Team Triumph Starting 3/28/11

  • Sally- Thanks for sharing your serious side :)

    I'm glad you had a good time and I'm always glad to see the cubs win

  • Sally -- You look FABULOUS!!!  I honestly can't believe the Cubs won......just kidding!  I mess around with my sister all the time.  She is a huge Cubs fan and I of course stay true to my Yankees.  

    Hi John :)

    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • John - It was my pleasure to check on you guys from time to time.  This was an awesome team and you did a great job leading it.

    Pixie - Wow!!!  You and your husband rock!!  You lost the exact same amount of weight that I did in my first challenge.  I hope that you are entering the contest officially (do it individually and as a couple).  Really impressive results!

    Sally - Wonderful results!!!  You should be very proud.

    Everyone else - Congratulations!!!  

    Don't let old demons sneak up on you while you're on active rest.  Continue to eat clean and try new exercises.  Take a bootcamp or spin class at your gym.  Take long walks.  Give your mind and body a chance to recover, but already be thinking about your next step toward your ultimate goals.

    I'm so happy to see that many of you want to stay in touch.  My Body for Life friends around the world have been my lifeline.  I can't imagine doing this without them.

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Hi guys :-) Just wanted to peep in and say hello!

    ~~John~~July 10th sounds good to me.  I am doing the Transformation 8-Week Challenge right now so I guess I will combine the two :-)

    Sally and Pixie...WOW!  You guys are awesome. Sally you look FANTABULOUS :-) Pixie your numbers are very impressive. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    Hi Patty, how are you?  And you are right, your friend Tami from P90X is ripped for wanna be just like her when I grow up.....I mean seriously!!!  She is what I work so hard to look like.

    I'm not really happy with my results :-( but I will get there.  I had a few challenges this time around but I did finish the challenge.  I guess that is the most important part....I DID NOT QUIT!!  I'm proud of ME for that.

    To eveeryone else....HI and Congrats to you as well.  

    Hi Lady Georgia :-) Thanks for coming by to motivate, and inspire us with your BFL wisdow.  You have no idea how much that means to us.  We still have to get together for a GOOD workout :-)  I'm sure I can and WILL learn alot from being in your presence.

    Take care to ya soon!!

  • Lisa - I would LOVE to get together.... workout or not.

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Hey Laurie- As always I appreciate you checking in! I'm sure you know but you are a key motivator for me to continue on to another challenge so quickly. I've done this before but usually a year or more goes by between challenges so I'm very excited to do this again in a couple of weeks and build on my gains so thank you for leading by example.

    Patty- What I really want to know is how good was the pizza? :)

    Pixie- how's the planning for transformation going? I assume you are starting next week?

    I got to see something amazing last night.  My son rode his bike without his training wheels.  I ran next to him because he wanted me to watch and it was so much fun. I was such a proud dad, I didn't think I would be overwhelmed by emotion but I boy is growing up :)  Thank goodness I was in shape and able to run next to him for so long! Life is so much better when you are fit and healthy and I think that's what true triumph life on your own terms.

    Hope everyone is happy and content and healthy out there.

  • Namaste John :)

    I'm so happy for you! Your story brought back great memories of my own boys when they were learning how to ride. Now to think my oldest will be 17 in a few months.  Enjoy and savor the moments .... they go by so fast.

    Pizza -- was very good and even better was the chocolate ganache cake I got my mom for her birthday... yummy!  

    Besides that my abs are so sore!  I'm loving P90x ....BFL has really helped with my strength and endurance. Just finished Yoga and now to take a shower.

    Have a great night!


    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • I'm glad you enjoyed the pizza.  What a great reward after a 12 week accomplishment.  I'm glad you are enjoying P90X. As you know I did ab ripper x throughout the BFL challenge instead of the ab exercise and I enjoyed it.  It is a good program and I know many people that have really had success with it. I may do some P90X during my break before the next challenge. I just got a new TV installed in my home gym so its a good excuse to try it again. lol

    The funny thing is when I did P90X for a month I didn't increase my pull ups at all. I had installed a pull up bar in my home gym and I was goofing off and tried some pullups. What I've found is that after this last BFL challenge I've doubled my pullups to 20! I was shocked at my increased strength.  So I definitely agree that BFL helps with strengh gains. I'm very happy to hear of your gains!

    I wanted to share something I read the other day. The study of 120,000 people appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine where participants were monitored over 20 years. The bottom line of the study is that what you eat is just as important as how many calories you eat. If you ate nuts, fruit, and yogurt you were likely to lose weight compared to people eating the same calories in chips and fries.  I know that sounds logical to most of you but I keep reading on these  boards where people keeps saying its all about the calories in and out. This is such a tired oversimplistic way of looking at food. People are way more complex than that.

    A Calorie defined as the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water by 1 degree. By that definition alone, wood is a very high calorie food and would make you fat and yet it doesn't. Why? Because our bodies can't digest it.  There are many other things that play a role, composition of fiber, hormonal reaction (including insulin).  pH of food. Nutrient levels.

    So the point is eat the right foods at the right amounts will provide the best results. Its not all about the calories.

    I started eating a couple ounces of almonds a day (unsalted & unroasted) like Patty and though I'm not saying it caused my weight loss it seems to curb my appetite and I have lost some weight over the last week (When I'm not on BFL I monitor my scale weight everyday, studies show just by weighing yourself everyday you tend not to gain weight, probably because you react as soon as you see it start to trend upward).   Though it could also be the bran cereal I've starting eating as my carb in the morning. WOW I've never been so regular in my life!

    Anyway I'm feeling good and the pain in my shoulders is already gone and I can already feel my excitement growing for lifting weights again. Hope all of you (which may only be Patty at this point :)) are doing well and about to start a terrific weekend!

  • I'm getting ready to plan my next 12 weeks which will I will start this Monday.  I am going to try to find another thread or start one but I will be the same username.  I am hoping to hear more from our team though??? And also I think Pixie said pics are coming so I will be checking in...

    I too started eating almonds, more for something for my mouth to chew and a way to get a little extra protein. Like you John I believe its the kind of calories so I don't worry too much about the fat content of almonds or avocados or olive oil.  I just try to eat things in as close to form as the Creator made them!  

    I am looking forward to this next challenge and being in tip top shape for the first time in my life. I had been thin, but always soft.  Working in the garden has been so much easier and I actually enjoy it now - I spend at least an hour a week hoe-ing. Its hard on the back but since I hate back exercises the most its something that I enjoy doing and works my back muscles.  And filling up my Vitamin D tank is so important because about 25 minutes into being in the sun I feel a wave of positive energy and I usually feel really good the rest of the day.

    Just to share - I had someone mention this and I looked it up and I am going to try it - its called Oil Pulling.  You just swish sunflower or sesame oil in your mouth first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for 25 minutes and it apparently pulls toxins from your body.  Just thought I'd throw that out there. I'll do anything to get a good check up at the dentist and this supposedly helps with toxins in your gums too.

    If I do not get the results I want by the end of this challenge I will try P90 but I am hoping that I won't need to. I just don't think I want to try to maintain a P90 lifestyle but I think BFL is a lifestyle I can. I have been doing cardio everyday and eating so-so.  I have had some butter and cheese on occasion and mashed potatoes last night.  Still, I am not able to eat as much as I used to!  And I am keeping up with the water consumption.

    Gosh John, it was I swear yesterday my husband was teaching the kids how to ride their bikes, now they just turned 18 and 20.  It does go so fast, but because we spent the time with them, they now like to spend time with us.  They are terrific kids and I am enjoying them as much now as ever.  

    John, I'll see you around, Patty, pop in and let us know how its going on occasion!  


  • LadyL43 - I will be starting on Monday  - so I will see you and John around I am sure. We can do this!  If we can finish one, we can finish another!  I don't mind this slow and steady because its been so rewarding in other ways don't you think?  See you around!

    Elisa - I think you are going again too?  Whats our song for this round?  I will never hear Voice of Truth again and not think of this 12 weeks in my life and how I changed mentally.  Talk to you soon!

    Dora and Risu - you going to do this again?  when do you plan to start?  

    Anybody else starting soon from this team?


  • John -- glad the almonds are working for you :)  I must admit that I forgot many times to do my ab routine during BFL. It will be interesting to see what consistency will bring to that area.

    Wow, I wish I could do 20 pull ups -- I can do that assisted with the chair (still hard) but I can barely do one.  Now, chin ups I can do 10 unassisted, which is more than I use to be able to do.  So my goal is to get to at least 5 pull ups by the end of this challenge.  I didn't realize we both left P90x after the 30 day mark.  I'm really curious how I will look and the overall gains I make this time around.  Knowing that I lose weight very quickly with this program I have been watching my diet and making sure I take in enough calories.... all the good stuff  :) Also, Julie is doing it with me and we text each other after workouts.  I have a buddy which always makes it better.

    Sally -- I hope you keep the team name so it is easier for me to find you and say hi :)

    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • Hey everyone!  We made it back from vacation and we even finished the program on the right day.  That was hard!  I wanted pizza so bad!  That was the first thing we ate on Saturday.  We started the HIIT running program while on vacation because like I told you guys before I love running for some reason now that my fat does not fly up and down but the running on the beach was amazing.  We do the new 25 minutes that I got from   2 minutes of walking, 1 minute jog, 1 minute run, 1 minute walk and so on so forth for a set of 5 for 25 minutes.  

    I really want to stay lean so I am hoping that doing the HIIT running and the HIIT on the elliptical will keep us lean while we build our upper body.

    If you guys have any input I would really appreciate it!

    We start the 18 week transformation program tomorrow.  We traded our dumbbells for a little home gym so John is getting that hooked up today.  We are excited to get back on the program.   I love the structure of it.

    I miss you all soooooo very much!

    If you guys stay on this thread I will come on an visit with you all but if you start another please let me know.

    John, I cannot find your email address that I know you gave me so you could send your forms to me.  Could you please send them when you get a second?  I am trying to get organized and get our board and charts ready to go.  I would love anything you can offer.  You have the best ideas and I am not creative at all.

    Team, I am so proud of each and every one of you.  We all started and made it to the end.  Remember, you are a winner!

    Love you all!   Have an awesome weekend!

    John my email is

    Thanks! Pixie

  • Pixie!  You sound so energetic I love it!!  Please let us know how Transformation goes. I looked at it briefly and it does sound interesting. I made a decision a few weeks back though - nothing new for me til the next 12 weeks is done - then anything goes!!  So please update us occasionally on your journey. I joined a group thats starting Sunday/Monday - I encouraged a team name so when I know it I'll let you all know, but for now I think its just "Starting Sunday June 26" or something like that under the "Getting Started" heading.  Let me know where you all plan to be too!  I am not going to enter the challenge officially until after this 12 weeks.  I want to really rock this 12 weeks now that I have the energy, will and knowledge (thanks to JOHN!) to kick butt.  

    Pixie - you and your husband are a great source of inspiration - I wish you MUCH success on your journey!!

    Patty - we want to know how those abs turn out!!  I know you'll do well, you have an inner strength that is determined to succeed!!  

    John - have fun on your weeks off and your vacation - but as I tell my kids (they're really not kids anymore!) "not TOO MUCH fun!!"


  • Hi All,

    Sorry that I haven't been able to respond sooner.  It's my last day here in Colorado and my family isn't tech savvy.  Thus I have had no access to the Internet with the exception of my phone.  My family out here doesn't eat the same type of foods that I do.  I never fancied myself as being picky but with my family I have become so.  Let's take a simple fruit salad.  My Gma added 1/2 cup sugar and 340 calories worth of regular Dannon French Vanilla yogurt.  Yuck!  Too sweet for me!  It's sad seeing this.  Everyone has complemented on how good I look but I can't help them unless they wang to change first.  My immediate family is getting a little better with this.

    As to when I'm going to start again, I'm thinking mid to late July.  

    As a side note, thank goodness for protein bars and thought ahead snacks!  

    Luv you all!  :)


  • *wang = want

    Phones...sigh :)