• Hi there mzforlife good to meet you! Yes you are welcome here to hop on  board. I am a 69 year old grandma who's been at this now since about April 1st when I joined Gold's Gym down the street. And then I officially joined the Body for Life program on April 11th and have  been consistently doing the workouts and partially the diet. I hurt a ligament in my left knee about a month ago when I went on a strenuous bike riding pulling one of my grandkids in the trailer so have suffered with that, sure takes a long time for a ligament to heal I am finding.  I do good on the treadmill it is afterwards that it is all stiff and sore. At any rate I have forged on and did good this last week, only skipped Thur. as my knee was really sore but did good upper body work out twice and lower body workout and am getting muscles! Am disappointed in my weight loss only about 4 lb since I started and want to lose much  more am aiming to lose 30 lb. if I can. At any rate I have decided to keep up the work out with gusto even if I am a bit fatter than I want to be maybe I will be stronger and hopefully the diet will kick in eventually. So far I am an inch smaller on the waist and the stomach. Sorry this is long am planning to go out and do some digging in my flower beds now as the sun has finally come out so I can work, not good on the knee though. We are having the Eugene Marathon here on Sun. it is going to be nice weather for it, in Oregon. Wouldn't that be fun to run 26 miles, something to aim for!!

  • Hi, mzforlife, I am now 52 and decided I needed to do something to, all those years in the army I was in decent shape but have been retired for 12 years and it caught up with me lol, so I to am working on having the best body I can in my 50's good luck to you and stay strong.

  • HI Everyone,

    Welcome mzforlife and good luck to you too!

    WVMTNGRL, I did a DVD called Intensity by Cathe Freidrich. It has a hiit segment that is 20 minutes long. She has a dvd of just hiit and I am tempted to get it.

    Today I did UBWO and feel great. Although, I may have a hard time holding the hair dryer. Isn't it great?!

    Bikergma, I would go by how many inches you are losing and not the scale, although the scale is always calling. From what I have read/learned, when you start a new program, you may gain a little at first, and then as muscle replaces fat, the scale may not go down, but your pants may fit better. This is what was happening to me. I felt awful when I got on the scale, but great when I could button the pants. Of course, my extra cheat days at Easter are also a contributing factor to the scale, but I tend to ignore this fact. Happy Saturday! Melissa

  • My goooosh if you want some GOOD exercise try digging up a little piece of dirt with a shovel, turn each spade full over knock the weeds out and chop it up....I am totally beat in ONE hour! Did about 4 x 4 feet! Have about twice that to gooooo..will rest some in egged on by the vision of what I will plant, LOTS of cosmos and pink and purple holly hocks...why is spading so hard...back work, leg work, ab work, arm work...good grief!

  • I weigh every day...just need to keep an eye on it...because I cheat and need to face up to it and not let denial creep in. What I tend  to do I think is I binge, do good for like 3 days then eat enough in 1 day to make up for 2 days...need to aim for more consistency EVERY day.

  • Hi all,  just  finally getting the courage up to say hello.  I'm wrapping up my 4th week and feeling better every day.  Love reading your posts and knowing that I'm really not alone in this quest for a new me.  I had a stomach bug this week so I missed 2 days at the gym and felt the old guilt creeping in and was pleased with myself that I was able to quash it.  I remind myself every time I start feeling bad that I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was at a year, 6 months or even 3 short months ago.  Hopefully you all well start hearing more from me :)

  • Glad you said hello Wonder_Woman!

    Keep strong you will have those days but hang in there, and say hello more often.

  • Melissa , thanks ! I just took a look at that DVD and wow what a workout. I never even thought of there being DVDs specifically gear for this. Good idea. Sounds like your arms had a good workout!

    bikergma, that was great exercise working in the garden. Just think how nice everything will look when you are done and how much exercise you got! Way to go!!

    Wonder-Women, I agree with Bronco..keep hanging in! It is nice knowing that others are doing it and we can too.

    I made today my Free day. I was still beat from yesterdays 2 classes at the gym!

    Have a great Sunday everyone, see you Monday!


  • Hey everyone glad to see everyone pushin on and keep on keepin on.. I just finished my week today yesterday was free day and it was a bit overboard.. todays HIIT was one of the best though.. I managed to get 2.2 miles in my twenty minutes.. which is great setting the tone for the rest of the day.. I hope you all had a great weekend and make sure u hit it hard this week.. aloha..

  • Great LBWO this morning feel great now and the soreness is a good soreness now, had my morning shower off to work and looking forward to a great Monday! Hope all is well with the rest of you and you are hitting your 10's.

    Oh ya and being retired military- GO USA!!!! Nice job guys, finally got that worthless piece of s--t

  • Bronco, You are lucky you are done with your workout, I am going to run at 10:15. I cut back on my intensity a little because I don't think my heartrate was coming down enough between intervals. I felt better after.

    So we are starting our 4th week. Good luck to everyone and keep it up!


  • Morning everyone!!!!  I despise free days...I understand why we have them but its stressful to me.  I didnt do too bad.  In past challenges on my free days I would way over eat..  Just finished UBWO..was really good. Increased my weights so arms are like rubber right now.  Glad everyone had a good weekend.  Im with you Bronco GO USA!!!! I have yet to get on the scale, Ido feel my shorts are fitting better so that is good enough for me.  Have a great Monday and stay focused.  

  • Just back from my workout as well.  I got stuck in a rut doing the same exercises, not realizing that I needed to change them up a bit so I did today.  Someone explained to me about muscle memory and how changing around will keep me pushing in the development area.  Nothing too drastic, I simply switched the exercises I do for a full set with the exercises I did for the final 12 reps.  wow, what a difference,  had to back the weights down on all of them at least 10 pounds and am feeling seriously "gumby" but in a good way.  Hope everyone has an awesome week~!!

  • Hey, all! Hope it's still going well for everyone, despite the weather. I must admit I've not been totally on track here. The tornadoes and floods have my stress levels to the max! That and the fact that I'm about two weeks from graduating with my B.S. I am doing the best I can but yesterday and today have not been great. Bad eating promulgates more bad eating, and I feel gross and un-energetic from it.

    I've had enough of that already. Just needed a little encouragement and I am glad to hear that most of you are doing well. Stick with it. :)


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Morning everyone!!!  Cardio done woot woot, had a good one today,  hope everyone has a blessed day..