May 2 : Calling all 45+ women to the challenge. Who's with me?

  • Hello everyone!!!!  Time4Mom, you can do this!!!  Its really not that hard. Its all about Your mind.  You have to get your mind psyched once you do that its all good.  I am on week 4 of a challenge.  Try the Myoplex Lite Chocolate shakes they are really good.  Best of luck!!!

  • Great tips firesong.  Congratulations on finishing your challenge.  Let us know when your final stats are posted on your profile page.  Are you going to post before and after pics?

    Pam, I so hear you about how much harder it is at 40+.  And now that I'm post-meno it's even harder.  But not impossible.  Hope your two sisters will join our group as well.

    Time4Mom, I am a big carb nut as well—being Italian and all.  I'm also hypoglycemic so I have to be careful about not waiting too long to eat.

    I'm finding that if I eat a protein and a carb at every meal I don't get the cravings as much.  Even if it's a scoop of peanut butter, or some cottage cheese.  I am keeping a tub of cottage cheese at work in case I need a protein fix without a lot of calories.

    Maybe if you are serving beef you can add a 2nd protein to the meal.  That way you can have a 1/3 serving of beef and then a couple of rolled turkey slices.

    I agree with Anna—those Myoplex Lite Chocolate shakes are really good.  I keep a few in the car in case I run out of the house without breakfast, or forget to bring a protein shake with me to the gym.

  • Just put my pre-BFL stats up on my profile.  Can't wait to see the numbers go down!

  • I want to join you!! I just turned 50 and I'm trying to be nice to myself and not put my body or myself down but I really am unhappy with how I look. I'm so hesitant to join anything anymore or start a new plan because I always quit after a week or so. So frustrated with myself. I really need to use all the steps outlined in the book such as planning and making a promise to myself that I don't give up on. Setting goals is something I've never done. I just sort of wake up everyday with good intentions then go to bed at night beating myself up for failing once again. I don't only need a body makeover I need a mind makeover. LOL I'm watching what I eat and do this week but plan to officially start on Monday May 9th.

  • Northwestie, you can do it!!  I look at some of the "normal" people on here, and if they can do it we can!  There is nothing that these other people have that you and I don't.  And I know how you feel.  The bad feelings that come with failure and staying at the weight you are, are much worse than the diet and exercise.  At least muscle pain is a GOOD pain!!  ;-)  Not one person on here is going to find it easy.  That's why it's a challenge.  -- Pam

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • It's a great idea, Northwestie, to do your "trial run" this week with what you eat.  I did the same thing last week and even though I ate a few things I should have steered away from I learned a lot about my eating habits during that pre-week.

    Be kind to yourself Northwestie.  Just joining this group of friends is a step down the path.

    There was a great radio show on our NPR station a few weeks ago called "Shutting up your inner critic".  Quoting Dr. Dan Gottlieb:

    "For many of us, it's easy to be kind to our partners, our children, or friends. But what about your relationship with yourself? Do you treat yourself with kindness, or are you quick to be self-critical and judgmental? New research shows that "Self-Compassion" has implications for weight loss, health and general well-being. "

    You can listen to the show here:

  • Hello everyone!!!  Northwestie, dont be so hard on yourself.  I know how you feel, I was never comfortable in my own skin until I completed my 1st challenge at age 45  It gives you confidence. I was never able to see anything thru for more than a few wees. BFL has taught  me alot about myself and has given me much strenght and confidence. Hang in there you will do great.  Pushing 47 now and have been of BFL for a year. It has just made me realize it is called BFL for a reason. have a great day everyone

  • I'm keen to join you!  I started on 2nd May and have done in programme in the past but this was approximately 10 years ago.  I don't eat meat or chicken so am struggling a bit getting in my protein - any advise out there?

  • This is Jenny10 again.  Apologies for all the errors - I'm at work and sneaking this inbetween!  So nice to see like minded people here - I've just gone back into my files and to my horror noted that I have stopped and started on numerous occasions since 2006!  I am now totally committed.

  • Thanks for the link haltersweb. I listened to what was on the site. Then looked for the book that was referenced there. I found it on Amazon and ordered it. It's called Self Compassion. It's new and was just released for sale on my birthday which was April 19. Coincidence? I think not!! :-)

  • Wow, I love the name of this tread!!  While I'm on my C2, started 4/2, I've really enjoyed reading the posts here and would love to join you all.  I'm 45, soon to b 46, and my embarrassing pics and bio  is on the profile.  As you will read, this is actually my 3rd challenge since '06 and the difference this C2 is this forum!  It truly has made all the difference for me!  Support without judgement, and others facing the same challenges that include thought provoking solutions.  I actually look forward to reading posts every day, it keeps me on track and accountable.

    You all are an inspiration, we can do this!   May I suggest adding a bio and before pics to your profile?  Posting pics helps!  I'm actually due to add updated pics next Tue., a 1/2 mark for me.....stay tuned.

  • Jessica65 you have great results.  Be careful tho not to overdo the weights, twice as much is too much.....stick to the programme and hit your 10's.  It's the intensity of the workouts that does it.  I am starting another challenge on Monday 9th, and I too have the stubborn 10 -15 pounds to shift.  Look forward to comparing progress.  Keep it up!  ;-)

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Welcome Jenny and Jessica.

    Jenny, I am about 90% Vegetarian so I know how hard it can be sometimes getting the protein in.  My favorite vegetarian proteins are cottage cheese, egg whites (not sure if you are lacto/ovo), garbanzo beans, hummus, Luna protein bars, Myoplex Lite, Muscle Milk, grilled tofu, edamame.  I eat fish, and like tuna fish, smoked oysters on Kashi crackers, and sashimi.

    Jessica, your pictures are great.  You really are getting results.  You have really toned up and being able to see your tone means that the fat over the top of it is melting away.  You may not see the results on the scale but remember that 1 lb of lean and mean muscle = 4 lbs of gobby fat.

    I did read an article recently, though, that said that if you are hitting a plateau with your weight training and toning you should actually back off the training instead of adding more.  Because you're not giving your muscles time to repair.

    Muscles form lots of little tiny tears during a workout.  It takes at least 3 days for these tears to mend.  That is when the muscle builds.  Then you work the muscle again and new tears form, mend, and the result is a more toned muscle.

    But if you work the same muscle within the 72 hour window you just re-open the same tears and your muscle never has a chance to build in that area.

    Also, muscle (which is pure protein) needs protein to repair itself.  It also needs to burn sugar (carbohydrates) to power the mending process (and a touch of fat to regulate the carb-to-sugar metabolism).  That's why each BFL meal is a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and a bit of fat.

    One more thing.  I've read (and found out myself, too) that doing the same exercises becomes less and less effective because the muscles become efficient at doing that exercise.  Picking different exercises for the same muscle groups might give you the results you seek as well.

    Hope this helps.

  • Had a kick-butt lower body workout last night—my muscles were shaking.  Then 15 minutes in the sauna while I sipped my protein shake.

    Learned something about myself today.  I had a hair appointment that ran way long, 4 hours, so even though I'd eaten before I left I was ravenous by the time I got out of the salon.

    Ran right over to Whole Foods to pick up something from the food bar (healthy) but by the time I got home to eat, I found myself finishing my lunch, eating 2 bowls of cereal after that, then within an hour (even though my stomach was full, my mind wasn't) I wolfed down 2 naked chicken tacos (no tortillas :-P ) and 2 hours later a protein bar.  Only now has my hunger been satiated.

    So, I really can't skip my 2-1/2 hour eating routine or I pay by over-eating.  I will need to make sure I always have a protein bar in my purse to keep on schedule.

    No aerobics today so I'll have to do both aerobics and upper body tomorrow.

    How is everyone else's eating and workout schedule going?

  • Good Morning,

    I have done the BFL several times and had some success but for whatever reason, fell off the wagon.  Now that I'm on the higher end of my 40's, I am looking to change my body and my mind, permanently ~ therefore I've come back to BFL!  I'm looking forward to visiting with you and all of the 45+ ladies through BFL.  I really believe it will help me stay focused & motivated knowing that I have a support system from ladies that are in the same boat as I am.

    I'm going to the store today to get the "right" foods and will begin my new jouney on Monday, 05/09!

    Chat soon!