Team Triumph Starting 3/28/11

  • Hi All,

    This thread is dedicated to anyone starting 3/28/11 (or not) and seeking support in their health and fitness goals! C'mon in and get fit with Team Triumph!

  • Yay, thank you for starting a thread for us, scvb13!!  I love the the thread title you chose too, I think it's great.  Thank you for recommending it, ljones6!!

    Here we can use this quote and it can be our motto:


    I will do a rollcall from your original thread:


    firesong (?) Not sure if she was joining in or not











    Anyone else starting on their fitness journey is welcome to jump in here!!  This will be my third challenge.  I like to think that I'm in this thing for the long haul (the rest of my life). :-)

    We'd love to share our tries and triumphs with you all in this next 12 weeks.

  • WOOHOO!  Thanks for this thread scvb13 and thanks for the name ljones6.  I am super excited about going on this journey with my new family...THE TRIUMPH TEAM! :-)  Let's just take one day at a time and be there for one another.  This journey will be easier if we lean on one another no matter what.  We CAN and WILL do this!!  

  • I'm starting Monday as well! I would love to be part of THE TRIUMPH TEAM! This is my 1st time doing BFL, I'm excited! Do you know if there are any phone apps to help me kept track of workout and food ?

  • Hi All,

    One of my favorite apps for tracking food and fitness is Sparkpeople. It's free and highly customizable. You can set up reminders for your fitness days and separate them by cardio vs. strength. It takes a bit of time to set it up but it's worth it. You earn points based on your logging as well which is kind of fun. They have an iPhone app and a website and both crossover so if you log on your phone it'll show up on your website.

    The first time I did BFL I logged everything on the BFL sheets in a binder. It was also a great way to start and especially easy at the gym to just bring the binder and move from exercise to exercise.

  • scvb13, that's what I am doing.  The whole binder thing.  I found the printable fitness tracking sheets here on the website and I'm putting them in a duotang to bring to the gym.  The duotang is bright pink (one of my favourite colours) to keep me motivated and make the working out more fun. hehe.

    I'm EXTREMELY excited to get started.  When I saw that this new thread was created with the name I suggested I actually started pumping my right fist in the air and shouting "woohoo!" LOL!  Luckily I am home alone, or people may think I have gone insane.  

    So we have one more day of planning and then it's crunch time......du-du-du-du.... :)

  • I am restarting 3/28/11. I started last week, but did not do as well as I planned. I am going to start over this week and give it my all! Good luck everyone!

    scvb13: I have my binder ready also!

  • I am in.

  • Would love to join in.  I have a few questions before my husband and I start BFL.  We are using a home gym and I am needing some advice on starting strength training.  

    Too excited!!

  • Welcome everyone! I've been eating clean all weekend to gear up for the program (after eating takeout all week due to my son being in the hospital I'm burnt out on junk). We also get an organic veggie delivery box every other week so I have some good stuff for this week (greens, fresh fruit, asparagus, broccoli, beets, and fresh lettuce). Let's kick off this week with a strong start!

  • Using the advice of my sister (who did great on BFL) I am going to use the Sample Weekly Meal Plan for all 12 weeks.  I copied the Sample Weekly Meal plan to an Excel Spreadsheet and then just changed some of the meals (for example I don't eat pork so I changed it to grilled chicken) and made all my lunches turkey or tuna sandwiches since I don't have time to make all the fancy meals for lunch. It will make my shopping easier too. I did BFL once before and the hardest thing for me is to eat that many times a day. So my meals have to be simple and able to grab and go.  I liked whoever it was that posted the ToDo list - that was helpful too.  I love the team name and slogan!!  I feel really mentally and physically prepared for this.  As my sister also advised - the program works AS IS.   I would HIGHLY recommend to new people to get the BFL book (I actually got from the library but they wouldn't let me keep it for 12 weeks) because it is handy for the excersizes, food lists and all those success pictures are so motivating!!!!  Lets TRUIMP!!


  • I guess you were meant to be on the Team Triumph!!  Welcome!


  • I'm In!!   Going to be cooking up a storm tonight to be prepared for the week!

    I too liked the post with the To Do List, it was quite helpful!

    We can and will do this, so happy to be a part of a team, it has all of a sudden become so much more

    motivating. Thanks Team Triumph!!

  • It looks as though you guys moved to a new forum.  I would enjoy working together.  Starting C2 tomorrow.  I updated my profile with the finishing results of C1.  The program is great and a way of life.  


  • Well done scvb13 for eating clean over the weekend!  I'm ashamed to say I was the exact opposite, but I have EVERYTHING sorted for Monday.  The to do list by ljones6 was fantastic, and the idea of putting everything in a binder - I'm setting that up now.  All the best for Monday Team Triumph!