To those starting March 28/11...

  • Hi guys,

    I'm starting today.  My first time.  I fighting anxiety and depression and am in need of a positive change and focus in my life.  I realized last week I need to accomplish something.  I need to be working towards something for myself (to increase my self-esteem and self image) and this is challenge is the answer to everything I'm looking for.  I'm really looking forward to reaping all the benefits from all of our hard work!  Just wanted to introduce myself and connect with other starting at the same time.  I'm a 29 year old Kinesiologist on a mission so let's rock this!  Best of luck to you all! 

  • Hi,

    I think you've made the right decision in doing a BFL challenge.  I wanted to invite you over to our new Team Triumph thread.  We have started today also and would love to be a support to you in your 12 weeks and vice versa.  Looking forward to seeing you there!! GOOD LUCK!!

  • Hi!!! much blessings to you!!!  I'm  planning to start next week!  I felt like you, I used to be thin and I definitely need a change, I need to feel and look better!!! We will be doing this almost for the same time... The first and most important thing to do is start, you already did it!!!! Let's just focus on our goals and if you get a little out of your  track,  just return... Mantain a good attitude and don't let anyone make you feel that you will not make it!!! I'm 33 :)  You have a new friend here!!!  Enoy the process, Celebrate your acomplishments! Not with food, celebrate with a new ring, new clothes, a book.... :) I'm doing it and it's nice!!! Once you start to see the results, you will feel better and happier!