'll message you guys my goals, ect and just keep in touch by facebook.  I love the meals you post.  I don't have time to read the fitness, ect. posts, but am sure one day life will slow down.   I seriously  thought about doing an Iron man one day, so I am sure its going to happen once the kids go to college.  Birthday was uneventful.  Think my ass is smaller due to working it off until 1:00 am!  Did have martinis in the hot tub when I got home, though, so today is the free day and I am celebrating me by playing all day.  Making cards, weaving, making carrot cake.  It's been a nice relaxing day at home.  My son slept till 4:00, so it was nice and quiet (he worked with me last night).  DD and I are making cards for Christmas after dinner.  

    I think my plan is to tomorrow to commit to a 12 week program.  I run a half marathon next weekend, so can't cut my carbs much, but plan to follow a modified fat flush program, modified for my running.  I'll keep posting on Facebook (not so much my progress as I have friends that are not really my friends!).

    Amy,  Hope the birthday party went well.  Congrats on all you have done and all you are going to do.  Keep playing tennis and work on getting healthier.  See you on Facebook!

    Henna - Friend me on Facebook if you have one (Lori Himmelsbach) and if not you can email me directly.

    Rock on Goddesses!

  • Lori:  So what type of results did you end up with?  I think that's cool that you're into trying out the Fat Flush program.  I wish you good luck with it!  Please don't feel like you can't keep on w/the group just because I'm opting out.... I don't want to be the fall of the group.  I really just need to find a spot where I can check-in daily and get constant support from others.  I know you guys were with me in spirit though.  ;)  I do plan to keep up the healthy eating and working out 6 days a week.  Pretty much going to start out by following the same pattern of weights one day and HIIT the next.  I'm mostly just staying w/my change in the sets/reps of the weights and doing it in a more  fast-paced manner.  I think it's important that we each just go w/what works for us and what we feel most comfortable with.  

    Thanks, I'm glad you like the meals I post on FB, but I'm sure you make MUCH better things!  I really have no experience/knowledge in cooking, but I really like to try.  Guess it's a hobby of mine.  I'm such a foodie nerd that I love to try and make things and take pics of what I eat.  lol  I'm sure you'll do aesom on that half marathon.  You sure are quite the runner!  I wish I was, but I still feel so awkward... I think I'm more of a short distance sprinter.  ;)  

    Sorry the b-day was uneventful.  At least you got hot tub martini's!  I'm still envious of that carrot cake.  Enjoy!!  Oh, and I love that you're making all that stuff and that you're thinking so far in advance.  :)  See ya later!  :)

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • Hey guys !! Congrats on completing the 12 weeks !

    So here are my results....

    Starting Weight 180

    Ending weight 168

    Yay ! Lost 12 pounds

    Body Fat was 32.9

    Current BF: 25.8

    Down 7 percent  ! yay !

    Inches lost: 8 inches total

    Most came from thighs and hips, then waist, arms and bust (least:)

    Overall I am very excited about the results...feel great. I decided to take a very "active" rest for the next 2 weeks. Yes, of course I am going out of town for a week ! So it just sort of worked out. I'm trying to see if I can postpone my race and continue doing BFL for a 2nd challenge the traditional way.  I am definitely gonna do a 2nd challenge so if anyone is still up for it let me know !!

    Lori : Thanks for saying I'm missed and being so positive ! I appreciate it ! I would love to keep in touch and have really appreciated your sense of humor, strength, and overall are inspiring...I really hope we all keep in touch ! Good luck with Fat Flush ! I'm sure you will be a greek goddess no matter what !

    Karey:  You are a rockstar. I said that the day we "met" and I say that now. I think no matter what program you follow you are gonna rock it ! You have the discipline, motivation and drive to succeed. That is great that you lost 5 pounds ! Congrats ! I keep thinking that something screwy is going on with your BF mechanism. Have u thought about getting a second opinion ? You look so small already, I think your body is letting go very slowly ...Trust your gut. I have faith you know . You definitely have to do what is right for you...I think you will find something that takes time for sure. I'm gonna put my email down at the bottom if you all wanna keep in touch ! Thanks for always responding in such a thoughtful manner. I know you are gonna reach your goals !

    Amy: hope you are doing well..hope bday party have been a great inspiration as well...I've loved reading your posts and I know you are gonna be a success !  Your wisdom about your kids stays with me ! I'm gonna implement some of those tactics with my little ones  ! Hehehe...Let us know how you are the weekend went and overall progress, are the boys ? I miss the stories ! All of you wonderful ladies have made me laugh and inspired me in more ways than you know...


    would luv to hear from  you all :)

  • Hey you guys!  Congrats on reaching the end of this road.  But, at the end of every road is a choice:  which direction to take.  Ultimately, it comes down to what is right is right for each of us.  We are never destined in this life to conform to the same path as everyone else (how boring would that be??).  We are all equipped to take what we have gathered and bless others with the experience.  I am thankful to have met you all and walked the same path, even for just a little while.  I will certainly use what I've learned from each of you to try to bless others with what we've learned together.

    Karey- I completely understand needing to do what gets results.  You are a very 'result-oriented' woman and that is one of the qualities I respect and admire about you.  You will be successful and bring joy and laughter to any group you join!  I will miss your motivation.  Congratulations on your losses!  It may seem minimal to you because you've worked so hard, but I wonder what your heart rate was before and after... I know your stamina has got to be thru the roof!  A couple of weeks ago I was having some chest pain that didn't go away (and I freaked out, bc my mom died from a heart attack), so I took my BP and pulse to make sure nothing was weird... my BP was 105/65 and my heart rate was 42!!! I thought it was too low to be accurate so I had it taken again, 110/70 and 42 again.  If nothing else, my heart is stronger.  That was a little below normal, it's usually in the low 60s (when I started this it was around 80-90).  These are the small victories I try to focus on.  We'll definitely stay in touch on FB.

    Lori- I'm glad your birthday was restful!  I completely gorged myself on cake and chips and felt like I had a hangover yesterday.  Headache, dehydration and all.  It's just not worth it!  So back on program today.  I decided not to take time off since I haven't been doing the exercise anyway (thus no possibility of injury from overtraining).  I hope to start playing tennis again late this week (if my feet don't do anything stupid) since I got my custom orthotics.  I haven't put them in my sneakers yet so I'm not sure how they'll feel.  I've yet to drag out my mini-tramp to try some rebounding, but that sounds like a good monday project (once my house is clean again from the party).  Good luck with the fat-flush program and the runs you have planned!  I know you'll do great.

    Henna- congrats on the losses!  I'm so proud of all of you guys.  You've been an inspiration to me and I'll miss our group.  I'll still be around though checking in, so if the new thread gets started just shoot me an email.  I'm still in for at least another 12 weeks!

    I can't give actual measurements b/c my tape has gone MIA.  But my starting weight was 202 and ending is 182.  DD has lost 23 lbs, DS has lost 16 lbs, and hubby has lost 21.  We have a lot to be thankful for:)  I haven't decided whether to post pics or not... we'll see!  I'm thankful that you all came into my life, and thanks for sharing this journey (and all the drama along the way) with me!  I will continue to pray for your health and happiness.  Love you guys!


  • Hi girls!  Just wanted to drop in and check on everyone's progress/results!  Wow!!!  Great job girls!!  So proud of you all.  It sounds like everyone has made some amazing changes and learned a lot by doing this challenge.  I really hope that you guys continue on to another challenge (if that's what you want to do) and don't let my not participating ruin it or discourage you.  Rock on girls!!!  :)  Congrats on making it to the end!

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.