Starting a New Challenge: 25/04/2011

  • Hii Everyone!


    I'm starting my first week today! Actually, I was already in my week 3...But I got sick by the end of week 1, so I didn't worked out as I should. I kept going with the nutrition plan, and I've lost weight...But now I feel that I need to start all over again, with more energy and ready for all the workouts ;) 

    11/04/2011: 165lbs

    25/04/2011: 158lbs (starting weight)


    I'm looking for buddies, so if you're also starting now, please join me!! Lets burn some fat!!





  • Hi MiiFit!

    I'm starting the program today too!  I have a REALLY long journey ahead of me, and not quite sure what to expect but ready for the challenge.  I have about 100 lbs to lose in total and hoping to start by dropping 25lbs during this first 12 week session.

    Starting weight: 236lbs

    Hope to find inspiration and encouragement in this forum... here goes nothin'!!

  • I officially started on April 23, 2011 but would love to participate in your chat group.

  • Hi guys... just wanted to invite you all to join our group: Cutting Crew -- C2 It - April 25th

    We're a great little gang of people, most of whom have just completed one challenge, but we've got a crop of newbies too.

    Feel free to drop in and join us if you like -- there's lots of support in there.


  • Thanks Newsie!  It'd be great to hear from some verterans on how to succeed in the challenge

  • Hi MiiFit

    I'm starting today.  I did my first full challenge last summer and saw great results.  I went through a lot of life changes, growing pains, etc and gained all the weight back.  My goal this time around is to not cheat myself and really go for it.  I hope that we can be there for each other, since I think that peer support was what I was missing from the first challenge, especially for after the program.  I don't mind hearing people rant either.  I know I'll need someone to hear me through my frustrations.  Weight loss is not an easy thing, which is why this is a challenge after all..


    When you crave a different outcome you must change what you have been doing!

  • Hello Everyone,

    I started today as well.  I look forward to having folks around to encourage and for them to encourage me.  I  completed my work out this morning and am about to have meal # 5 and all has been well so far. I'm sure it will hit me over the next day or two so hopefully, someone will be around to save me and keep me going. :)

    Starting weight: 198lbs

  • Hi all. I started today,too- I'm in! Looking forward to the next 12 weeks, and thanks in adv for the support.  

    Today, I did an upper body workout, first thing.  Ate well. Plenty o' water.  My goals for this week are to plan all my meals and make all my workouts.  Oh, and check in here.  See you all tomorrow, and thanks for the post, Mii.

    "If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly."

  • Oh, also ...

    Starting weight: 285 lbs

    Goal weight: 245 lbs

    Starting waist: 44 in.

    Goal waist: 44 in.

    Cardio tomorrow, y'all.

    "If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly."

  • Hii!

    I'm so glad for doing this challenge with you all...

    @ Kathy: I totally agree with you...Without support it's just painful. We need to share our progress, frustrations, victories, tips and doubts..And believe that I'm going to be right here for you all ;)

    I think that we've a great group here, and I know that we're going to have awesome results!!


  • @ MiiFit, how was your first day?

    I told someone in this group that I was going to go to the gym...but I ditched and went to the lake for some fast walking instead ^_^

    I will be doing weights tomorrow.

    When you crave a different outcome you must change what you have been doing!

  • Hello Everyone !!!

    I actually started 3/21 ... the worse time ever (excuses,right) I got braces for the second time in 5 years,couldnt eat ANYHTING!!! Got really sick , i feel from germs with my mouth being worked on because the next day my throat was swollen so therefore nothing that BFL offers made me comfortable while being sick. Therefore, I did whatever I wanted =] ughhh Now... I AM PAYING FOR IT!!


    I dont have alot of weight to lose;

    I am 21, 137 lbs and aprox 5'2, 5'3

    I have always been so fit and I just never ate perfect so now ,,, I see the importance of eating right !!!

    I am greatful for having a good mother who kept me into playing basketball all the way up to college and she did a really good job keeping me away from fastfoods... still to this day you will never see me in the line going to a fast food resturaunt unless its ICE COFFEEEE YUMMMMM =[

    i have never like any mcdonalds,bking,wendys etc...

    i just have a major sweeetttt toooth love chocolate !!

    Right now its 6am , and Im going to the gym!!! Hope to here from people soon, my old group wasnt the best =[

    no one communicated !!!!


  • Great to meet everyone. Got a great start on Day 2 this AM.  I did HIIT for the first time.

    It was pretty intense, I gotta say.  I once read that Henry Rollins worked out to anguished classical ballads because it was such a moving experience (no pun intended-sorry).  That's not really me, but I *did* have a great workout on an elliptical.

    So there's that.

    I wrote up my bio last night, and something I wrote kept coming back to me as I was pushing myself through those peaks this morning.  Sacrifice, Discipline, and Hard Work.  I think that's what's really been missing, and probably how I got so out of shape.

    Those three things are going to be my BFL foundation.  I understand the food and exercise pretty well; it's the other side I struggle with.  Motivation, focus, and achieving goals.  You know, the important stuff.

    Anyway, I'm having a great day so far.  Got my workout.  Got my meals made.  Got a message board to spout off on.  Life is good.

    Hit me up if you need some motivation (b/c I'll need some sometime soon).  To echo AG, good luck everyone.

    "If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly."

  • Day 3 workout done.  Meals planned. Awesomeness achieved (for a fat guy).  

    I'm planning on having a great one today.  You?

    "If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly."

  • I have been doing BFL for the last two weeks, but my first week wasn't completely with the program as I was still learning, so my official start date is now the 25th.  I would love to join the chat group!