starting 09 May 2011 - Have done this before in 2001 and had great results then! Anyone joining same time?

  • Happy Wednesday!  

    How's everyone doing today?  I did a very good workout last night ~ actually got it done before Biggest Loser.  We had a high temp of 94 degrees yesterday ~ a week ago we were in the 40's!!  Gotta love Mother Nature!

    I was able to drink about 48oz of water yesterday ~ which I thought was pretty good for me.  Today I'm going to try for more.

    Still was not able to get my mini meals in. I had breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, dinner and a snack before bed ~ so I guess I'm just missing the afternoon snack.  Need to get the protien bars / redi to drink shakes and I will be in good shape.

    Today is lower body workout ~ I will be doing that again tonight.

    Have a GREAT Day and we will chat again soon...


  • Great to hear it going well TeriP.

    I think I know where your cold weather has gone.  It's down here in New Zealand. ;-(. Cold, windy and rainy today. I think I want to swap to the other side of the world. Well for 6 months anyway.  

    The weather made It really hard to get out of bed BUT once in the gym it was all warm and a happy place. Did the lower body and because it was the first time I spent a lot more time sorting out weights.

    The food is yummy. Have become addicted to chocolate everything. I.e. Shakes, protein bars etc.  Shame I'm only allowed one a day.

    Anyway. Good luck tomorrow.

    Every second counts!

  • Good Morning everybody. Are we ready for day 3? Went to bed a little sore last night but i feel better this morning. Ready to work out this lower half.

    Found a way to get a little extra exercise yesterday. I've done this challenge before using "Jane Fondas Step Aerobics". It's an old tape and I have the original step. It worked great for me then with great success and I have decided to use it again in this challenge. Only difference is that I was 32 years old then and I am 42 years old now. I have found it easier to put the weight on these days so I figured I need to find more ways to become active. We live in an area that allows for us to walk just about anywhere...even to the gym. So yesterday, since the weather  has been GREAT lately, I decided to walk to the grocery store. Not only did it save a little gas, I got a little more exercise. And I figured when I do drive to a store or any other place, I am going to park as far away as possible to force myself to walk more.

    I have to say that I am very glad that "Body for LIfe" decided to put in these chat forums. Reading everyones post has been so encouraging. I look forward to hearing from you guys. Keeps me focused. I hope I can do the same for you.

    Keep up the good work! And have a GREAT BFL day! :-)

  • Happy Wednesday!

    Yesterday was a challenge with my eating because I had a meeting at a restaurant. I ordered grilled salmon and steamed veggies, plain. I figured it was better than what I could have ordered.

    I am still pretty sore from Monday's workout. Maybe I pushed a little too hard?

    Either way, I am stoked we are on day 3!! It's going to be a GOOD DAY!!!

  • TeriP48 - We have the same weather in Indiana, today it is close to 90 and very humid.  Going to play tennis tonight, so hitting the water hard today to help stay hydrated.  

    Being sore to me is a good thing, as long as it is not an injury.  When I am sore I know I had a good workout.  Usually you are more sore when you start a program, as your muscles will get used to it.  However, when that happens it is a good time to shake up your routine.  Like doing different exercises or changing your rep/sets/rest time in between.  

    As other have mentioned here, I am a big coffee fan as well.  Usually a cup or two in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Most of the research I have read tells me 2-3 cups a day will not hurt anything, as long as you do not put bad stuff in it!  Many of the articles I read say many people use it to help their diets/workouts.

    Have a great day everyone.

  • Slope...glad you had a good day.

    I am trying to tone up while I lose weight!  Your question makes me really initial reaction is to answer you and tell you that I am around people all day and don't have time to eat.  But really??? I don't have five to ten mins to take care of my needs?  Thanks for making me think about that.!

  • It sounds like everyone had a great day 3 or whatever day you are on!  I did a lower body workout this morning and I wasn't super happy with my planning.  I love (ok, really like) doing free weights...something about my workout just didn't work out for me (ok, now I'm trying to be funny!).  I would love to hear your favorite lower body exercise if you have one...maybe I can create my workout with others favorites!  

  • Hi ready2bhealthy.

    Favorite lower body exercise just has to be the leg press machine. You can really put the weights up and it makes the legs burn. I have also voted it the machine most likely to make me look a fool in the gym. I climbed off it yesterday and almost ended in a little (or to be more precise 'a big') heap on the floor beside it. Seems that my legs didn't work the same after the exercise as they did before.  ;-)

    Looking forward to hear about other favorites... An any silly stories if you have them.

    Happy work out day 5.

    Every second counts!

  • Good Morning Everyone :)

    Feeling a little "sluggish" this morning.  Back in January, I popped my hip joint out of whack and didn't go to the Chiro until March (I have a high pain tolerence).  During that time, I was able to get my Femeral nerve pinched ~ which was a wonderful feeling (NOT) and then when I finally got the nerve decompressed, I strained my groin muscles!  My Chiro loved me!  Needless to say ~ doing the treadmill was a bit much for my leg!  Oh well ~ I do my stretches and all is good!

    Water intake yesterday was about the same as the day before.  I make sure that I only have 2 cups of coffee and then switch to 'flavored" water.

    Still need a little work on my meal planning but all in all, I think I'm on my way!

    I do enjoy reading everyone's posts about their workouts and their day. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER and WE WILL SUCCESS!!!

    Have a GREAT Day and will chat again soon...


  • Day 3 went well. I'm still managing to eat clean. It's all coming back to me and I think I will be able to get back into the routine easier than I thought. I forgot how good just eating right can make you feel.

    I miss running on the treadmill but due to a back injury that will never really go away I can not use the the treadmill anymore. So I have substituted it with a stationary bike or eliptical machine. I've also found swimming to be a great way to get in a good cardio workout. I also have to be very careful when lifting too. Speaking of cardio workout...I guess I better get off here and get that done before breakfast.

    Have a great day everyone.

  • Just noticed that I am not as bloated as usual. Feeling better already.

  • Good Morning Day 4!

    I did a bootcamp class this morning, so I have a question. Should I still do my treadmill HIIT today? I don't want to overdo it, but I want to make sure I am following the program. I really dislike running, so I usually try to avoid anything that has to do with it.

    So, should I still run today?

  • Ceres - I remember getting sick for a week when I did my original challenge.  I still got great results.  I know at the time you feel ike you have missed out 1/12th of the challenge, but keep going, as it still works.  I have a trip to Disneyland planned for 2015!!  I'm going to take my son when he turns 10!  Gotta have goals.

    Finished my Day 5 UBWO this morning, had to drop some weights down, as I was still sore from Monday!  Also my arms were turning to Jelly!  Gotta be good.  Still queasy, even 3 hours after, so not sure why I am???  Wow - we have nearly finished week 1.  

    Had a little slip last night, I made carrot cake muffins for my ex's birthday today, and tried a little iddy biddy bit of the icing.....YUM!  Didn't try a muffin, but kept one aside for Sunday......looking forward to it.

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Hey people...

    I have just started my 12 week challenge on the 2nd of far it seems to be going ok. I am finding the exercise regime far easier to comply with in comparison to the eating regime. And I thought it would be easy for a fat man to eat six times a day ;)

    I started the challenge at 244lbs...unfortunately....and my main priority is weight loss and overall improvement in muscle tone and definition.

    Truegrit...I think you are on the right track by investing in containers, it has helped me plan and arganise my meals a little better. I would advise buying some form of a protein shake, as this is a great substitute for a meal.

    Anyway, I am by no means an expert when it comes to bfl...but I find myself exhibiting an unusual passion for it???! Let's hope my 12week results reflect my enthusiasm...

    Anyway....all the best...enjoyyyyyy!!!

  • Hi all

    YAY!  We've made it to Day 5 without a hitch.  However, I have a serious question!!!  I must've done a pretty MEAN Lower Body Workout on Wednesday coz my quads and hamstrings are aching so badly right now (and it's 2 days later!)  So my question is ... if our muscles are aching like this ... is it a good idea to carry on with our cardio the next day?  Or should we wait til the pain subsides.  I usually run on the treadmill, but didn't do it in the morning as I felt this might make things worse with the aching quads and hamstrings, so instead went to a Zumba class in the evening and did low impact, just to get my workout in for Thursday.  And even that was a bit of a mission!!!  I was dancing more like a funky chicken than a Zumba queen haha!!

    It's now Friday where I'm meant to do my Upper Workout this morning, but have decided to leave it till this evening, coz the muscles are still a wee bit sore from Monday's workout.  Family and friends are also telling me off that I've overdone it, but I see it in a whole different light.  The aches and pains I'm feeling right now are a sure sign that I'm doing something right.  Like they say ... "NO PAIN, NO GAIN" ... and as Bill mentions in his book, our aim is to slightly tear the muscle fibres, then need to rest to give it time for them to heal so they grow bigger and stronger.  But if we go in and do another workout on top of the aches and pains, we will just ruin the whole muscle healing process and they will go against our goals instead. 

    So just wanted to know your thoughts please.

    Happy Friday :)