Who is starting 5/2??? Can't do this Alone!

  • I will starting Challenge #3 on May 1st!  I had good results from C1, but C2 I got really distracted and the last month has been hit and miss, just pretty much maintained my progress from C1.

    i've revamped my strategy for C3 and will be focusing mainly on clean eating.  I freakin' love my junk food though, and I find it very hard to limit it, even after all these weeks.

    I've got landmarks coming up that will be my carrot hanging on a stick in front of me.  In 6 weeks my step-daughter will be graduating high school, in 11 weeks will be camping with family, and finally in 16 weeks will be my very first 5k Mud Run and obstacle course!  I want to look and feel great for each event coming up, and to especially be in shape for the 5K! I'm hoping all those things will keep me stuck to my goal.

  • I didn't like the BFL for Women book that much either.  The original book is much better.  The Women book was ok as a supplement, maybe if you want to change things up after your first challenge.  But after I read it, I sold it back to a resale shop, but keeping my original book and the Champions book is pretty good too.

    convo--if you search for a thread on here called "Cardio Trap" it explains very well how doing too much cardio can actually hinder you.  From time to time I'll do LOW intensity on the side, but if I'm doing something more intense, I'll substitute it for a BFL workout instead of trying to do everything.

  • Thanks Optigirl.  One more thing...I plan to eat only 4 meals a day tops.  I really wanted to start my own thread but for the life of me I can't seem to figure it out... lol  I was thinking maybe b/c I'm new and I need more posts? I read in the NY times there is actualy no real proof that eating smaller 6-8 meals a day do anything for you..  It's actually a myth and was created by the suppliment industry to sell shakes and such.  Anyone have any insight to this stuff?  I don't want to hijack this thread so I will start a new one when I figure out how lol

  • I would get the book.  It has some information you might miss otherwise, and more importantly, it's a tangible step in the commitment you're making to yourself to do this, and is a great motivational tool.  As somebody else pointed out, you can get it for a few dollars shipped on Amazon by buying a used copy if money is an issue.

    Having smaller spread out meals has two major benefits.  One, it balances out your blood sugar levels throughout the day, which is why diabetic diets are very similar in design.  Two, it helps to stop the cheating.  The easiest way to mess up your weight loss is to cheat between meals or eat too much at a planned meal because you're very hungry.  Spreading it out means you don't get as hungry, and even if you do, when you know the next meal is just an hour or two away it's easier to wait it out.  

  • Hi!  Today I made the decision to be really serious and follow the entire program.  I kind of halfway started a couple of weeks ago.  I'm spending the day detoxing and will go shopping for what I need this weekend.  I will be official on Monday as well!

  • I'm new to BFL also.  Working Mom trying to get fit!  I have active kids and hubby and I sit on my butt all day at work!  I hear ya MB get fit!  Can't keep cookies in house without giving into my temptation to eat them!  We can do this together and use this board to share our pains and triumphs!!!

    Do it for yourself and then your family will enjoy the benefits as well!  LETS DO IT!!!

  • convo--On the main forum screeen, there are those 6 forum categories listed.  Click on the one that fits your question, then in the right corner click on "New Post".  

    Also, by typing keywords into the "Search" box, brings up threads that contain info that's already been addressed.  I just LOVE the search option.  It is a nice supplement if you don't get all the replies you'd like on your own thread.

    I find when I eat not often enough during the day, I really really want to cheat and then often do!

  • Have you read the book? There is only one plan.

  • I've only read the book. Where do I find #3? I did not realize there were different challenges. I thought you just read the book and it. What is C1 and C2? Am I missing something?

  • I will join you and start on the first of may, my 50th birthday is coming up in october and I want to look the best I ever have, good luck!!!

  • Abby- C3 means Challenge #3 for me, my 3rd time doing this.  I did my first challenge (C1) in November, then C2 for me started in Feb., and now I'm doing my 3rd consecutive.

  • Like there's a group on here called "C2 It".  Most of those people started on their 2nd challenge at the same time period.  I like the clever title--"C2 It" like "See to It."  Get that body for Life, come on, see to it!

  • One pattern that I am seeing is the "tune the program" syndrome. From past experience I urge everybody to get the book & follow it as close as possible at least for your first challenge. If you do you will have great results. We are all embarking on a HUGE lifestyle change that is going to be very hard, so why try to tune something before you know how it works? Body For Life lays it all out and really makes it almost an fool proof process.  

    When I was involved with BFL before I was in a large support group in Dallas that had several Champions speak at our monthly meetings. One common thread with them all was to stay the course at least once before you start tweaking it too much.    

    And yes, My wife & I are also dreading the eating part! But if I remember right, after a couple weeks that free day sure is worth it!


  • I'm in!  Would love to join your group, planning to  start tomorrow, Sunday, as I like to have Saturday as my "free day".  I tried to start last week, but work pressures (attorney) and schedule did me in. When I have to leave my house at 7 or 7:30 a.m. some days, I use that as an excuse not to exercise.... I will start clean tomorrow and try to NOT let work and stress interfere with my plan.....

    I completed one challenge pretty successfully about 6 months ago, but then let "life" get in the way of any further progress.  No more!  I did find that really planning well and staying highly structured with food and exercise helped a lot last time.  The Champions book also was great motivation.

  • Hi Time4Mom - (love the title)

    Yeh, let's stay in touch and we can do this together.  You are starting May 1st right?  I am ... I think the key to this plan is really planning...  I am going to have to work real hard w/ the eating part of it...planning ahead BIG time...  

    Do you have temptations at work?  In a way you're lucky to be out of your house... I am a stay home mom of 3 and I'm at home a lot.  It's hard...