Water Tips/Tricks

  • I know it should be simple to get 8 glasses of water in a day, but it's always a challenge for me.  Does anyone have any tricks or tips they used to assure they had adequate water intake every single day?

  • CC,

    I generally use a gallon jug and it helps me gage how much I need to drink.  I generally drink a gallon a day.  You certainly don't need that much.  Try it and let me know your thoughts?  

  • I guess my question to you CC is, is it the no taste in water that you struggle with or the fact that you have to drink so much? What I do sometimes is I will use fresh lemon and/or lime to spruce up my water (I tend to like tart things). Are you using anything like Myoplex? That is fluid so that it self can count as  one of your glasses of water. I personally drink alot of water due to my cardio is very intense, and living in Houston, where it is 91 degree's today. I have to stay well hydrated. But my wife, she does not drink as much. Hope this helps.

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  • It's all I drink.  Drinking that, along with apples and oranges gets you a good amount of water right off the bat.  I dont have any real tips or tricks though.

  • I have recently started using XTEND. It is a powdered BCAA supplement that you mix with your water. It gives it a pretty good flavor and gives me a change from plain water. 2 scoops in 1 liter of water a couple times a day. Otherwise, just drink throughout the day and it will add up. Good luck

  • Actually, you need 10 glasses (8 oz each) of water each day.

    I drink Myoplex Lite shakes and eat plenty of fruits, drink black coffee every day, etc..... HOWEVER.... I do not count any of that as my water.  I still drink at least 80 ounces of plain water every day.

    I used to HATE water.  Truly!!  Before I started Body for Life, these were my beverages (every single day):  coffee til noon (about 2 pots), diet coke til 6pm, red wine til bedtime (or I passed out, whichever came first).

    That was the single biggest change in my life (I even said so in my essay).  

    So now........ I still drink black coffee in the morning at home when I'm getting ready for work.  Once I get to work at 8 am I start drinking my water.  I use a 16 oz bottle so  each one counts as 2 glasses.  I always jot down in my journal when I finish a bottle.  (I have the hardest time keeping track of them if I don't write it down).  I make sure that I have had at least 3 bottles before I leave work (usually 4).  Then I finish it off at home.

    I still  think they should call this Potty for Life!!!  Whew... it's ridiculous!  I still always have to get up in the middle of the night, too.

    I don't hate water anymore.  But I really only like it when it is ICE cold.

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  • I drunk my water with my 6 meals. One before and one after. I do not drink any with my last meal or I would sleep in the bathroom. Now I have to admit that I am retired and spend the majority of my day around the house so B/R trips are not that much of a hassle.

    That being said, when I was working I used a water bottle made by Thermos that holds 20z and has a neat ring at the top that you rotate everytime you fill your bottle. Cool flip top and somewhat ergo to grip. Its called "intak" by Thermos. I think you'll find it a great addition.

  • " I drunk my water" I know I'm from Alabama but I don't talk that way....sometimes however my fingers do when they get in a hurry on a keyboard.DRANK is the tense they were looking for.

  • I don't like to walk around with a water bottle or anything like that, so to get my 8+ glasses in each day, I just chug a glass or two of water before each meal.  It gets that out of the way quickly, and I feel full after eating :)