• I'm concerned that I am not eating enough.  I'm eating 6 times a day and only averaging about  1800 calories.  I realize I need to create a calorie deficit, but I'm 260 lbs and I don't want to under fuel my body either.

    I am very sore.  I haven't any sort of physical activity in a long time.  Glad tomorrow is my free day!

  • Hi Ubagirl,

    Lunch meat isn't the healthiest, but when I don't have a meal replacement, I'll grab a handful of turkey/ham/chicken lunchmeat with a slice of bread or piece of fruit. Melissa

  • Tryitnow,,  I think the rule is, if you are starving by your next scheduled meal, you are not eating enough. If you are a little hungry, try to have a glass of water to hold you off until your next meal. I am not an expert, but I hope this helps.

    I went to a Penquin playoff game last night and ate junk/beer. Today is my free day, however, I will only do a meal cheat. For those who can skip there free day, I am envious, I have dreams of cookies and hohos.

    I will do my upper body workout today, soreness from the first one is almost gone. I think part of the key for me in succeeding in this, is feeling a little tired and sore at the end of the day, I think less about food and more about sleeping and how my muscles are growing.

    Happy Saturday, Melissa

  • Hii everyone!

    So, today is day 6 and I've already done my cardio workout. This week has been amazing and I'm so happy for being able to do everything right. Tomorrow is my free day so I'm going to do this week's evaluation: weight, %BF and Measures. I hope it shows some progress..Honestly I feel my body changing, so I'm not worried.

    Wish everyone a good end of 1st week and a good free day...And get ready for week 2 ;)


  • @MiiFit, I'm done also, still way way way sore in my thighs but getting better, glad you are doing good and enjoying, sure makes it a lot easier with a great attitude!

  • @mac, I'm jealous would love to go to the hockey game! My free day is tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be bad so no golf for me but will have some junk food and beer myself. Going to Monster trucks tonight so maybe some junk food, since they don't sell beer no worry there.

  • Hii!

    I was invited for a party today, so I diced to use my free day...Until now everything's fine, I din't cheat at all...I'm saving for tonight :)

    Before lunch, I've been checking my progress and my scale showed me less 5lbs and less 1,1% of BF...How is it possible?! I hope the scale is not broken..LOL...This really works!

  • @tryitout: You are def. NOT getting enough calories! 1800 is not enough for a 260lb person, for sure! I don't know what the correct amount is, but it's at least 2500. Do a little research. No wonder you're so hungry!

    Free day tomorrow for me, yay!

    @MiiFit- no, your scale isn't broken, you're just getting HOT :) !!!


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Hello All - I was originally ready to start in Jan but then got side tracked with other priorities but now I want to start !!! I am very petite just 4' 10" and weigh 96 lbs but I am not toned at all. I have big chunky thighs and my dream is to get my thin legs and get a flat stomach !!! I workout regularly but not push myself to the limits.

    I am looking forward to this journey with everyone !!!

  • @my-maya welcome and I'm sure you will reach your goals esp. with the great support here.

  • Hii!!

    Tomorrow is the first day of Week 2...Everyone's ready!?

  • I wonder if I might join in a little late. I've read the book and started this last year and then broke my ankle. Going to give it a try again. I am 60, 5'5 and weigh 180. Of course I want to lose weight but more important I want over all health. May I join in or is it too late?

    I will do my workouts at home, the gym is too far away. We have a treadmill and weight machine.


    Of course you can join ;)  Welcome to our group!!

    I do my workouts at home too, and I love it...

  • Hi Miifit,

    I can't wait to start again after a free day and rest day. Thanks for the support. This week is two leg work outs. I am already sore thinking about it.

    Bronco, How was the monster truck event?


  • Hey mac, yes I also am worried about the two days of leg work.

    Monster trucks started great got boring in the middle, so left a little early.