ROUND 2 CREW - Starting 4-4-11!!!


    This is the new forum for a group now starting the second consecutive challenge of 2011.  However, you will find our group to be VERY supportive and encouraging.  So join in if you are on your own journey and desire a forum of folks that like to help and be helped as we journey together toward our Body for Life goals!!

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  • To see previous challenge forum of this group, see "Starting 1/03/2011 - Who's With Me?!!!"

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  • Okay...I found you! Thanks again for putting this together Stephon!!! I am getting my food lists put together today so I can shop before Sunday. I am DETERMINED to be 2 sizes smaller by the end of June.

    Can't wait to see what else you will do. Maybe a 10K or a 1/2 marathon????????

  • Thanks Jaimee,

    I hope to run more 5k's this summer, but it's all gonna depend on this ankle healing enough.

    I know you will hit your goals on this challenge!  I'm glad you are continuing this journey with us!


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  • Oh and Stephon...I think you should go off your new scale (measurements). It seems more accurate when I look at your after pic's. Maybe find a local college or gym that will take skin fold Body Fat measurements or do a water body fat analysis and see which is closer. a

  • Good Evening Round 2 Crew!!!

    As you know, I did not take a break and I am doing well in C2.  I will share some things I have been experiencing.  First, I really modified Meal 6 becuase of CARBS.  I use the CARB Control drink as my last meal.  Let me explain my logic.  If you are trying to show definition I realized that low or NO CARBS late at night is best.  I am seeing more definition everyday.  Second, I will only do a free meal on Sunday instead of free day.  Third, you really need to change your workout and confuse your muscles.  As an example, I still use the treadmill but do heavy incline at 4.5 speed instead of running for distance.  I did this today and my legs are sore.  That told me that my muscles were adapting to the same exercise.  I am using this approach lifting weights as well.  I am learning something everyday.  I lowered the weight and do multiple reps.  Keep in mind, this may not work for everyone.  I am sharing ideas as I go along.  It's trail and error.  I will continue to post new challanges and ideas.  Look forward to everyones posts staarting the 4th.


  • Ok Thanks Stephon for setting this up for all ove us! My hubby and I are in the process of signing up for a local 5K ourselves. It is at the end of the month so let's get this done! :)

  • Jaimee - How do you plan out your meals for the week? I am big on organizing my meals, usually 2 weeks at a time so I don't have to make a lot of trips to the grocery store with the kiddos. I am looking for a better way for this challenge because I am determined to get back completely to pre baby in this 12 weeks. Please help! :) I love your goal and know you will get there!

    Scott- How do you like the carb control drinks? I was thinking of picking some of those for me since I want to watch carbs a little better this time. I just don't want to spend money then not like them. Thanks!

  • Candace,

    I really enjoy them.  They taste awesome.  You can get them in bulk at Sam's club or BJ's.  It is much cheaper through them.  Good Luck!!!

  • Candace, I have a notebook that I write the date and Meal 1, Meal 2, Meal 3 and so forth down in a column. Then I just make sure I have a high lean protein and low good carb with each meal. I have 4 different people's diets that I have gotten from people who have seem results. One is Tina's from our thread, 2 others from BFL and one is my sisters who lost 24 lbs on BFL. I am using some of their ideas for meals. If you want, email me and and I will send you some of their ideas. Then I just make a grocery list for the week of meals and also for my family. I try and feed my family chicken at least twice a week and fish once so it is easier to eat with them. On their pasta days or red meat days I will choose lean red meat or just make a chicken ****** for myself. I don't know if you have seen Mica, a woman on here and her transformation but she is unreal. I am using a lot of what she did and incorporating it into my plan. Just search on the BFL page using her name "MICA" and I think there is a threat Day 84 pics or something. You will be BLOWN away!

    I used the BFL journal in 2003 that was great too with workouts and meal planning. You kind find it at any bookstore on Amazon.

  • Hi All,

    Steph thanks for setting this up hope your ankle heals quick. I'll be here with everyone for this one starting Sunday possibly with daughter in tow. I will try and get her on this thread don't hold your breath as you kow she's 17. She going to do it a little different. Here's her plan we are both going Vegan for the meals and will eat as much as we want until satisfied six small meals or more. 3 x Cardio and 1 UBWO & 1 LBWO. Will keep you posted on that. My WO's will be early am. Cause that works best for me asked Julie to join me but no luck don't know what's so wrong with getting up at 3 or 4 am and going to the gym. I love it just means an early night.

    Lets do this Crew 2


  • Jaimee - I would love to get new ideas for eating healthy. Where can I send you an email? I am looking for a notebook we have just around the house so I can plan meals in that. I am planning on working on that tomorrow so I can grocery shop this weekend.

    Scott- I will put those on my Sam's shopping list! Thanks!

  • Hi Round 2 Crew!

    Just a quick post here, if you want an awesome journal for keeping track of your meals, water, vitamins and workouts, here's a suggestion.  It is called "BodyMinder" I believe (sorry, we are on vacation and I just photocopied a few pages so don't have the actual book with me.)  It is a black spiral bound notebook with gold lettering and the outline of a weightlifter on the front that is about 5x7", covers 13 weeks per journal, and is $15.  I bought mine off Amazon, but have also seen them at GNC and local big-box bookstores.  

    It has space to record your 6 meals per day, columns to track fat/carbs/protein if desired, checkboxes to mark off your 8 waters, etc.  It really tracks well with the BFL program.  I just leave it out in the kitchen, makes it easy to record meals as eaten, but small enough to throw in a purse also.  

    Has pages to record starting measurements, as well as weekly progress and goals.  Just an idea!

    So glad we are sticking together for C2, and to anyone new checking out this thread, feel free to join us!  We love it if you post a little on your profile so we can get to know you.....and pictures are great for making us accountable, once we get over the initial anxiety about putting them up there!



    Tina - Thank you for the tip on the "BodyMinder" notebook.  I'm gonna find one, because the Success Journal is just too cumbersome and not mobile enough to carry with you.  I'd really like to find something "checkbook" sized.

    I bought an awesome blender that is very much like a "Magic Bullet" but 1/3 the cost!  GE makes a single serving blender they sell at WalMart that comes with 6 "glasses" and some assorted smaller containers.  It comes with a "chopping" and "blending" blade.  Doesn't have multi-speeds but very simple!  Just put ingredients in the glass, screw on the top (which has the blending blade in it), turn it upside down and twist into the base unit and start blending!  Then just remove from base unit and unscrew top.  It has a "to go" cap to put on your glass for shake on the go, and cleanup is just running the blending cap under the faucet a few seconds and you are done.  It sells for about $18.  I LOVE IT!

    Another great discovery this week:  ALMOND MILK!  I have started making my protein shakes with this stuff!  If you get the unsweetened version of this, it is better to use than milk or water - It has 5 x Calcium of milk, and 8 oz only has 2 carbs and 1 protein with 3.5g fat.  The stuff makes a great tasting shake and it doesn't "froth" in a blender, so you don't get all that air mixed into the protein shake to bloat you.  Try it!  You can get it flavored and sweetened as well.  I also like soy as well, but not as much!

    Ankle is improving!  I "walked" on the treadmill this morning, which was killing me cause I wanted to run!  Active Rest week has made me pretty stir crazy, can't wait to start Monday.  Don't think I could've taken two weeks of it.  However, even without weights and only light cardio a few days, I still dropped almost 3 lbs this week...go figure!

    OK this is turning into an Epistle!  Gotta run for now, break is over.



    Blessings <><


  • Steph..glad to hear your ankle is improving and you had a loss this week! Crazy. I'm going to check out that blender. I hate the space my big one takes up on the counter and I really like a blended protein shake with ice over a shaken one.

    Tina...I hope you are enjoying the warm sunshine on your trip! Oh how I wish I were you right now! We had snow Monday and cold all week. Today however it is supposed to get a blistering 65!

    I am weeding my flower beds and garden today to start planting. I can't wait for fresh veggies and fruit out of our garden! NOthing is better! I think I can plant strawberries, raspberries and onions in a couple of weeks!! Also this week we have cleaned out our storage downstairs (which is half our basement) and are beginning to finish it off. We built our home 2 years ago and finished 5 beds and 2 baths but now have to finish the last bed, a bath and a TV/entertaining area. I am excited! With 7 people running around here we can use the room.

    I have to confess I have not gone to the gym in a few days. I feel like crap. I have been eating like crap. I hate that food has a control over me and I am going to overcome its addiction in the next month. I have vowed to myself that this is serious business and if I don't change NOW I never will. I still have a one year old and am 37. I know that is not old but I have many years ahead of me with my 3 little ones and I need to stay active for them. My Mom is very heavy and was never able to do fun things like go to the park, go watersliding, amusement parks..nothing with us. I don't remember her ever getting on the ground and playing a game with us. She is an amazing Mom but in that way I don't ever want to get to point I can't do those things.

    I think I have rambled too much. I hope you are all enjoying your day.