• What do you find interesting?  I find it really sad and for that matter, misleading.  There are tons of ways to cook BFL approved foods and in countless combinations that work.

    This type of thing isn't helpful, quite the opposite really.

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  • Its only one way with you isnt it, bodyforlife or no way, you are so brain washed its unbelieveable, how do you explain the guys results?, people have been getting into shape for years before bfl came out,people have there own way of eating thats unique to them , that they have been doing for 1000,s of years, what about people that fast from sunrise to sundown because of of religious reasons, are these people stupid too, you see and look in a very one dimenstional view, the vast majority of people that come one here and that are out of shape, are that way because of the amount of food they eat as oposed to what foods they eat, have you stopped to think ,really think what would happen if they just ate less and exercises, thats the reason bfl isnt sustainable for so many,its because its so far off our habbitual nature, sure they can knuckle down for 12 weeks,but very few people make bodyforlife a lifestyle

  • Have a read up about 2 guys John Barban and Brad Pilon, what you will discover is that these guys actually went to school for a very long time to study exercise and nutrition and that people have been manipulated into thinking the bodybuilding approach is the only way

  • 6packmission -

    I never said Body for Life was the only way.  You put that on me as a paper tiger to justify what cannot be justified.  I know plenty of people who are in shape and don't have perfect diets.  Worse, I know many people who appear to be in shape, but are inside quite unhealthy.  

    You keep searching for how you can do what you want and get different results and it doesn't work like that.  Pizza and donuts all the time and get the six pack?  Come on now.  

    Do what you want, but if you want a 6 pack, fitness or health then your actions need to be congruent with that.  Must they follow BFL?  No, but they need to follow something that's healthy and reasonable.  

    Amount of food is only 1 part.  If you are doing exercise properly then you need to fuel your body with the right nutrients and you know that, but you want to justify why you don't have to do what you simply don't want to do.  

    Also, if you get in shape and lose the weight then you will have more flexibility to eat more treats because your body will know what to do with it.  

    I have read up on both guys and their information isn't scientific at all.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Jessica -- I am amazed at the many different people in the threads that say they want health and fitness and are given ONE Way to achieve it (in this case BFL) but want to modify it to conform to their former lifestyles... If one would just stop and consider... it was that former lifestyle that put them in the condition they are now in... No it doesnt have to be Body For Life, although I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life and this has been the One Program that has worked for me... and I tell anyone who gives me half a chance to say something about it... I just started challenge 2 yesterday and I WILL HAVE MY 6-PACK ABS before I reach 60... but it will be by working extremely hard in the gym and Clean Eating.... Because, although the junk food is very appealing... it is/was the junk food and sedentary lifestyle that put me and many many others in the unhealthy state we find ourselves. I wish people would just follow the program as it is layed out and not try to improve on it... if it does not fit into their way of doing things and dont want to change (for the better) then quietly move on...

    It Does Work!!!

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • I'm new in this, just my fourth week. Before I started I looked into many different ways to lose weight and build body. I own a Bowflex that comes with a suggested plan, then there is P90X, MAX-OT and a bunch of others. Bottom line, they are all basically the same: eat well, do cardio, lift weights and use protein supplements. Each offers a slightly different approach to diet or exercises but to me, they seem pretty much the same.

    What I like about BFL so far is the challenge and the support you get in the forums. I don't feel alone doing this and it is encouraging to know that there is a bunch of people like me, out there, doing the same thing.

  • Tell me this Jessica, what nation does obesity affect the worst? if u guessed the good old US of A you are correct, and why are americans so fat its because they are eating a diet thats a mega dose of calories, ask yourself this why do most Indians or  japanese not have a weight problem, i   mean they donT eat 6 small meals every day, they dont have protein in every meal, they dont have 1lb of protein per lb of bodtweight, they eat intuitively to them, I used to be like you , I used to believe everything about bfl and the body building industry in general, the fact is this most people that are out of shape are that way because of the amount they eat not what they eat,  as you have mentioned one needs good nutrition to recover, at the end of the day, when yoU break down any food you still  only get either protein,carbs or fats,any person that has come onto this site has gotten out of shape because they eat more then they burn off, what do you think would really happen if  a person worked out and just ate less, Im not just talking about junky junk food, a nice steak, some indian, italian food, these delicious foods are been eaten every day with people that are healthier than most americans, of course like last time you wont answer all points I raised just some of them to suit your argument, im not titally against bfl but the whole 6 meals a day think is BS BS BS, it was developed to suit bodybuilders on steroids who could fit nough food in 3 meals a day, believe me Ive read about this thing for years and I know my stuff

  • 6packmission.  I am one of the best researched people out there so you are completely disrespecting me to minimize my knowledge in such a dismissive way.  Also, again, paper tiger.  I never said BFL was the only way.  You really aren't well researched at all.  Many meals a day has nothing to do with body builders.  We learned about that from diabetics actually.

    Indians have low life expectancy so you really aren't making a point.  Are they less fat?  Yes!  Are they more healthy?  ...debatable.  

    Also, it's not the point.  You don't believe in BFL.  That's fine, but why are you here?  You aren't helping people, that's for sure.  Weight Watchers is less food.  Have you ever seen someone get fit using that?  I've seen many lose weight, but none get fit.  

    I responded to each of your "points".  If you feel I have not then you need to write something that actually makes sense and points out each for which you want an answer.  Right now all I've seen is senseless rambling that's trying to justify your unhealthy eating.

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  • That really proves nothing.  Show me a scientific journal.  This has been well studied.  I can't go by a few obscure pictures, which may or may not be accurate.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I have a much better idea.  Don't show me the scientific journal.  We both know you don't have that anyway.  

    PROVE IT!!!

    Here's your chance.  You have been whining for as long as I've "known" you about not being able to get it together to do it and then also why this or that is or should be allowed.  The whining isn't helping those around you and certainly isn't helping you.  I know because I used to be a world class whiner and as long as I was doing that I wasn't able to be a winner.  

    I cannot start Monday because of injury, but can the Monday after next.  Let's both do a 12 week program of our choosing.  You can do absolutely anything you want.  We will take pictures and stats.  I will even give you a copy of my bod pod results to prove time/date/results.  

    Are you in or not?  

    This has been discussed and debated to death.  I am giving you a chance to prove it.

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • If you want 6-pack abs, it takes clean eating and exercise.  At least it did for me.  I actually used to be much thinner, ate very little, exercised a lot.... but did not have a 6-pack.  Following the Body-for-Life authorized foods list, doing 20 min of intense cardio 3 times a week, following the lifting schedule as prescribed (no extra abs exercises).... that's how I got a 6-pack.  (My after pictures for C2 were not done professionally, nor did I have a tan, so they are hard to see in the pictures but look closely).

    If you disagree with the Body for Life principles, why bother devoting so much time and energy on this website?  Of course there are other viable options out there that will get you fit and healthy.  Use this energy to do something positive for yourself.

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • I think you should try one and let us know your results that would be interesting.

  • Jessica, are you taking bets?