Cutting Crew -- C2 It - April 25th

  • hey its ok you can call me that lol remind me of the highschool days when my first middle and last name started with D eeeek is right.. anyways i changed my name... so u all can call me Divya :P.. i am totally in for this challenge gonna start exercising and warming up

  • 6 more days til Challenge 2!!!!! Got up at 4:15am and headed for the gym.... did some lower body work this morning... several sets of 12 reps with 420 pound leg presses... 150 pound calf raises... nothing too strenuous... just trying to avoid the extreme soreness when we ramp up next week....

    I am going to really push myself this challenge... more so than last... I have serious goals to reach and I Will Have Them... did ya hear me BobbyA???

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • had to go to the chiropractor yesterday, nagging backache for about 12 days... come to find out I had a rib outa place (near the middle of my back, just below my left shoulder blade, close to the spine) he had me lie down and began prodding a little and when he got to the spot he asked "is this it"? I said yes... he told me to relax and he twisted and pressed down and POP!!!! I heard and felt the rib go back into place. he told me I waited 12 days too long and not to do that anymore... it is still a little sore, but much better than it was..... Witch Doctor Indeed!!!!

    gotta make sure NOTHING prevents me from my goals for this challenge.... dont over do it when working out, but push yourself to the limit... your body will tell you when you have reached that point.... Pain is Gain... in order to grow muscles you have to work them... and they will hurt... muscles Burn fat and fat is NOT our friend... cept as fuel for our muscles....

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • @Tazz - ouch! Never been to a chiropractor.... never had a massage for that matter... LOL... hope you're OK...

    Was going to get up this morning and do Kettleworx with my teenager (14yrs old - son). He's wanting to do some things now. So this is setting a good example. Unfortunately, we had a severe thunderstorm in our area and I didn't think it would be good for us to be holding steel balls in our hands in the garage (my man cave)... so we've rescheduled for this afternoon.

    Got to run... later peeps....

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • @Buzzman -- I am Envious... I have No Man Cave.... wife wont let me have one

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Tazz- I'm glad the chiro was able to put the rib back in place-those things can be a bit painful, yes?

    @Buzzman- I have been a massage therapist for 20 years now and have done around 15,000 massages...I would strongly suggest you give it a try. The whole concept behind getting a massage is to increase the circulation and help clean out the excess acids and metabolic by-products that accumulate when the muscles are working when one is engaged in a serious work-out program like, say, Body-for-Life! The more the muscles are cleaned out, the less chance they will be shortened and sore and the better they will function, so your workouts will be more productive and efficient. Now,  you need to find a therapist that is schooled in sports massage, I doubt that a light aromotherapy massage will do you a tremendous amount of good...but the whole thing about massage is that it feels good because it IS good for you! I'm fortunate that I can trade with a colleage of mine here in town- I get a massage every Wednesday. YaHoo!  Think about it...maybe see if there's a therapist in your local gym...if the words "sauna massage" or "body shampoo" are in the advertising for the massage, I would definately avoid that place!

    OK- I'll climb down off my soapbox now...

  • @BobbyA -- I dont get a massage but they do something they call "STEMS" (hook up electrodes on my shoulders or back and apply electricity - I guess to stimulate the muscles) feels weird but good... and then an adjustment... which makes me feel great afterwards... I think he and I will become great friends during this challenge... I may have to see him regularly.... as I am going to step this challenge up a notch or two... I have some ideas still churning in the back of my mind... I know... skeery huh? This is the same chiropractor who turned me on to Body for Life... so ya'll have him to blame cause I am here!!!!

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • It was a " I hate it but I love it" session today .All I can say is BFL works!! We went back to one of the workouts we did 6 sessions ago...

    65lb kettlebell swing x20

    45lb kettlebell front squat  x20 3 rounds

    rest 3 min 30 sec

    and then do another 3 rounds

    I shaved off 33 sec from my first round and a minute from my second round from the times I did it before. I hit the floor after it, thought I was gonna die.

  • @Bobby - thanks for the advice. I really want to try it out. My wife has had "deep tissue massages" but one made her real sick one time.  I think it was because of all the "toxins" that were released. At least that's what I call them. I'm afraid I'll like the massage so much, I'll be somewhat of a "crack addict" - massage addict.

    @Cleet - You are a freaking beast!!!! That's some serious weight! The 20lb one is killing me right now -- 20 minutes of continuous exercises.... really not a lot of rest in between routines due to the nature of the DVD and the program itself (Kettleworx).  

    Last week I tried benching 300# and I actually benched it 6 times until failure... however, I didn't lift anything else prior to doing that so I had fresh muscles. I'm amazed at how much stronger I am now than I was 12 weeks ago..... can't wait until the end of C2.... can you imagine the results all of us are going to have?????

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • Well, this is how I ended up. Don't know how well you can see. 9-yr old daughter took pic, so a little differently sized than the one my hubby took. Looking forward to C2 on Monday. My goal is to tighten up my diet and get rid of additional fat that's still holding on.  As always, love reading all the posts that come in over my phone everyday!

    if your sick of starting over, stop quitting

  • I failed to say the one in the warm up pants is the newer one. Bathingsuit is from week 4, I believe.

    if your sick of starting over, stop quitting

  • NO NEED TO SAY ANYTHING.... we all know which is your "AFTER" shot!!!! Holy crap... fantastic job. Way to go Robyn!!!

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • @Tazz - don't feel to envious. Maybe I was a bit overzealous by saying "Man Cave" -- rather "Man Space". I don't get all of the garage... LOL

    @Divya - thanks for the new name!!! LOL

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • @Robyn -- Dayammmmmmmmmmmmm Gurlllllllllllllllllllll!!!! You go... Great Job.... you ARE gonna join us for round 2?????

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Count me IN on the 25th - can't WAIT . . . reading all your posts - you guys are making me look like a BUM!  Getting walks in on my 2-week "non-active" rest - butt not much more.  I'll have to push harder with this Challenge as it's also our busiest time of the season (work-wise) - 5 a.m. workouts . . . here I come!!

    Thanks for all your support - looking forward to this next journey with all of you.  See you on Monday (AFTER my workout, of course!)