May 2 : Calling all 45+ women to the challenge. Who's with me?

  • Oh my goodness Anna!  I'm sorry that you are dealing with so much today.  I hope your maltese will be alright.

    The kind of stress eating test I dread.  Be strong.  Don't not eat. But maybe cut up a protein bar like candy and put it into a ziploc so you can pop them along with water.  One "candy", one gulp of water, etc.  That way you can get the release that snacking gives but the water that fills.


  • Thanks Haltersweb, Think I will be ok but if not I will definately take your advice.  

  • Yay!!! So happy now!!!  Nemo is ok and we get to go pick him up at 7pm!!!!  I must say I am also happy because I did not resort to stress eating like usual.   :)

  • Yay!!

  • So happy your dog is OK. That sounds like a horrible day! I'm glad it's turned out OK other than your car. Who knows why people have to be so destructive. Good job on not stress eating. That's a huge accomplishment considering what you were dealing with. We really do need to change our old ways of doing things.

  • AnnaFL - great news about your dog!

    Well I have completed my run, 20 minutes, trying to hit the 10's, but after throwing up yesterday when I did my weights at 6.00am I was a little hesitant.  Anyway glad to say breakfast stayed down!  

    I felt really full yesterday but made myself have 6 meals.  So far so good.

    My wee boy loves me chasing him through the park when he scoots to school, so that part of the run is my first 10!!  He's very cute.  

    We had another big aftershock at 3.00am last night - a 5.3!  Got me out of bed and a couple of things fell over, but no damage this time.

    Take care everyone!


    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Just in case you haven't heard about our earthquakes, we had a 7.1 in September 2010, a 6.3 (killed 181 people) onFeb 22 and in total have had 5490 aftershocks since September, 25 over magnitude 4.  No I'm not anal, the stats were on the news this morning!  ;-)

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Just added my starting stats!

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Good Morning Everyone! Got busy and posted some stuff on my page yesterday. Just bio. No pictures. Maybe I'll get brave enough at some point. I'll work on the stats today. You can paint your own mental picture! HAHA.

    Not fun throwing up when your trying to work out PamNZ. I think Bill Phillips in the book suggests working out on an empty stomach. Would that be possible for you? Sometimes it just isn't depending your schedule but may make you feel better while you're working out.

    So I'm on day 2 so I have cardio this morning. Trying to decide on going to the gym and using the indoor track or going outside. Does anyone have any tricks for knowing when it's time to increase intensity? I'd like to have a beeper of some sort to tell me when to kick it up and down. invention?

    Have a wonderful day everyone. Be kind to yourself!!

  • Morning All!!!  PamNZ, I do remeber that, am sorry to hear you are still having strong aftershocks, that would be really scarey.  I hope they stop soon.  I also always work out on a empty stomach. Try to start my workout withiin 15minutes of waking up. Always have a big bottle of water I sip on while working out.  

    Northwestie,  I use a stop watch and I do my HIIT outside, I am lucky enough to live on the ocean so I do it along the seawall every morning,  Helps  me focus on the beauty around me and not the pain I'm in or the lack of air I seem to have. DOes anyone have trouble breathing while doing HIIT. I try to focus and breathe but I do catch myself holding my breath at times.  Cardio was good this morning,  Still havent posted stats or pics either.  Maybe at the start of the next challenge I will feel comfortable to do so. HOpe everyone has a great day!!


  • Pam, glad this was a smaller aftershock.  That must be very scary.

    Northwestie, I use my Android phone to track my minutes.  I use two apps simultaneously while playing my iTunes on the Droid at the same time.

    The first app is a stopwatch that I can set to repeat its countdown.  So I set it at 1 minute and each time it gets to zero it beeps over my music.

    The second app is a counter.  I keep this app on the screen throughout my workout.  I start the counter at 015 (1 meaning first round, 5 meaning intensity level 5).  Then at 2 minutes (2 beeps) I click it to 016.  Then 017,018,019 and then when I need to drop down to level 6 for my next set I click straight through to 026, then 027, you get the idea.

    If you have an iPhone or a Blackberry I'm sure there are similar apps for them.

    Which reminds me, I did my HIIT last night. Thought I hit my 10 but after reading Week 2 Weekly Challenge Guide, I'm not so sure how much of a 10 it was after all. LOL.

  • Finishing up a project for work in the wee hours of the morning but did manage to get to the gym 45 minutes before it closed.  Upper body (hit 10 for Back) but ran out of time before I did biceps and triceps so I'll do them along with my HIIT tomorrow.

    Still experimenting with the weight amounts for Chest and Shoulders.  Hitting only 8ts on those.  How long did it take you'all to find the right weight amounts?

    Revenous today but still managed to keep to my 6 meals with one indulgence of an espresso (with foam and sugar) and a mini biscotti so that I could keep awake to work.

    Off to bed.  'Night ladies!

  • Morning All!!!!  

    Haltersweb, not sure how long it took to figure out what weights work best but I had the biggest trouble on my shoulders.  I found it was very hard to lift the same amount on my shoulder routine as it was all the others.  That was in my first 2 challenges. Now that I am back in it a year later I find I can lift the same amounts in all groups.  Thinking of increasing my weights by 5lbs. The heaviest I have now is 25lbs.  Good job on not just passing up your workout. That can be tempting at times when things are crazy.

    Hope everyone has a blessed day!!


  • Thanks Anna. I'll keep experimenting.

    I'm feeling really psyched about BFL this week. Last week it was only this forum that kept me going. I couldn't just start this forum and then not do it.

    Ladies, I found a great post from CatLinder  who just finished her Challenge 1 on May 9th. To quote:

    Last night I was reading some things I had written down during the 12 weeks and I realized at the end of week 10 I had only lost 6 lbs, so almost half of the total I lost came in the last two weeks. I hope that helps some of you to know that.

    Let me encourage you to try on something in your closet that you haven't been able to fit into. Even if it's just to see how far you've got to go to get where you once were. You might be pleasantly surprised! At the end of the 5th week I was planning one of the work trips I had to go on and pulled out a suit skirt that I JUST KNEW i wouldn't be able to zip but wanted to see how far I had to go with it and guess what????? I zipped up beautifully and I wore it on the trip. I had only lost about 5 lbs of weight at the time. So, suffice it to say I had lost inches but not pounds - therefore it's true you cannot go by the scales.

    Be encouraged with ANY progress. Don't focus on perfection. Stick to your self promises and give yourself the gift of completing the program to see where you will be. If you slip up and eat badly or miss a workout or two, forgive yourself and pick right back up.

    —CatLinder (posted Wed, May 11 2011 10:35 AM)

  • Day 3 for me! Yea!!

    Hello everyone! got my lower body workout done and I've had breakfast. Just want to check in with everyone. I put my stats on my page. I'm looking forward to all those numbers going down. I'm shocked at my body fat %. 37%! Aacckkk.  That sounds horrible but it is what it is!! Thanks for the post from CatLinder haltersweb. I know I'm someone who really watches the scale so it's encouraging to hear that this person's experience goes against my old bad habit. I think I'll weigh once a week. Thanks to those that gave me advice on keeping track of the minutes. I do have an android phone so I'll have to take a look at what you do haltersweb. I use an ipod now for music but I know my phone is capable.

    Have a great day everyone. Stick with your plan and we'll all be glad we did. Don't give up!!