Team Triumph Starting 3/28/11

  • Hi everyone.

    I haven't been able to get into the site because I spent this past week at Church camp.  It was so wonderful.  I loved it.  Grades 10-graduates.  It was exhausting too.  Lots of exercise.  My problem was the food.  I am so used to my special BFL diet that I had trouble eating what was offered there.  I felt sick sometimes after meals.  I kept my water intake high.  I didn't gain any weight.  I am still off the sugar--thanks John!

    John--the video of sugar is amazing.  All of you need to take the time to watch it.  It's long, but absolutely worth it.

    Risu, Lisa, John, Sally, and anyone I missed---those starting another challenge---please let me know what your site will be.  I will start with you.  I will be on vacation till July 2 so I will start after that.  I have lost 14 pounds total and have no short/pants/jeans that fit.  I am very excited about the way I feel and look.  I still have some to work on, the roll around the middle will be the last to go.  Please let me know how to find you.  I couldn't have done this without you and I won't even try it again on my own.  

    My daughter is doing great in NYC, she loves it.  And my oldest is done at Penn State.  Yea!!!    Lots of changes in my family structure this summer.  

    Sally---I understand completely.  Seems like yesterday we were taking off training wheels.  

    Have a wonderful and active summer.  Let me know where to find you.


  • I am on a team called Body Invincible - look for under Getting Started. Would love to go through my 2nd round with any of you!!  Most of us started Jun 26, 27, 28.  I feel very good starting again and hope to lose another 19 or 20 lbs this round.  God Bless and you all have a teriffic summer - but stay true to your dreams!


  • Hi everyone!  I just wanted to say hello and check in to see how you all are doing.

    Did anyone start a new challenge?  I have yet to start my next one but I will soon.  July is a very busy month for me at work so I haven't had the chance to even come to the BFL site to see what is going on.  

    Patty, John, Sally, Beth, Pixie, Risu, Dora, Elisa......where are you all?  What is happening? :-)

    I hope to here from everyone soon.  Take care and let me know if you have been a part of another Team.  


  • Come say hi to us on the thread that say July 10/11th. John, Pixie and I are on there. Beth is on one that started in late June.  

    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • Lady-  and everyone --

    Hi there! I have been meaning to get on here to say "hi" to everyone, and just haven't been able to recently....  I, of course, was wanting to go right into another 12 weeks when the group finished last time (b/c I had taken so much time off, I could do that).  

    Well, this summer has not at all gone like I had planned or wanted!  Hubby's dad has gotten very sick once again and has spent several weeks (out of state) in Icu, we have had a court date to attend to other family goings-on, member on hubbys side recently passed away... Not to mention family coming to visit for a week or so down here, etc. Hubby has been working more nights b/c of new guys coming in and others leaving the airstation.  Not to mention being totally stressed b/c I have to watch my hubby shoulder all of these responsibilites and I cannot do anything for him.  I have been emotionally and physically exhausted for much of this summer.  So, sadly, I have not started my next 12 weeks.  *sigh*  (Not making excuses, John :), just telling it like it is.)   :)

    However, I can very happily say that I have been really working very hard on my eating this summer.  I can't remember if I wrote before about getting one of Tosca Reno's books on "Eating Clean"?  Anyway, I am totally off of sugars now.  A week of migranes, but I am now sugar-free! :)  (and now only drink coffee once/week b/c I love the taste and not b/c I need it to "wake up.")  Also, I know I have lost inches, since really watching what I am eating. I have never been this diligent before, so I am feeling great about it.  Kiddos get to go to their grandparents next week, so I am using that time to really hit it hard in the gym for my week 1.  Hope everyone is doing really well!

    Patty- Just wanted to let you know...  I am really coming to like my stomach area, as I am seeing noticable difference here and it excites me!  :)

    Hugs to all!  Hope to "see" you all soon!


  • PS.  I signed up for our local Rock and Roll Half Marathon coming in November.  I have never ran this far in my life!  I signed up for the run/walk and am VERY excited about it! :)