Cutting Crew -- C2 It - April 25th

  • Hello Cutting Crew-

    Congrats to all that endured the 12 weeks and can hang their heads high!!!


                                                                  Start                                                 Finish

    Weight                                                 274lbs                                            244.5lbs

    Waist (around belly button)             49 7/8"                                            44 3/8"

    Pants size                                          44" (tight)                                         40" (loose-tight 38")


    Have not deicided  if I am going to post pictures as of yet. During the 12 weeks I lost 29.5Lbs but I really started this two weeks prior and had lost 9lbs prior to my official start date, so since my weight loss journey begain, I am 38.5lbs lighter on the scale and 5 1/5" inches smaller in my waist. I am getting many, many compliments and everyone says I look younger. This is a great feeling.

    I will be starting another 12 week cycle on August 1st.

    Again congrats to all that have decided to make a change and stuck with the program.

  • Roddy,

    AWESOME JOB!!!! That's quite an accomplishment. Congratulations... I know you're feeling better. Since January 17th (C1). I've lost 43.5 lbs  from 243.5 lbs to 200.9 lbs and I went from a size 40-42 waist to size 34 (snug).....

    Those compliments sure do feel good don't they?!!!!!!!

    Stick with it!!!!!

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • Thought I would share photos. This is me at my highest weight VS where I am now.

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • wow awesome job Buzzman

  • Great Job Buzz!!!! you are Literally HALF the Man you used to be....

    @Cleet -- good to see ya!!!

    Here is a pic I took of myself Saturday with my New 32 Pants on 

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Thanks guys!!!! feels good!!! still have a long way to go though!!!

    @Cleet... Tazz and I are in the BFL Warrior thread now...

    @Tazz - can't see the pic... did you forget to attach?

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm dunno what happened... I DID attach it!!!!!


    One More try!!!!

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Buzz, Tazz you guys look great! you both have come a long way great job!  Still have this week to go for make up workouts but as the offical 12 weeks are up I think I will go ahead and post 12week photos soon. Just need to punch threw this week.

    @roddycs: great numbers man! You did great!

    @fination ( did I spell that right lol ) you look great too, that one piece is HOT!

    well take care everyone I will post again when I put up my final photos.  

  • Hit 'em hard this week Wolfee!!!! ONE WEEK - give it all you got! By the way, BFL Warriors are starting a new challenge August 8th.  If you're up for it... I know there some good support in that thread!!!!

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • Hey gang,

    So... I've got a LONG WAY to go... but I officially have posted my end of Challenge 2 photos on my profile. Be gentle..........

    I'm wondering what I'll look like in another 6 months!!!!!!!  P90X for me for the next 13 weeks.. then I'll switch back to BFL again.

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • Hello Cutting Crew, I messaged Buff-Tazz a while back and he invited me on here.  I was on a couple of other threads but as of late, I think I am conversing with myself!!  No one else seems to be posting messages.  Anyway, I just finished week 11 on my challenge, and am really looking forward to ending this challenge.  Feels a bit like a marathon!!  Do you have any "Must Do's" for the Active Rest period?  I don't want to stuff that up.  I plan on eating roughly the same, and moderate activity.  Is 2 weeks off better than 1??

    Have you all finished your second challenge now!  Good going.  I did 2 challenges back to back 10 years ago, and it is much harder this time around, although my weights have gone up well!!  I don't think I will get the same results after 1 challenge, so I will be carrying on until I am where I want to be.  

    I would welcome any advice!

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Just a quick post in passing... I FINALLY POSTED MY Challenge TWO photos today.... Please be gentle.. I really dont see alota change, even though I know I have lost 2 more inches in my waist... (Loving the 32 pants) and Oh by the way... they are a wee bit loose!!! You can see my challenge 2 photos in my Profile....

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Finnaly done here myself WOOT! finished it. Will post pics as soon as I can find my freaking camra again lol.

  • @Tazz you look great man, you can see a big diffrence in your abs and lats, you got more of a V shape now. great job!

  • @Wolfee - Great Job Brother!!! Can't wait to see your pics! Way to hang tough!!!

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me