2 weeks and no weight/inches lost!

  • So I am on week two and I have not seen any changes.  I know I'm not eating too much, and I am following the BFL nutrition plan as closely as I understand it.  I have done the workout regime tirelessly.  The only thing I changed was that I added 15 minutes of fast-paced walking after my HIT, but it's more of a cool-down than anything else. 

    I have worked out my whole life, so I was already strong at the start of BFL (but also overweight according to my standards and national averages).  I do have hypothyroidism, but I take medicine for it that puts my levels in the "normal" range, so that shouldn't be a factor. 

    Does anyone have suggestions?  Am I doing something wrong?  I'm getting very frustrated.  It seems like exercise plan after exercise plan and diet after diet all fail. 


  • I just posted on your other thread about possibly sending me a sample of your menus.  Almost always, there's something in the diet that can be adjusted.

    Many women don't see changes right away though.  Be patient.  Are you doing your cardio at least 3 hours after your last meal?

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  • All I would say is stick with it at this point.  It's really early on.  Make sure you drink enough water and maybe cut down on fruit if you're eating a ton of it.  Do you feel leaner at least?

  • Wow, two weeks and you're already measuring?  That's too soon to even consider measuring.  

    If you are already getting frustrated, it might be time to double check your expectations.  

    This takes time and a lot of hard work.  You should also do everything you can to trust the process and not even utter the word fail.

    You may only see minor results as far as 6 weeks in, but if you really focused on giving 110% to every aspect, keep your free day reasonable YOU WILL see results.

    There are too many living, breathing, posting examples on this site to prove your last statement to be incorrect.

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  • First of all, thank you everyone.  I have had such frustration with so many diets and workout plans that I guess I'm afraid of this being another one.  I have lost weight before, but it always happens unexpectedly, and usually when I'm happy and eating more, so it's hard to figure out what my "key" is.  

    I always workout at least 3-4 hours after I eat.  I USUALLY wait at least one hour after my workout to eat as well.  I have had many trainers tell me that I SHOULD eat less than an hour after I workout, so that part is a bit confusing for me.  So I try to wait at least around an hour afterwards.  

    I drink TONS of water (I pee nonstop) and I only eat 1-2 servings of fruit a day.  I'll post what I eat on my other post about protein, Lady Georgia.

  • Try more water and less salts... avoid all sugars for a couple of weeks and even go ATKINS for your 2 snacks and lunch... that's the only way I dropped an extra 5 lbs.