Started 10th May 2011 Anyone want to join me?

  • Hey all, I start the challenge officially on 10th of May, but only just joined up with the site. I've had the books for a long time and have attempted the challenge before. I didn't finish it last time, although I had made a lot of progress and lost 2 dress sizes and gained more positivity and energy.  I have Crohn's disease so I can't follow the diet to the letter, as roughage is a major problem for me, so I don't expect to win anything other than some self respect and pride in my appearance - which incidentally is heaps!  (Crohn's disease is the reason I didn't finish last time. I ended up in hospital quite ill, as I had unwisely been eating too often and too much fibre.)

    Anyway, I've gained more than 3 dress sizes since I last entered the challenge, and I'm soooo disgusted with my lack of energy, drive and confidence, I've decided to go at it again. :)

    I'm a mother of two, in the process of re-entering the workforce and I live in Queensland, Australia with my wonderful husband who works from home and is extremely proud of me for gaining some control back in my life. I'm about to turn 38 in June and can't face being in this unhealthy, weak and pain stricken body any longer.

    I'm wondering if there is anyone on these boards that would like to be a 'support-buddy' so we can chat honestly and be there when the proverbial crap hits the fan and also celebrate our successes together.

    If so, feel free to email directly at i.krystine at yahoo dot com dot au.

    Happy to meet like minded ladies from anywhere interested in forming friendship online and offline.

    Kind regards
    Xynarah. (aka Krystine)

  • hello Krystine!

    I just started today!

    I've looked at the program a few months ago, but decided to get serious after gaining 20+ pounds since my last fitness program, which consisted of running and more running.

    The biggest I ever got was 160 lbs prior to my divorce. I was 35 years old and looking every bit of it. I'm only 5'4" so 160 is pretty heavy for me. I got into running and got down to 116. I looked great! But now, remarried and taking two years of school has left me out of shape and getting me back to where I was before.

    I will join you in your journey of this total body tranformation!

    I have IBS so fibre is an issue for me as well. Together with encouragement and dedication we can work to get ourself into shape.

    I'm from America, though as our time zone difference is about 12-14hours? either way. feel free to email me at:

    we can send pics and words of encouragement of our successes to keep each other engaged in our goals.

    My name is Delores and its great to meet you.