Who is starting 5/2??? Can't do this Alone!

  • Yes, completely change your exercises. That's what I did.  I'm going to be doing upper body today and I'm still a little sore from doing it Wednesday.,  

    I do know that when your body is rebuilding muscle it tends to retain a lot more water so that could have something to do with it too.

  • Hi Guys,

    Can you believe we're mid-way through week five! I switched up all my weight training workouts and it's working. My arms are sore. I have to admit even though I have lost twelve pounds since 5/2, I still cant even get my jeans past just above my knees. I feel like I have so far to go and that it's never going to come off. Today I got really sick of the gym, however when I finished my workout with my new routine I felt really good. Anyway, I think I read somewhere week six is when you start to loose steam. So, We're half way through. Have to just keep doing what were doing.


  • Well---just missed a days training as my whole body is really painfull, probably got a virus or something, so will miss again tomorrow!!!  My husband said my shape is looking better, but only lost 6 Ib in five weeks.  Lots of energy before this virus got to me--hope everyone is doing well.  Keep your spirits up Abby, we are all going through it, but it WILL be worth it.   If everyone can keep this thread going  would very much appreciate it

  • how are we doing????

  • how is everyone doing----???

  • how is everybody doing???---need imput to keep up motivation---keep link up please

  • how is everyone doing??

  • I'm still hangin' in there, even though I don't reply to this thread anymore.  I've had some shaky weeks, but just gotta keep going.  

    i changed up my exercises too and it's fun and refreshing to go to the gym again and work the muscles differetnly!

  • Had a few days off as hubby has had surgery for bowel cancer, but expect him home from hospital in a few days so I can continue --- this thread seems to has dried up,  shame!!! really pleased you are keeping going.   I have been power walkiing with light weights along the sea front for an hour every other day, when not weight training.  Not lost any more weight though, but got into trousers that were too small two months ago---so keeping going.   Bill has been on Oprah--did anyone see the show?

  • Hey!  I'm still here.  I havent missed a workout but my diet is not perfect.  I haven't lost much weight but without a doubt put on muscle.  I plan to finish the workout and keep the diet close.  It's been hard since I go out a lot and drink too much.  I stepped up my cadio this week too.  When this challenge is over I plant to take 2 weeks off and try the new atkins diet for those weeks.  I think it will help me drop some weight.  The second stage is similar to BFL diet so i should have np getting back on track with another challenge.  

  • Have not got my body for life yet!!!!  but still working hard.  Think it will take a lot longer than 12 weeks--but hey, got my fitness levels back and feel fantastic.  Pity we do not have pictures!!

  • How are you doing Abby??

  • I'm good. Didn't make it to the gym today and really want to eat the ice cream in my fridge but I have come this far and I can fit into my jean shorts! And eating ice cream is not going to make things better. I'm a little burt out and crawling to the finish line. We are almost at the finish line! It was for sure a challenge!

  • Done in a couple days people!!!!  I was very bad today and started the day with fast food--bad bad bad, didn't recover.  guess it was my free day then.  Not a smart move seeing weigh in and measurements are so soon.  

    I'm taking a 2-week AR and joining in the BFLUNFASCsomething something, it's got a long name!  starts on Aug. 8.

  • Just finished my last leg workout and I am officially done!  I lost about 8lbs on the scale..put on some muscle too!  I only missed one workout the entire challenge and it was a run which I made up for the next day.  The diet was good until about week 7 and I got side tracked a tad.  I would say it was always about 80% clean at that time tho.  The last 2 weeks I moved to a low carb diet and it's where I lost 4 lbs.  I thin the BFL is the main reason tho.  I plan to stay low carb for a bit tho.  Grats to all who finished!!