Who is starting 5/2??? Can't do this Alone!

  • In the beginning I zoomed through the LBWs - I had little rest breaks in between, I still reached my maximum though. Now my workouts are tougher I have to have the full rest breaks in between sometimes more which takes me to around about 40 minutes, I have a little stretch at the end sometimes which takes it to 45 mins. But there are not as many exercises in the LBW as there are in the UB. It leaves a little room though for when you want to add extra exercises - I know I will probably add explosive training in the future as its something I am interested in. ps its sanfit, I'm not sure if I've signed in properly!

  • I weighted my self yesterday and I lost 10 POUNDS!!! Let's go WEEK FOUR! I have been 159 before and my goal is 135. So I have to stay focused and plan, plan, plan, plan!!!!

  • Nice job Abby20

  • well done Abby, I have lost 5 Ib since starting on the 5th May, but I have SO MUCH ENERGY!!!  I feel as though I am 40 again, not 61

  • Nice job guys.  Last I checked was 5 too.  Hoping that I dropped another 2 by the next time I weigh.

  • no weight loss this week but I'm feeling leaner lol..

    How you guys making out?

  • Well week 4 isn't going so well for me. I am feeling exhausted - I'm eating loads - I missed my workout yesterday and today I really pushed myself to workout and I slipped and sprained my ankle!

    So I'm going to try to do the rest of my workout tonight when my ankle is feeling a bit stronger :-(

    I think that I am a little slimmer though this week, I have been pretty active. I feel more energetic - not superwomen or anything, I just did some gardening today and I've been to the allotment once this week already - I'm hoping to go again tonight. The last time I actually went outside and did some gardening was probably 10 years ago (about the time I restarted the dieting). I guess I'm really starting to see the damage that low cal dieting does to you.

  • I only made five meals yesterday. I have to focus on making all the meals and plan a little better. I feel like I ate so much on my free day that I gained. I don't know that I just "feel" like that. I have been hitting some 10s but not all. My legs were not sore but I know my arms will be tomorrow. I only weigh myself every to weeks because I don't want to get discouraged if I don't loose. 24 pounds to go! I can't weight to fit into my jeans again.

  • poor you!!  Have you read Bills book --'Body for Life',?   I found it really inspired me and do what Bill does. Get up early drink two glasses of water, then head for the gym---which is in my converted garage. I found that working my aerobic excercises was better with a Jane Fonda video tape--years old, but works for me--plus the music is really good.   I am only on week three, but have so much energy.  I take a vitamin high protein drink for breakfast, then approx every two hours a small portion of clean foods until I have had my six for the day.    Hope this helps---everyone has down days, so just pick yourself up and start again---just imagine that body, you always wanted!!!!

  • Glad to see this thread kinda woke back up!  Also glad to see some of you still at it.  My cat peed on my countdown week sheet so I forgot what week we're on.  Eternia--you are so right with that bit about starting to drink that water immediately!!!  I can't beleive how different my day turns out when I get that extra bottle in me.  and also throughout the day, to keep drinking, it helps my stomach feel fuller.  I STILL have to go to the bathroom often though, even though it has gotten better.  But when you're in a social situation that totally prevents you from going, is AGONY!  And the other day at work we didn't have plumbing for awhile so that sucked too.  Then I have to STOP drinking, then my rest of the day feels hungry and screwed up.

    I also love some older VHS tapes from the 90's of the original Tae Bo when it first came out.  but VHS is outdated and I don't want to spend the money or hunt it down on DVD.  And I don't like his newer stuff that much.  Funny how we get so attached to the old originals!

  • Lol sorry your cat peed on your sheet Opti.  I drink a ton of water too bur for some reason I feel dehydrated at night..weird.

    Have you guys checked Youtube for the workout videos?

    My body is so sore right now.  My legs are still killing me from Monday.  I have to run again today too.  I think the pain is a helpful reminder of what you set yourself out to do tho.

  • Dear Muffin,

    I will be 62 in September and have noticed all my muscles shrinking!  I want to lose 20 lbs and gain muscle.  I tore my meniscus three years ago, had surgery, will be needing knee replacement eventually, so want to strengthen my knee/leg muscles and ligaments to help with off again on again pain.  I have weight trained in the past.  I guess age has convinced me to at last do something that I will finish and not just start!  Scary in the self confidence area. But I am determined.

  • SusanP , I will be 62 in June--so thought I was one of the oldest!!!!  had an artificial knee, hip and pelvis eight years ago(had a Road traffic accident at 16!!)  had my hip replaced again in August last year.  After three weeks, I am fitter, more energy than ever--and looking forward to seeing my new body!!!   Muscles have told me that they are being worked--my husband grabbed hold of my arm--ouch!!!   Really enjoying this forum----giving me such inspiration.  Wish we could post a before and then after 12 weeks photos!!!!

  • It's crazy!  Ive been so sore all week lol but not budging on the scale.  Its weird the way the body works.

  • Hey Convo.  I've got the opposite problem. Been pushing lots of weights (to the point where I just can't finish the rep) BUT no pain!  What's with that?  The first two and a bit week I was always in pain. Now .... Nothing. Any suggestions?

    Oh... But like you the scales aren't moving either.

    Every second counts!