Reaching failure point

  • Hi guys, new to the site and Im slightly confused on one aspect of the gym section.

    Im aware you do your 12,10,8,6,12 and Super set another 12.

    What Im unclear on is when you start the session you start on 12 reps so for example on the first set of 12, do you lift the weight until you almost reach failure by the 12th rep then rest 45 sec increase the weight, do the 10 reps and  lift the weight to almost failure by the 10th rep, then rest, increase weight and reach failure by the 8th rep and so forth?

    From what I read it sounds like people only talk about reaching failure only on their last set of 12 and super set? 

    Thanks in advance for taking time to respond.

  • Hi Webby,

    welcome, and congrats on starting the challenge. there's great advice and support here.

    As to your question, no, you don't try to hit your tens on every set. It should look more like this:

    12 reps - 50% intensity. 1 min break.

    10 reps - 60% intensity. 1 min break.

    8 reps - 70% intensity. 1 min break.

    6 reps - 80% intensity. 1 min break.

    12 reps - 90% intensity. NO BREAK.

    12 reps - 100% intensity (new exercise on same body part) 2 min break.

    Then move on to the next body part.

    you'll see this advice over and over again, because it's so true and so important -- read the book carefully. everything you need to know is laid out there and will help clarify any questions you have.

    there's no magic involved. just follow the book and you'll get there!

    best of luck!

  • When I first looked at BFL years ago when it came out this is how it was explained to me.  Your first set is at 50% like Newsie said.  Pick a weight that you could probably do 25-30 reps with but do 12.  Then adjust your weights accordingly from there.  

    I always have it in the back of my mind of how many more reps I could have got on each set so I can adjust my weights for next time if needed.  

    Hope this helps.

    Train to grow, not for show!