starting 09 May 2011 - Have done this before in 2001 and had great results then! Anyone joining same time?

  • Good Morning ~ All

    I too was beginning to wonder what happened.  Everyone was going strong in week one and then the weekend came and it was VERY quiet.  Week 2 was also very quiet on posts.  

    Well we are almost done with Week 2 (not a good for week for me ~ I will say) and Week 3 will begin in a few days.

    I have not been doing my workouts this week due to the pain in my left thigh muscles.  I go to the Chiro tonight, so I am hoping for some relief.  I have been watching what I eat and I will say that my portion control is much better than before.  Water intake is still a challenge.  My personal goal is to be able to drink 10 glasses of H2O before too long ~

    Have a GREAT Day and please continue to post ~ it does help me stay focused and on track!


  • Hi fellow BFL'ers

    Sorry have had a tempting Week 2 ... however, very proud to say here I stuck to my guns throughout and still put in 100% workouts/cardio ... and 100% proper eating!  Weighed myself first thing Monday and scale said I lost 2.7kgs since 9th May!!!  REALLY???!!!  Wow I was over the moon as I now currently sit at 78.8kg (official starting weight was 81.5kgs) So just to see the numbers go back under 80 was a good enough start for me.  My goal weight is to be under 70kgs ... my height is 5'6" so I'm currently overweight.  Ideal weight is between 65-70kgs so hopefully I'll get there ... another 8kgs to lose and I'll be fine.  Plus I have a favourite pair of jeans in the drawers, tried them on earlier this week and could barely zip it up.  When the zip finally reached the top I looked in the mirror and there was that famous "muffin top" sitting at the top of my jeans ... hideous sight!!!  Will try them on again in a couple of weeks to see if there's any change in body composition.

    Have pushed harder during cardio ... really hitting those 10s on the treadmill (to the point where I'm almost throwing up and breathing so hard like a fish out of water ... that's usually my sign that I've really pushed myself!!!  Being a Pacific Islander, I'm blessed with big hips and thighs, so have been concentrating hard on keeping the cardio levels up to burn all this fat.  Also went up a notch on weights this week.

    Lower Body workout this morning was good, but felt I hadn't put in my best effort.  So did another session this evening, and now sitting here feeling the burn in my legs.  GREAT EFFORT!!! :)

    As for my meal plan throughout the week (someone asked earlier) ... I've been making a lot of egg white meals, ie. omelettes with stir-fry veges and a bit of soya sauce added for flavour.   also mix in a small handful of shredded chicken or ham.  Have also been making yummy Protein porridge, using half a tsp of honey or peanut butter to sweeten a wee bit.  Plus yummy protein smoothies.  Then chuck in fruit such as grapes, persimons, bananas, kiwifruit and apples for a bit of variety, plus lots of salads with my main meals.  My favourite lunch this week was ... shredded chicken tossed into a green salad and a splash of balsamic vinegar, and a wholemeal breadroll ... simple but tasty!  And now coming to the close of  Week 2 and I feel great coz I know I've achieved yet another milestone.  

    Have been breaking my challenge into days ... concentrating only on the day ahead of me, making sure I complete all the workouts, etc ... plus food intake ... then each night, I have recorded them all in my journal (a nice little A5 notebook from $2 shop).  Have also added a little review at the end to say how my day went, whether I did okay, what improvements/changes I could make the next day if needed to, my high-lights, low-points, etc.  And it's just awesome going back and reading them ... it keeps me focused.  Plus I have a photo of me at the back of this journal when I was 69kgs (back in 2000) ... really makes me more determined to be that size again!!! 

    Other than that, this must be the furtherest I've gone in a challenge without cheating once. At work I was offered all sorts, yummy blueberry muffins, hot chips, chocolate, etc, but each time I have politely declined, or if my colleagues were persistent, I'd bring it home and hide in the back of the pantry for my free day or give it to the kids!  

    Tomorrow is cardio and I will be trying the skipping ropes as I've been doing only the treadmill since starting the challenge.  

    Then come Sunday ... YAY!!! my 2nd free day.  Oh and just to mention my first free day last Sunday was awesome!!!  Only becoz I did eat anything I liked, however unlike past challenge attempts, I didn't go crazy and scoffed my face with anything and everything!!!  To the point where by the time I went to bed Sunday night I felt well and truly sick!!!  But this first free day was bliss, as I made my portions so tiny it was almost having just  spoonful of this, and a spoonful of that.  So I'll be doing the same again for my 2nd free day coming up.  

    Okay everyone, sorry to have rambled on and on and jumped all over the place, but as some of the other kiwis have mentioned, yes it has been a wee bit quiet here lately .. so just making up for lost time haha ... plus, hopefully you're all still giving your best efforts in your challenge ... if not, then keep coming to this website and post your thoughts, share your experiences with us, and also read up on champion success stories, that's what I go to when I'm feeling a bit discouraged or tempted to grab that chocolate bar!

    Anyway I love and leave you for now with a small quote ...

    "If your mind can conceive it, your heart can believe it, and you can achieve it"

    YOU CAN DO IT!!! :)

  • Ok just to clarify..... Despite being quiet for a week (and a bit) I'm still alive AND more importantly still in the game.     :-)

    I don't like excuses so here it is:

    1 - most evenings my body is tooooooooo sore to turn on a computer (let alone being able to lift my arms high enough to type anything), and

    2 - to be honest the best respite from the constant ouch is sleep. And I loooovvveeeee my sleep.

    So from me it's definitely all still go.  The weight is coming off (slowly).  (I thought I saw an AB yesterday but it turned out to be a shadow).  I will not be beaten as I know their in the somewhere.   I'm lift more at the gym. AND I think I'm actually starting to get addicted to myoplex shakes. Yay.  All good!

    Have a great Saturday and fit the gym hard (it's only a short time so make it a good time)

    Every second counts!

  • Great to see you on here TeriP, Becky and Kilani21!!

    My weight has changed 2kgs (4.4lbs) in two weeks, so I am rapt!  The way I felt even 3 days ago I wasn't convinced anything had changed!  My jeans do feel looser.  I think my waist is down 1 inch too, so motivates me no end.  My goal for this week is to work out my diet and get back some energy and brain function!!!  ;-)

    Love the updates, keep them coming!!


    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • I am here, barely.  Have not been doing great on the program.  I have been getting the workouts in, but not doing great on the eating.  I am not doing good balancing my time between workouts and planning meals.  I have been working 10-12 hour days and am exhausted when I get home.  Ok, enough of the excuses.  Someone earlier asked about meals...I would like to see what people eat...I think I just make it hard.

  • I don't envy you your 10 hour days, they must be tough.  My suggestion is keep the food simple, get some protein powder, a few bars so you aren't caught short at any stage, and if you can adjust to the staples, like canned tuna in water, cottage cheese and yoghurt, they are good to always have around.  Cook extra one night to have the next day. And get a variety of fruit in to have as on hand carb portions (anything goes with low fat cottage cheese.)  With the hours you are doing I would say it is even more important to keep to the 6 meals, you will be run ragged otherwise!  Good luck, hope this helps.  

    I am tweaking my diet cos I am lacking energy after two weeks, but these will still be the staples for me!   One day at a time!

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • PamNZ thanks for saying that.  My first week I ate just what you said, tuna, cottage cheese...I appreciate you spelling it out for me.  I just need to keep it simple.  Have a great week everyone!

  • Good Morning!  

    Well it W3 D1 and I have to admit that I am not doing very well.  My workouts are next to none ~ due to the pain in my left thigh.  How long does it take for strained groin mucsles to heal?

    I went to the chiro on Friday and it helped a little, but over the weekend, it just seems to be strained more.  I am going to see if I can get in today again.  I have been stretching and walking, so I have been doing some form of exercise.  

    My eating this weekend was also not as it should be.  Today is another day and I am drinking a chocolate flavored protien drink and eating my oatmeal as I write this

    We will overcome our personal obstacles and succeed!

    Have a GREAT day!  


  • Good Morning!

    Hope you all had a GREAT Monday.

    I read a post titled "Injured" and it talked about a female that did the challenge but did not do any exercises due to some injuries she had.  She posted pictures of her before and after.  This person followed the healthy eating and lost 16 lbs, I think.  It was a very good post and there were many responses ~ that were also great to read!

    If I am not able to follow the workouts ~ due to my strained groin muscles ~ I should be able to continue my healthy eating habits and as my leg allows me to do lower body and cardio workouts, I will get better and stronger ~ in mind & body!  I'm feeling more positive all the time.

    Reading posts from other people does put things into perspective for me.

    One Day At A Time ~ One Step At A Time = a Healthier, Stronger, More Positive ME!

    Have a GREAT Day everyone :)


  • Good Morning!

    It's Wednesday and it appears I am the only one that is posting this week....bummer!

    I understand each of us has very busy lives and are doing our best but it is refreshing to read posts from others who are working on changing their lives and their habits.  

    What's been working for them and what hasn't been working for them.....asking for advice.

    Let's stay connected.....

    Hope to chat again....soon


  • Hey Teri! I am still in it!

    I have been going to they gym 6 days a week for almost three weeks! wahoo!! I have been following the exercise regimen pretty regularly, adding extra cardio workouts when the muse hit me. I can't make it through a full 21 minutes yet, but I go to spin classes and always try to hit a ten for at least 30 sec. I am already stronger and have increased the weights on most of the workouts.

    No food....the meals have been my biggest challenge. I am still not eating enough protein of veggie portions. I am planning on working on that more diligently as we round out into week 4.

    It happens to be pretty much the most stressful time I have ever experienced. Food has always been a comfort, but I have taken to making the gym a comfort instead. I am already seeing results!

    I am traveling for the next two weeks so this will be the real test. Will I stay in it with the "Work-outs on the go"? I already bought a resistance band to put in my luggage. I am nervous.

    I also watched the finale of Americas "The Biggest Loser" last night, amazing, inspiring work of two sister who lost over 120 lbs each in about 6 months! They look amazing.

    I want to look amazing, and have the habits that keep me there, so I keep on keepin' on.

    Hope you all are well!



  • Hi there!

    It has been a while since I posted anything, but I am still going strong. I have struggled with the food as well. I recognize that the afternoons are hardest for my junk food cravings, so I started working out around 4:30. It has really worked!

    Just into week 3, I can button up jeans that I typically wear without buttoning it up and they are actually comfortable to wear now! Yay! It is nice to see some results!

    I have a big wedding coming up in August and I want to look awesome for it!

    Good work everyone! and Good luck with the rest of the week!


  • Hi All,

    Sounds like everyone is making great progress, keep it up!!

    I am struggling with the scale weight thing, the scales aren't moving but my "fat" jeans are looser, feeling a bit defeated today, can't get my head around it.

    I am finishing my 3rd week today, with my cardio I am doing the couch to 5km program so hopefully soon I can actually run for the full 20mins!

    I have a day off tomorrow, maybe the key is not to eat too much junk on my day off, what does everyone else do?

    Sending you all fat blasting fairy dust for the rest of the week.


  • Hi all

    Just checking in ... week 3 is coming to an end ... just tomorrow and Saturday, then free day on Sunday  ... YAY!.  So far, I haven't noticed much change in fat composition, however, energy levels have almost shot through the ceiling (literally!)  So have been chucking in a few extra cardio workouts after work.  Did 20 mins Zumba express tonight (after this morning's treadmill cardio), making sure I don't overdo it.  Food intake has been almost PERFECT!!!  I can't believe I've last 3 weeks without junk food ... so determination is definitely in the mix.

    Tried on an old pair of jeans and to my horror, revealed the infamous "muffin-top" ... so have left a post-it note in its pocket and will try on again in 2 weeks, to measure any fat loss.  

    Glad to see everyone is still at it.  Remember, no-one else can do this but YOU!  Family and friends will offer their support, etc, but only you can actually make it work and reach your goal ... so stay in control and you will soon reap the rewards!!! :)

    That's what I tell myself everyday ... coz I know I will start seeing changes soon.  

  • Hi Kilani - I wish I had your energy!  My extras during the day seem to be naps!  I'm not kidding.....I am glad I am not at a full time job right now, but have to get the energy levels sorted before I am.  I am still trying to work out why I am so tired, maybe I am lifting heavy weights and building muscle right now.  My sister has tons of energy but I know her weights aren't as high as mine....  I shall have to compare them more closely!  

    Nice to see posts from Elle, and Rachel and Teri.  Yes we are all still here.  

    I missed my Cardio today (guilt)  - I went to a funeral and by the time I got home it was time to collect my son from school, and it was cold and rainy.....(enough excuses)??  I did contemplate doing my weights today instead, but decided to call it a rest day, and I will do my upper body tomorrow, and if it's not too rainy go for a bike ride.  (Try and catch up).

    So glad to be nearing the end of another week....good work everyone.....

    onwards and upwards.


    Kia Kaha - Be Strong