Tips on losing weight and having firm skin :)

  • Sagged skin is a nightmare for people who go on a program to lose weight, and I'm one of people who suffered before from having loose skin when I followed a harsh program to lose weight. I tried to collect information that might be useful and wrote them together here . If you have more tips you can give us too. Thank you pals;)

  • Kafsoa, the link didn't work for me.  I have read that if you do skin exfoliation daily in the shower, it will help the skin respond and be more reactive.  

    But I want to say a couple things.  I don't believe BFL is a harsh program.  Its certainly not an overnight miracle fix.  What it is, is hard work.   And as you build muscle it will help tighten as you go.  On drastic overnight type diets, you lose weight, and don't build muscle and its too fast, so of course your skin doesnt have time to react and stays saggy.   And as you get older the skin is less reactive.  But follow the program, the nutritional side of BFL also will help because you are getting optimum nutrition to your skin.  Stay strong and believe in the program.  

  • Sorry guys, here is the link again, the last one was broken.