May 2 : Calling all 45+ women to the challenge. Who's with me?

  • Great pictures Jessica. I took some photos yesterday but right now I don't think I have the nerve to post them. I knew I needed to take them though. I avoid looking at myself in the mirror naked and I wear a tankini for a swimsuit so exposing the midsection for all to see is just plain scary. But I sure need to see and maybe as time goes on here I'll share them. I know I needed something to compare my progress to for motivation.

    I sure know what you're talking about haltersweb with letting yourself get too hungry. Good reminder to us all to be prepared with a bar in our purse. I can see from reading the book and other posts that planning is key to so much of our success.

    I bought the book many years ago (probably when I was turning 40 and freaking out....I now just turned 50 and am freaking out!). Anyway, about 2 months ago I was in Goodwill and in the book section found a BFL success journal that hadn't been written in so I picked it up for $2.50. I looks like it will be helpful for me for the planning and writing of goals.

    Talk to you all soon!

  • Ladies, how long do your upper and lower body workouts last?  Each has taken me well over an hour.

  • I'm in !  My name is jenny, I'm 46 and starting 5/09/2011, I tried years ago and maybe made it a couple weeks. I have a problem staying committed, I will pray and take the action necessary to complete this. I'm doing this for myself, I'm tired of being overweight and not finishing anything ( well anything like this to better myself)...What a gift to ourselves and our loved ones if we stay with this, and we will look and feel better as a result. I am going shopping tomorrow and setting up my routine for the week. If I don't plan I fail, that's something I've learned in the past. I look forward in hearing from anyone and all out there. Cheers to you all.!

  • Welcome Jenny.  We're here to help you (and each other) keep committed.  You are so correct that our fitness is a gift for ourselves and for our loved ones.

    Ladies, I'm going to reach out to you all with friend requests and suggest you reach out to each other as well.  We are a team and we'll pull each other through.

    Go BFL!!

  • This is great ! Thank you ! What hope I have already received :)

  • PamNZ, Haltersweb, Northwestie - Thank you ladies for your kind words on the pix!!  I'm going to be posting my C2 1/2 way pix today, so stay tuned......

    NUTRITION, NUTRITION, NUTRITION is the KEY!!  I've basically been living the BFL life style since '06 and even though I work out consistently, if I don't watch my nutrition that 10 lbs. creep back on.  I am so determined this challenge to kick that for good!  I've decided to take my body to a place it's never been, but it's not going to be easy, I'm going to have to really work for it.  My 40's are going to be great!  I have knowledge, experience, and confidence (aka - ATTITUDE) to remove any barriers/challenges that comes my way!  

    Haltersweb - I've heard many people say the same thing about UBWO taking an hour, and I don't think there's any concern needed, as long as you are following the book (hitting 10's).  Since I've been doing this for so many years, I change mine up, sometimes if I'm short on time I need to break it up and just do shoulders and back one day, and do chest, triceps, biceps the next. The way I look at it is, the goal is to make sure we get the WO in, cause we got a lot going on in our life in our 40's. :)

    Have a great Mother's Day everyone!  And good eats to all!

  • count me in!! im starting tomorrow may did your first week go?

  • Hello Everyone!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and all the moms had great mothers day...I sure did. Spent 4 hours snorekling and freediving.Felt so good.  definatley a good workout on a free day.  Free day wasnt too bad.  Before on previous challenges I would totally over do it.  Today I did not. I ate more than usual of course but did not over indulge. This is a major accomplishment for me.  Hubby baked me brownies and I only ate two and they were small. On past challenges I probably would of ate the entire pan. Oh well. Looking forward to another challenging week and hitting those 10's,  :)  Talk to ya all later

  • Welcome aesquire.  Hi Everyone.

    Decent week but not stellar.  Stuck to the plan most of the time but veered off a bit Friday and the weekend. DH was gone for the weekend and I was home with the kids so didn't get to the gym F,Sa, or Su.  But did a tremendous amount of gardening—about 7-8hours total and am quite sore from that.

    The kids "took me" out for mother's day and I indulged but I didn't go crazy.  Enjoyed quite a bit of saki though. ;-)

    Looking forward to getting back onto the plan tomorrow.  My goal this week is to:

    1)  Make it to all 6 workouts

    2)  Make sure I eat every 2-3 hours

  • Recipe

    Power Colada Hot Multigrain Cereal
    1 pouch of Three Sisters multigrain hot cereal (find it at Whole Foods), prepared
    1/4 c rice drink
    1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
    shredded coconut
  • Sounds like a wonderful day AnnaFL. Snorkeling is my dream. I love that you had an active day and didn't overindulge but had a few treats.

    Today is the day before I start. I have a BFL journal that I picked up a few months ago at the Goodwill store. I glued some envelopes inside the front and back cover and also on the before picture page. I sealed up the envelope with my before pictures. I think I would just die if anyone ever saw them. Definitely not what I thought I looked like. It was so funny when I went to print them out at WalMart. I put my media card into the printer and when the pictures came up I held my purse in front of them. I was so nervous that someone might see them. Then, I can't believe this happened, the people in front of me didn't get all their pictures so I was just sure that they were going to have to go through all the pictures in the machine. I was panicking. It was horrible. When my pictures finally came out of the machine the guy at the photo center asked for my receipt and wanted to take the pictures to ring me up and give me an envelope. I told him "Don't you dare look at those. It's me in a swimsuit and it's not a pretty picture". He just smiled and said he wouldn't look. My heart was pounding and I just wanted out of that store so bad. God that was awful. So I hope no one is expecting to see a before picture of me anytime soon. :-). I'm excited to get started. Have my workout all written down, goals made and a plan for food for tomorrow. Tomorrow is day 1. I'm praying I can make it!! I'm gonna need you all!!

  • We're with you Northwestie.

    Planning is everything.  Love the idea about pasting the pictures into an envelope at the front of your journal.  What a surprise you'll have at the final reveal.  Can't wait to see the transformation.

  • I am 49 and need to make some MAJOR changes. I am will you all the way or weigh lol

  • Got my upper body workout done and my breakfast as planned. Yahoo!

  • Morning everyone, what started out as a realy good LBWO and a good yummy breakfast of Protein Oatmeal, quickly turned bad.  DIscovered the Brownies my hubby made yesterday for me were a really bad idea. My lil Maltese decided to try some(actually alot) while we ran to the store.  Not sure how he got to them but he did.  He is now in the hospital on IV's. Then on top of that while getting ready to take get into the car to take him to the vet, I noticed someone decided to key my new car. and the one next to us.  Really?? People can be so mean and ignorat.  Hope everyone has a better day than me. Not gonna let the stress get to me and give into stress eating.