starting 09 May 2011 - Have done this before in 2001 and had great results then! Anyone joining same time?

  • I was thinking that I wanted to post pics too but unsure about two I really WANT to post them and if so, how do I post them. I feel like if I post them then I am committing to making that change because I do not want to give into that whole, "I am getting older and there goes the metabolism". I just can not accept that.

    Otherwise, I had a great first day. All ready to do it again tomorrow. Sounds like you all did too. I will be checking in again tomorrow. Hope to see you here.

    Goodnite :)

  • Hi truegit ... YAY!  Nice to find another NZ'er on board.  I too started yesterday (Mon 9th) ... so am really keen to keep in touch with you so we can do this together.  I giggled a wee bit when I read your post, as I too am in my early 40's ... have 2 kids and also work fulltime 40 hours per week.  I also did something similar back in 2000 (yes in my 30's) and lost so much weight I was buying size 10 clothes, I'm now sitting close to size 16! OUCH!!!  This is also about my millionth attempt to lose weight.  I'd start off okay then about the 2nd or 3rd week I start slacking off, and next thing you know I'm sitting on the couch scoffing down a packet of Mallowpuffs watching Shortland Street lol

    So just to give you a quick review on my preparations, I transformed my garage into a home gym, and over the past 12 months I've been collecting dumb bells, treadmill, exercycle and swiss ball (all compliments of TradeMe hehe)  and last but not least a set of Zumba DVDs.  So now I'm all set.  And I started officially yesterday.  Right now I'm feeling the aches and pains from upperbody workout yesterday morning, so have done something right!

    So welcome aboard ...and just to finish off, my prayers go out to you and everyone in Chch at this time, as you're still getting aftershocks ... hang in there okay :)

  • Good Morning All!  How's everyone doing on Day 2?  I will be doing my workout tonight while watching "Biggest Loser" ~ I keep hearing Bob & Jillian yelling "LAST CHANCE WORKOUT!"

    I need to get my weekly plan in order ~ I will be in a CPR meeting most of the day and I'm not sure how  I will be able to get my mini meals in ~ let a lone ~ What to have for lunch.  I'm looking at my food list again.

    Question for you ~ do you have a tough time drinking water?  I do!  I can't drink "plain" water, it has to be flavored (zero calorie) in order for me to drink but I don't drink a lot of liquids anyway ~ so to drink a ton of water each day, not sure how I'm going to achieve that.  I drank about 32oz yesterday.

    Have a GREAT day and I will chat with you soon!


  • Hi everybody, nice to be on day 2, had my cardio early this morning, still "on track" with my meal plan so feel like i have a good start on this - hope you all feel the same..!

    Like Terip48 - Im also not used to drink that much water, i like water but forgets that i have to drink all the time - in the passt i used to drink a cup or two with water each day - so feel this is a lot of drinking...!

    Trying to focus on one week a time - my idea is that 12 weeks seems a long time to go to achive my goals, therefor i focus to do this week as good as possible, next week goal would thenn be to make that week even better, and so on....

    Already feels like i have more enegry - and feels like i want to work out som more this day, but keeping Bills words of how importent it is for the body to rest, try too use my enegri to prepare an great work out tomorrow  - hope you all feel the same.

    Motivated regards

    Liarkongen - Norway.

  • Hello all,  Just checking in.  Did not get a "normal" workout in yesterday, as when I got home I had a huge mountain of mulch in my driveway.  Worked for three hours on it, so I think that counts?  I am sore today for using muscles that I am not used to using, so that is probably good.  Eating on plan for day 2.  Hope everyone else is doing well.

    One of my secrets for drinking water is to eat this candy called fireballs.  I know, it is candy, but it is hardly any calories and I have to drink at least 2 cups of water becasue of the heat!


  • Good Morning! I am glad to have day 1 behind me, since that is usually the hardest for me. I had a great workout last night, but I am feeling it this morning!! I did my cardio this morning and realize I have a long way to go. It's a good thing I have 83 days ahead of me to improve!

    I also struggle with drinking water. I try to drink it plain, but when I get desperate I put in Crystal Light.

    Well, good luck to everyone on day 2!!

  • Teri

    when you find yourself in a jam and stuck in meetings and things thats when the myoplex comes in real handy... take a couple bars with you in your bag and they are a good quick fix. for lunch if your eating out just have a salad with some chicken on it or something light like that with dressing on the side.

    I struggle with water also.. I use crystal light with lots of ice and what I try to do is down one full glass of plain water then refill and make a glass of flavored to drink slower.

    My goal is to treat every workout like its the "last chance workout" and hit my 10s

    go get em :)

    Day 2 is well underway .. getting my meals laid out ahead of time really makes it go smoother.  Had a great cardio day its been almost 2 hours and I can tell my body is still in GO mode :)

  • Hi there everyone. SkinnyMe (well that's the plan) from Wellington New Zealand here. I'd love to join the group. BFL virgin so this is all very new to me.  Started BFL on Monday 9th also but I did spend all last week running around trying to find the journal and EAS product. That was easier said than done!

    For all those Christchurch folk...... Hang in there.  The whole of NZ is with you.  :-).   If you're ever in Wellington then let me know. I'll buy you a trim latte (no cream, marshmallow or chocolate fish of course).

    Every second counts!

  • Hi all,

    Day three here in New Zealand.  Yesterday was challenging... we were woken up at 3am with another earthquake... Two kids unsettled and had to get them and then me back to sleep so had a broken night sleep and was running late in the morning.

    If I had not been SUPER organised I would have failed yesterday.  It was great to be able to just grab containers out the fridge and head out the door. I was on the road yesterday so without my cooler bag and containers it would have been tough. It reinforced to me how important sleep is and organisation!!!! I am so tired and I remember being really tired the first few weeks of my 2001 challenge!

    My body is hurting!!!!  I have been determined to push heavier weights than I have done before and boy does my body hurt, but that doesn't bother me too much because I am celebrating each day I complete. If I look at the 84 days it seems REALLY long so I have broken it down into one day challenges!

    I told my work colleages in a meeting yesterday I was managing the stress of the earthquakes and work by starting a 12 week body for life challenge. I felt abit out there sharing that but it has helped with my accountability and a number of the champions said they told lots of people to help with their accountability.

    Today my challenge is to up my water intake!  I have been way better than normal but today that is my focus point!

    SO great having this community to check in with!  Love that there are a couple of kiwi's on this as well.

    lets go team its day 3 :-)

  • Hello everyone. Nice to read everyones post. I heard some say they had trouble with water and some have pretty good suggestions. I like the idea of getting one glass down and then refilling with flavored. I think I will try that when I am out. What I do at home is fill up a glass pitcher with water and ice and then slice a lemon and drop it in. I think its a visual thing for me. It just looks refreshing and a little lemon flavor helps. Also I have a question about coffee. I am a coffee drinker. I usually drink it all day long but I made it a goal to reduce to 2 cups in the morning and maybe one cup before bed and then gradually try to come off but I am struggling here on day two. Is there really any harm in drinking coffee in moderation? I know that I have to drink an extra glass of water but I don't want to be drinking all day long so I am trying to keep it at a minimum. I find coffee as one pleasure that I chose to keep in my life as I quit smoking 19 years ago and I have drastically reduce the amount of alcohol I take in. So I was just wondering if I should have to cut coffee out of my life all together because I don't think I can just have it on my cheat day. I can cut sweets out but not coffee.

  • Hi, pleased to see a couple more kiwis on here, good luck to you!  I'm in Christchurch but not as affected by the earthquake as some parts of town, I still have the use of my toilet and water is on!

    Water - think of it as flushing the fat right out of your body and it may help you stick to it.  From past experience it was CRUCIAL to keep up the water.  Don't skip it!  Your muscles and body need it.

    I am trying to cut out coffee this time, so far so good, maybe one per day at most.

    Well I finished my lower body workout this morning, think there was a couple of 10's in there, felt a little bit queasy at the end.....I do weights on an empty stomach but was told yesterday throwing up may be a blood sugar issue, and maybe to have a jellybean or two before I start.  

    If I start with sweets at 6.00am I feel a downhill slide happening!!!  So I shall persevere without.

    I was very sore from the UBWO on Monday, so hoping my run happens tomorrow, if I can walk.

    Hit those 10's everyone.

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Thanks for the comment on water flushing the fat out system - that was REALLY useful!!!!

    On coffee.... on my first challenge I spent hours on the net researching coffee and BFL... the conclusion I came to....   there are lots of opinions!!!!!!!! Some for coffee, some for only black coffee, some for no coffee!!!

    I am an absolute coffee snob... dont have any instant in the house! Only real coffee! I avoid coffee in shops apart from free day!!! I drink two cups of coffee a day with milk and two cups a day black... I would love to be drinking just black by the end of the challenge but I will focus on that from week four onwards! For now I am focussing on all my food being totally BFL, the workouts and the water. The coffee is a growing edge!  There are lots of BFL'ers who drink coffee with their protein shakes etc and increase their water intake with drinking coffee.

    I always have a store coffee on free day like a latte etc with full fat milk but I avoid them the rest of the week. Apart from coffee I only drink water!

    Wow body hurting after workout - like others hoping I can move to do my cardio tomorrow!!!!

  • It is great to hear how well everyone is doing.  I got up early and ran this morning.  My eating was not bad, but I didn't eat all my meals.  What I did eat was good stuff!

    The way that I drink more water is by using a straw!  For some reason that really helps me.

    On to day 3!  I hope everyone has a great BFL day!

  • I had a good one for my second day as well. I did three rounds on the heavy bag and then 20 minutes of intervals on the treadmill. Good stuff.

    Ready2bHealthy, just curious, are you trying to get strong or lose weight... or both? (; I can't imagine not eating all my meals.

    Good Luck

  • Hi there,

    I have tried to post before but seem to be a bit technically challenged!

    I am a Kiwi too (living in Aussie), hope all those CHCH people are doing ok, we are all thinking of you.  I am 37, 2 kids and a whole heap of weight to lose.  I started this program on the 7th May and am loving it so far, struggling with getting 6 meals in, any suggestions?

    I have done this program back on 2001 but 2 babies later I need to get in shape.

    Wishing you all 6 for me tomorrow, killer leg workout today, can't wait for a day off!