• Hi no it is not too late welcome! I M 69 and am 5'5" started at 194 would be nice and skinny at 164! Warmed up for over a week then joined the program 2 weeks ago. I am doing good but am rather tired at times and legs very stiff, found drinking more water helped the stiffness. I hurt my knee riding a bike a week before I started, had a strained knee from pulling my grandson in a trailer and it has been painful but think it is finally healing. I am not used to any kind of pain and am wondering why, did I get so out of shape or am I getting old or what, want to avoid going downhill any faster have always been strong and active, take care of a disabled son by day and have to walk him, bathe him, dress him, etc. so need to stay strong for him also I LIKE it for myself...Carolyn in Oregon

  • Wanted to add: My face and shoulders look better in just 2 weeks can see my cheekbones now! Also my legs are slimmer the muscles more defined. Not much loss yet tummy wise but it is softer like jiggly jello! Yesterday I had pizza and cake and ice cream for my granddaughter's birthday and felt ILL...used to eat like that all the time not anymore! The salt and sugar make me bloat up! Onward! Carolyn OR

  • Greeteings people! week one wrapped up here great HIIT run covered 2 miles in my twenty minutes... week 2 starts LBWO here i come.. keep up the posting everyone.. great to hear of everyones progress

    bikergma great news keep pushin away at it!!

    My-maya welcome never too late come here often read and post.. we are in this together!

    Bronco.. how's them legs coming along?

    off to bed 5 am date with the gym... lol aloha gang!!

  • Good Morning!

    I just finished my LBWO and I can barely walk...But honestly, it feels good ;)

    Good workouts

  • Everyone has been such an inspiration on this board for me, it's comforting to read other people's successes and struggles. So starting week 2,  I'm feeling like I already took a step backwards. Instead of one free day, I took two free days of eating because of back to back parties, and am now paying for it. On day 5 I was down a pound and now I'm up a pound and a half, so I'm heavier than when I started. I have however followed the exercise regiment to a "T", so I'm proud of that. My week included running, weight lifting, step/weights class and Zumba. I really need to get back on track today and stop sabotaging myself. Easter is coming up next Sunday, which will be my free day, but the thought of ruining all my hard work again is stressing me out!

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    Bikergma, I hear you about feeling terrible after eating junk ALL the time. It is nice to limit it to one day. However, my willpower fades easily. If I see reslults and am healthy it is easy.

    haberchic, don't worry about your extra free day. Also, you will have extra weight gain after one free day. Don't get on the scale the next day. Like I wrote, I am easily sidtracked with healthy eating. So, I am trying to see this as a way of life and not just 12 weeks. This way, I will not throw in the towel if I have a few bad meals and miss a workout. Otherwise, I will never finish the 12 weeks.

    Island_dude, Congrats on two miles. I had been at 1.68 for so long, I made it to 1.80 last week. I am jealous. I don't think I will reach 2miles in 20.

    I am doing Hiit run today.

    Have a good one. Melissa

  • @WVMTNGRL: Welcome! We have a great group going on here! Post whenever you can.

    @haberchic: Try not to weigh yourdelf so much. Your body is going to fluctuate a lot as you lose fat but gain muscle. Test your results by trying on different clothes until we are closer to the end; just a suggestion.

    @bikergma: What a strong woman you are. Your reasons for getting fit are the most inspirational I've read in a while. Welcome, welcome to our group! Stay strong!

    Free day was so "freeing" :) I have had enough sweets and am ready to get on with some healthy eatin' annd workin'! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and at least a little time to "stretch your legs"...


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Hi everyone

    The gym I use is going to be shut on Friday and also next Monday.  Do you think it's "better" to miss a cardio session or a weights session?  Or should I just try to do both on the last day available to me - although I appreciate that if I do whichever comes second isn't going to get 100% effort.

    It's good to hear that everyone is so focussed.  Fell off the wagon this morning (handful of cheerios - not even something nice) but just tried to draw a line under it and get back to what I should be doing.  

    Anyone else struggling to eat all the food?

  • Loved the first week, only did cheat dessert this week. I have been on this diet and exercise journey for about a year and knew that a cheat day would probably make me sick.

    One question I did have, what is everyone doing for a warmup on weight days? Or are you just jumping right in?

  • Just want to say thanks for the welcome. I am re reading the book again and trying my best to get into the 6 meal routine. That is a big challenge, I usually eat 2 meals a day, a large breakfast and dinner will continual grazing in between. I know that is a terrible way to eat.

    I am using barbells for my weights most of the time and am trying to figure out how to choose the weights best to use. Since I am a newbie to strength training I am starting lite.

    Thanks for the encouragement.  Wvmtngrl, aka Emily in WV

  • @KCinNC: Yes, I def. warm up! For legs, I walk for two to three minutes and then stretch a little. And I think you could count Cheerios as a carb as long as you add a protein with it (it's a whole grain)! ;)

    @ubagirl: Yes, at first it's hard to get the meals in, but as time goes on you WILL get more hungry!! I promise. Some days I can only stomach five meals, but most days I do all six.


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Hi Big Hello to everyone! I've been following the BFL from the very beginning with Bill P from the very start and I must say, over the many years I havent been able to complete a full 3 months yet....but Ive never really given up on the Idea of my goal of doing 3 months and then another 3 months & then for life. So here I am yet again started yesterday..,my only goal Ive ever had and carnt move farward untill I achieve it... theres been a big shift in my mind set of lately and I feel focused in what it is I have to do..... I think turning 40! really brought my life to the front line..that I do deserve this , for me & my famliy...I know u all feel the same at what ever the good luck with it all...I 've read all there is to know about BFL over &'s the achieving Ive had trouble with ...I have a question?..The last 4 years Ive had bad knees..with cardio, I carn't run, only power walk it out with hand weights, and only on flat ground! I do Spin Bike It"s fine up to a point.  So I carn't just keep upping the anty for a real level 10...does anyone have the same problems with cardio?  Do u just add extra time, do more than 30 min or just do a cardo workout on the weight days as well...but thats not following the BFL properly is it?...I'am Stumped!                  Thanks  Berni Hardes                              Oh is there any more Aussies here on well.?


  • Hi All,

    Detti, I am not sure about the cardio. Call the number in the book, I am not sure what it is, they will give you advise on workouts.

    Ubagirl, I would probably pick cardio, however I don't know if you are suppose to do two days of hiit in a row.

    I am going for leg workout now. I am dreading it.


  • Howdy all, just want to report I've had a bit of a setback, and haven't gone yet to the gym this week because I have been SICK for a few days. It all began on Sat. when I had some peperoni  pizza and cake and  chocolate ice cream for a birthday party,.then Sun.after church  had a chicken sandwich at Subs..not bad...then two tacos on Sun. evening and a little more chocolate ice cream. My insides reacted badly and wow I am telling you I am not even going to EAT that last piece of cake sitting here! It is like my body is telling me not to put anymore bad stuff into it ever again! I am pouring down the water and trying to get my strength back, the sun has come out so may try to go out and do a little more of my yard work today....then back to the gym tomorrow... Live and  learn huh! Carolyn in Oregon ;0)

  • I think you have a good attitude Berni, it needs to be a permanent mind set and change in life style for a person, just the determination to persevere and never give up trying. As to the knee problem I say do whatever you can. My husband is younger than me and had a heart attack 5 years ago, then bypass surgery last year, then  he had a knee replacement also last year. He is only 55 and I am 69 and he is quite a bit overweight at 298 lb.but I enrolled him up at the gym and he is finding he can actually do the bicycle now and got his own out the other day and rode it a block or two, hadn't been on it in several years. His cardio is very weak though and I hope he sticks to it but it will take much time and effort for him. I hate to say it but he is an example of a person who did not  take care of his heath, he was just overweight and bad cholesterol and did not even drink OR smoke! But with modern medicine and things caught in time he can still turn his life around if he wants to and so can you, or me, or anybody. Life is the most precious thing we have and  we got to live it in our bodies right?