Getting started a little late

  • Hi Everyone!!   I am just getting started.  Tomorrow  will officially be day 1.   I am so bummed I missed the start date for the Challenge round 2.  Should have started on the 7th.  Oh-well, no time like the present.  I completed the challenge 9 years ago.  I lost 23 lbs and finished with only 11.5% body fat.    I remember so well how great I felt and the sense of accomplishment was awesome.   I need to find some serious energy and totally get into it again.  Summer is almost here ...yikes!   I am so not looking forward to a bikini.  I have  gained over 25 lbs. and any muscle that I may have is hidden under an ugly layer of fat.    I am thrilled to see the forum here and so many upbeat people sharing ideas and experiences.  Yea!  Time to  make my grocery list,  print off daily progress pages for my journal  plan, plan, plan.  oh ya, and finish off that Captain Morgan's rum in the cupboard.  Gotta get rid of the contriban right? : )

  • Welcome aboard Cami! Great that you already have the tools to git'r dun! Plan, plan, plan is right. Don't forget about the water, water, water and the potty, potty, potty :-D

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Someone once told me, "This isn't Body for LIfe... This is POTTY FOR LIFE!!!"  heheheh SO true!