Cutting Crew -- C2 It - April 25th

  • congrats to everyone that stuck with it!

    i have to say i gave up at week 10.  my weight kept going up and my thighs we getting bigger.  :(  i don't know why BFL is not working for me.  it probably has to do with my asthma medication and stress...but i do thank all of you for encouraging me!

    Stay healthy! :D

    When you crave a different outcome you must change what you have been doing!

  • Good Morning Cutting Crew!!!!!

    ONLY 3 MORE DAYS TO GO!!!!! How do ya feel??? Great I bet!!! I know BUZZ you only have 2 MORE DAYS!!! Way to go buddy.. my "Beast" Bud!!!!

    @roddysc -- great job on the leg presses!!!! I have really enjoyed working my legs this challenge... they have gotten so strong for me... my leg extensions (machine) are at the MAX now... machine has 265 pounds and that is my 6 rep and my 12 rep on it is currently 250... Quads have really exploded for me... my leg curls are 150 for 6 rep and 12 rep is at 130... my seated incline leg press currently is 600 pounds for 12 rep.... I used to hate working my legs but have come to really love the pump and look as I go through my routine... oh... my 12 rep on seated calf raises are @ 130 pounds and standing calf raises (machine) are @ 270 pounds....

    @go_kathy_go -- I am proud that you made it to week 10... I am sorry that BFL hasnt seemed to work for you... have you considered calling EAS and asking them about what has been going on with you and your weight? its FREE and they are very helpful... I have called them myself... its worth a try.... Good Luck in your effort to get and stay healthy....

    @finition -- So good to see ya girl!!! hope you are maintaining your sexy new body!!!! you did amazing in your 1st challenge.... I hope I get to look that good when I am finished....

    @Buzzman -- Dude!!! you ARE a miracle!!!!! Great job on the Bench Press Weight!!!! I bow before your mighty Girth (and not the former phat man you once were)... but the BUFF-BUZZ!!!! WE have come so far in the past 6 months.... I know you are feeling great, as I sure am....

    Ok now.... I did NOT do a workout yesterday due to my LONG day/night Tuesday.... and I have yet to workout today (still catching up on sleep) and am going to visit the chiropractor this afternoon for another adjustment on my shoulder.... when I get home I will double up and do cardio, abs and upper body workout to make up for lost time.... now that should wear me out.... the tiger print swimsuit I ordered for posing came in... HOWEVER... it was too BIG... so I just ordered a smaller size... it should be here tomorrow... man dont ya love having to buy Smaller instead of Super-Sizing???? I know I do....  I am also going out and buying my size 32 pants to see if I can fit into them... even if they are a bit snug when I get them... I know in a few short weeks they WILL fit.... Failure is NOT an option for me ANYMORE!!!!!

    Stay Strong and Focused my BFL Friends.... and Let's All Finish Strong!!!!!

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Buff-Tazz!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I still got this amazing strong body!!!!! All you have to do is work for it and keep working for it!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GUYS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about the one piece but I was on a hike up in the mountains! 


  • @finition - You rock!!!! You look fantastic!!! Only 1 DAY left for me in this challenge. I don't know how much I've changed or if you'll see any differences when I post pics but I know I'm feeling better. I'm going to take a break from BFL challenges after this one and move directly into P90X.  I started this year out with the goal of doing nothing but fitness, eating correctly, and cardio for at least a ONE YEAR span to see what would happen. Glad you're living the BFL way!!!!

    @all - Interestingly I've been taking head shots on monthly basis to document some facial changes. The first photo is after 1 month into my first challenge.  Wish I would have taken one the very first day. But any way here are my headshots:

    I'll post my AFTER SHOTS possibly this Sunday or Monday.



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  • @Tazz - I'm jealous of your legs!!!!! That is definitely an area that I lack in. I know you're looking like a CHAMP right now!!! Both of us have come a long way and I appreciate you being there whenever I've needed to talk to someone. You're a good man Charlie Brown and a good friend! I've still got a long way to go but I feel so much better about myself now and know that if I keep at it only good things will come.

    The old saying, "You get out of it what you put into it!" is certainly true! We're both reaping the benefits with more to come.

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • Oh wow Buzzman you look soooo much younger now! Your on your last day!!!!!!!! That's just awesome. LIFE is good eh southern man? Enjoy it!

  • wow buzz! wish I had done that with the face shots, you sometimes do not see yourself threw the mirror but the camra can really show us the truth.

     @Tazz and Buzz .... and well everyone who are still out there active or hiding in the shadows: I just wanted to you all to know even as we approch the end of this challange that it has been a pleasure to be part of this team you ALL have helped me. being able to read and know that others were out there that understand  what type of focuse and just how hard at times  to finish this ,helped so very much. so from deep down THANKS TO ALL!. I have 6 work outs left and feel stong and motivated to finish this right.  

  • Looking awesome Buzz! What a cool idea.

    Congrats to everyone who made it to the end. I only wish Pencilbox were here to celebrate with us.

    Much love to all. I'll be starting challenge 2 on August 8th and I'm officially going to enter the contest. Hope to see some of you around then too :)

  • Well here we are Cutting Crew!!! 2 more days to go... Buzzman's Final Day!!! he crosses over the finish line after his workout today... Congrats my brother!!!! Job well done!!!!

    @alchemistress, wolffee, amypem, BobbyA, roddysc... (sure hope I didnt leave anyone out) Can you taste Victory???? How do ya feel???? Liking your new bodies???? Loving the extra energy??? and the looks from others at the Buff way you look now??? Bask in that... because you have EARNED it!!! I have learned from these 2 challenges now that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to... I am going out this weekend and buying that pair of 32 pants.... if I cant wear them comfortably now, I know in a couple more weeks max that I will!!!! I am loving the image that stares back at me in the mirror (well except for the ugly mug) hahahaha.... a short bit of humor for you... a couple years ago I went out in search of new boots for motorcycle riding... went to several stores and finally found a pair I liked... I tried and tried and tried to put them on in the store, but couldnt seem to get around my belly.... everytime I leaned over it was a strain to reach the boots to pull them on and before I could make any sort of progress I would have to stand back up as I couldnt breathe... bending over would squeeze the air out of me.... I chuckled, thinking it was funny at the time... Needless to say I never bought the boots. I figured if I couldnt get them on in the store... how would I ever get them on (or off) at home.... but it was NOT funny... It never dawned on me that I was heading for a health disaster until my doctor informed me I had developed type 2 diabetes and had more meds to take along with my 6 BP meds... well that was my WAKE UP CALL.... and here I am now 2 years later... 2/3's of the man I used to be.... Thanks to the support from fine folks like we have here in the forums and the local gym I attend and my wife and well you know .... I am not finished yet.... I still have some shaping to be done and then its on to maintaining what I have worked so hard to achieve..... What a small price to pay for ALL the good returns I have (and you as well) gained from honestly such little effort.... now be honest with yourselves.... how much time a day do you workout? 1-2 hours max??? what would you have done with that time if you werent exercising?? Vegging out on the couch, using your "built-in" food holder??? all it actually took was deciding you didnt want to be like that anymore and doing somethiing about it.... I see I am rambling now, so I will end this NOVEL....

    I am honored to know each and everyone of you that have completed (two more days) this challenge with me... thank you for doing this....

    @finition -- girl I am seriously BUFF myself now.... but you are still much purdier!!!!! Pics to come this weekend.... Just a hint... Fear the Tiger!!!!!

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Quick post - I have a meeting in about 10 minutes....

    Can you feel it?????  THAT SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!  Today is my last day and tomorrow for the rest of you.  I can't wait to see the results of the amazing journey we've all been on.  This morning I woke up and did Ab Ripper X and will follow up with my cardio after work.  As I ended my Ab routine, I knew that this was not the end for me but a new beginning in living right and healthy! With 6 months under my belt, I'm addicted... what can I say.  I hope that this first challenge motivates you guys even further. I know amypem is doing another challenge and GOOD LUCK to you in winning the contest. You can do it. Wolfie - stick with it brother!!! I can see you becoming a buff body machine. Alchemistress.... keep going... do your best. If you've come this far... you can do just about anything!

    Thanks for being part of the Cutting Crew!!! And thanks to those of you who may not have finished but at least you have the SPARK to seek something better for yourself. Don't give up on that! Pick yourself back up and TRY AGAIN. Try until you succeed... you won't believe the confidence boost you'll have - not just in BFL but in everything!

    I'll post pics in a couple / few days....

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • :)  gratz for those who finish this thing in one more day. I still have 5 more workouts then I will have made up what I missed. I think then I may move my next challange start to August 8th with Alchemistress was planning one more week but the more I think about it the more that date sounds good :)  ( gotta keep the surviving Crew company ) Well guys good luck and I hope to see posts from you guys on other treads or this one with how your new you's are working out :) Later

  • Hey Buzz and Tazz and the rest of the crew, you guys rock. I have been reading all your posts on my phone. Very proud of all you hard work. I switched up and did a month of Crossfit it was more in line with my training partner. I have come  back to BFL for this three month session. I was following another thread but I need to come back to my crew. When are you all starting your next session? What will the thread be called?

    Had a great workout today, PB

    1k meter row

    50 thrusters with 45lbs bar and

    30 pull ups

    11min 47 secs

    shaved 2 minutes off my last time

  • Hey Tazz,

    Great job WOW!

    I was 258 last July. and after C2 222.5 although was not as comitted as I shuold have been. More energy couldn't get up early enough to go to the gym before work and no time after or should I say no interest. Will re comit in August when I go back to work on holidays now until aug.3rd. Will keep on the Vegan Journey as I didn't miss the meat at all. Now when I eat meat I feel tired after eating.

    Those of you that have completed sucessfully here's a big Pat on the back Congrats.



  • Good Morning you Elite 5%!!!!!! Job Well Done to those who have completed the challenge..... High 5's all around!!!!!

    I have yet to take pics as my wife (my photographer) was not available to click away last nite... she manages a Dollar General Store.... but pics WILL be taken very soon.... I am happy to report I have NOT lost ANY Scale Weight in this challenge.... Happy you say??? Why Happy???? well even though the scales did not move the tape did.... I lost 2 more inches in my waist bringing my waist down to an astounding 32 INCHES (from 44 just 2 years ago) I am beside myself with Pride and Joy!!! (that would make a great song title) I am not sure what my body fat is at either.... when I am at the gym the staff is not, so I do not have access to that bodyfat measuring thingie they have... but I do see progress in the mirror...

    I will NOT be taking any active rest period, but began this morning with Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer program, which is primarily cardio based.... 4 to 8 weeks of this should help me burn off some more body fat... I will also continue weight training a couple times a week so I dont lose any gains I have made in the past 6 months.... along with all this I will be adding a pushup routine to the mix....

    I will be rejoining the BFL Warrior Thread and will be posting there so please stop by and check in with me anytime as I would be very interested in hearing ya'll progress in your journey to continued health and well-being....

    Again congratulations on completing your journeys..... Give yourselves a pat on the back....

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Hello Gang,

    WOW! I can't believe Challenge 2 is over.  I didn't have a lot of weight loss this "go-round" but I did make some improvements. I actually lost only 12.5 lbs total  but I had my fitness evaluation over the weekend and I did drop from 31.6% Body Fat down to 26.1% Body Fat.  Also I lost some inches so I'm pretty happy!!!!  I haven't taken my pictures yet and I don't think there's really a big change in physical appearance but I'll post them this week sometime.

    Biceps         L-16.25 & R-16         L-15 & R-15
    Hips 44 41.5
    Navel 41 39
    Chest 45 42.5
    Thighs L-24 & R-24.25 L-23.625  &  R-23.25

    For those of you who are still working on this CHALLENGE - It's almost over. GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT!!!! If you're planning to do another challenge, understand that the next challenge may not produce the drastic results you experienced in Challenge 1. BUT.... it will produce good things - overall health, Body fat reduction, leaner body and instill a ton of CONFIDENCE!!! As I've said in earlier posts, I'm moving on to P90X for the next 13 weeks starting Monday, July 25th. I'm taking one week of Active Rest which my body sorely needs. My shoulder from last Tuesday's UBWO is still really sore. I've put heat and ice on it but this one is needing a little time to heal. I'm hoping I'll be ready by next Monday! If any of you need anything I'll be posting in the "BFL Warrior" thread along with Tazz. Good luck in you BFL journey!!! 

    More than likely I'll be back for a third challenge after this next 13 weeks. I just have something to prove to myself with P90X. I've tried it twice before but never got out of the gates really (only 2 weeks).

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me