Who is starting 5/2??? Can't do this Alone!

  • hey all i started 5/1/11.. i am going strong 8 days completed feeling great lost 7 lbs the first week... so doing realllly good :)

  • since this thread seeems to have died, I'm going to post I think on the Coffee thread 'cuz i've been slipping without constant checkins and want to be accountable to the forum.

    hope you all are still sticking to it!!

  • I agree, I have it set to where my phone goes off and It has not went off !! =[ I am still going I actually had my free day yesterday and slept all day ! Now Its time to do some cardio @ 6AM!!!

    Keep it up Opti girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I know OptiGirl, seems like a lot of threads I post to have died.................hmmm I wonder if it is me why they die out................keep at it girl I know I am staying strong

  • Didn't set my phone but work on a computer all day and am always checking in but you are right not much in my email with posts being made either.

  • Hey its san, I thought I would report on my second week:

    Day 1: LB workout, felt great no calf pain

    Day2: HIIT

    Day3: UB workout

    Day4: HIIT

    Day5: Decided to take an early free day (TOTM)

    Day6: LB workout modified for painful knees

    Day7: HIIT very easy workout today am going to really up the effort next week

    my fitness must be improving as the HIIT workouts don't feel so tough any more. I know I've gained weight because my trousers are tighter, tummy is fatter. But my eating has improved no end, I'm not eating all day long any more, I'm eating when I need food, I'm making healthier choices and I've even cut right down on the sugar. I've got the eating for life book and I'm going to make a little effort to eat a few recipes out of the book next week. My activity has increased, I've been gardening at the weekends, I'm hoping to do even more.

    Oh and I feel a lot more upbeat than usual. So I guess at one time the weight gain might have put me off but not this time. I'm going to keep at it.

  • well done everyone who is on this thread.

    I have lost another 2Ib--4 in total so far, but more important went for an hour power walk today--something I have been unable to do for many years. weights again tomorrow.  Today should have been a rest day, but had that yesterday--.Just beed shopping for more lean steaks--does anyone in USA have steak with free range eggs on top-so the yolks run and mix with the blood. Spot of extra virgin oil in a pan--lightly cook steak on either side-whilst two eggs are being lightly poached. Place on hot plate--and enjoy--!!!

  • Can't say I have eaten that, I had two burrito's this morning, with scrambled egg whites, and salsa on wheat tortilla's. My frees day but those sounded pretty good I guess eating clean is habit forming,,;)

  • I had brown rice, fish, peas sweetcorn with ginger and chilli for breakfast today and it was lush mmmm.

    ANYWAY how is everyone DOING????!!!!

    I'm feeling great today... walked my kids to school and they could hardly keep up. I'm not sure if they were just slow today or if I'm getting fitter but usually I'm about 10 paces behind them.

    But on the down side I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror, I hate how much weight I've put on and I can't seem to believe that it will ever come off. But I'm loving the fitter feeling - so one half of me is saying, 'theres no point' the other half is say 'wow I feel pretty good'.

    I'm just a walking contradiction.

  • Still going strong here.  Tomorrow is my 2nd weigh in since starting this. I can feel a difference so I'm not overly concerned what the number says ha.

    Next week I plan to switch up all my workouts to shock the muscles.  I'm hoping that brings some major pain!  I'm also considering boosting my HIIT.  I wonder if I can hit 3mils in a 20 min session? lol right now I'm a little over 2miles..

    BTW...I noticed when this first started a few people tried to start other threads for some reason..I always considered this thread the official thread for our date.  Hope you guys don't leave.  I try and hit this up at least once a week.  I have my own little thread I use to keep myself in check by logging what I eat.  I really think it has helped me a lot with my eating.  I doubt it's 100% accurate with the calories but I'm betting it's always within 300 either way.  


    Keep up the good work gang!! 

  • Yea, I've posted in other threads too but I can't ever find them, this one seems to still be going! I'm glad to be on the journey with others. This is the first day I can (so far) comfortably say I am eating clean whoopie! I'm not eating 6 meals, but clean is good enough for me, its taken me 6 weeks to get rid of most of my eating obsessions - dieting does some bad stuff to you thats for sure.

    I feel sorry for your muscles already Convo ;-)

    My HIIT simply hasn't hit the spot twice in a row this week, although I really pushed myself today - I might have to up the ante again! Twice in one week. I say go for the 3 miles or try at least, over 2 miles is pretty sweet in any case. At the moment I'm doing aerobics for my HIIT. I would really love to go running, I used to when I had a treadmill but I had to give that up due to lack of space. One thing I would love from BFL is to be able to run outside without feeling devastated. Now that would be pretty amazing.

    Take care!

  • Will stick with this site-as we are all in it together-and we get updates from everyone on our emails. As I have artificial knee and hip/pelvis(my second in 8 years-)  due to a RTA when I was 16, I cannot run, but find I can now power walk--and I mean POWER!!! for an hour.  I am 62 on 13 June  so not bad going.  I got to the point that I hated looking at my body, but I am looking forward to seeing the changes over the coming weeks. THANK YOU ALL for your support and input

  • Did my weekly weigh in and I'm down 2 more pounds!  Hope all are having the same if not better results!

  • anyone else having issues finishing thier LBW too early?  I'm avg like 35mins...Going to change it up next week and see if I can make it last longer.

  • No I have had difficulty in doing any work out missed two this week UGH!

    as long as you doing all the exercise's and the one minute and two minute breaks you should be fine. Maybe you are doing the reps to fast?