Q2 Crew, Starting Sunday April 3rd!!! Ready To Rock?!?!?

  • OK back again.. I gotta say I went shopping for my food this week and O M G trying to find food that had low sodium counts was almost impossible! I mean it wasn't bad but while trying to stay under 1500 mgs a day I had to practically forgo all the food that I have been consuming during both my challenges.. It's strictly fish greens greek yogurt and light cottage cheese even my turkey slices was over 200mgs per serving.. and i need 4 slices just to get the right protein portion.. so that had to stay in the store.. I managed to find another brand.. @ 160mg per slice.. I'm gonna make this work.. I know i can do it for at least 2 weeks.. I was wondering Jessica does the sodium count vary with height and weight like protein/carb counts? Just wondering.. Im still gonna keep it under 1500/day.. thanks u guys.. ROCK IT!

  • Good morning team! Frick, yep, Duval was definitely a crawl :) Good to be one and back on track.  Had a good workout this morning (still a bit sluggish!) but I got it done.  The 8 week sprint starts today!!! :)

    Also, Frick...,in the scale body fat test...I agree with Kim, that sounds way too high for where you are right now.  I also have one but frankly ignore the BF calculation because it has only gone down a couple of percentage points and I have lost 20 lbs and definitely have more muscle.  I'll go have someone do calipers at some point, but I wouldn't rely on the  scale.

    Island, the low sodium thing is hard!!! OK, heads up...here's one of my long posts :)

    Part of the reason is because our food supply has become industrialized....so all of the packaged, processed stuff has added sodium.  Then there is the natural sodium in foods, eg egg whites.  Sodium is not a bad thing, it is an electrolyte and we need it along with potassium and magnesium...those minerals perform a balancing act related to water in our cells. Bodybuilders do some crazy sodium/carb depletion plus potassium supplementation for their pre-contest routine. My best options for higher-protein, low-sodium foods have been natural chicken, fish or other lean meats (just grilled; if you gave a butcher nearby that's the best way to get it....as you no doubt noticed the frozen stuff often has added sodium!)  Greek yogurt, unsalted nuts.  You can also do dried lentils and beans for some added protein although yes, they count on BFL as a carb.  But you're right...it starts to look like a diet that is high in fruits and veggies and lean, unprocessed protein...with herbs and spices for flavoring :)

    When the USDA came out a couple of weeks ago with its new "my plate" icon to replace the food pyramid, it also kept the 2005 sodium guidelines, which basically said if you're under 51 y/o and don't have high blood pressure or heart issues, the recommended daily allowance is 2300mg.  The American Heart Association came back and said they couldn't support that (along with the saturated fat issue, but that's another story :) Their recommendation is 1500mg or less per day.  I personally go with the AHA given that the USDA is more of a political body (lots of lobbying goes into their "recommendation" by orgs like the meat and dairy board, corn and wheat lobbyists, etc)  and not so much focused on health.

    That said, trying to do that in the real world takes some practice and, at least for me (and Jessica:) retraining the taste buds.  My suggestion to everyone, whether you are a salt shaker user or not, is to just take a day where you write down your sodium intake.  You might be really surprised, and even if not, you'll have a good sense of how added sodium is showing up on your plate.

  • P.S.  Also, your question about the height/weight factor is a good one! Right now guidelines for vitamins and minerals are provided by gender and age (think adult vs seniors vs children) but that's as far as it goes.  Think of all the multivitamins you see on the shelves....they get treated differently than the macronutrients (the proteins, fats, carbs), but since nutrition continues to evolve, who knows, we may see that change at some point too :)

  • Oh! And I also wanted to give a shout out to Brit :) Good to hear from you, and glad the posts keep you in the loop! Don't give up...I've known about and attempted BFL for the past 10 years or so.  I think everyone has to go at their own pace, whatever that may be.  This is the first time I have completed 12 weeks and the first time I really feel the lifestyle shift.  I finally understand what Proust meant when he said, "The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking out new lands, but in seeing with new eyes." or something like that :)

    I also apologize for any weird typos...whenever I do this from my iPad I find I miss letters sometimes which makes for some odd words/sentence structures :)

  • hey bride,

        Thank you soo much for the info.. I swear your a health encyclopedia lol.. I really appreciate it! I have been coming in just over the 1500mg mark the last 2 days trying to keep track has been really challenging.. but as of this morning i was already 2 lbs lighter so that was a great motivator! My LBWO went good today.. and already got meal one in about 480mg salt so 1000mg to work with the rest of the day.. Stay strong team.. aloha

  • Good morning team!!!! How is everyone? I've finally recovered from Key West :) So my challenge is officially COMPLETE! This is the first time I've completed the entire 12 weeks and it feels good.  I'm happy with my progress AND know where I can continue to make improvements.  It's been a great learning journey :). So here are my stats from when I started my unofficial fitness challenge on Feb. 14:

    Weight 2/14/11:  185.5.  6/26/11: 169.4 (but that's actually a little high...normally I am weighing in around 166.  Had sushi last night and I'm in pms mode :). So, total weiight loss ranges between 16-20lbs total lost :) When I started this challenge, I was at 177; so weight lost on this challenge is in the 10 pound range.

    In all honesty, if I just went with scale weight I would not be that thrilled.  However, I am down 11.5 inches from chest, waist,  hips, thighs, biceps and calves! That part tells a much different story and is reflected in my clothes!!!!

    Where I can continue to improve is of course in the diet.  Workouts are on, and I push myself as far as I can go each time.  So, since I am now in the final sprint I am doing some modifications to drop as much of the body fat as possible.  Basically it looks like high protein (low fat)  and carbs from non-starchy veggies (greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, asparagus, etc...). It will be another experiment but since carbs continue to be my personal challenge, at this point I'm ok with the plan and will see how my energy does. If I bonk too much that it compromises my workouts or my ability to think clearly then I will add in a serving of complex carbs a few tines a day and experiment with that.  I will also be adding some oat bran each day.  It's not a plan for "life", but a short term approach :) Basically it's what dancers do when they need to drop weight before performances :) (Being in NYC we've got a lot of those around :)

    I would love to hear how everyone else is doing and I'd love to keep the thread going if there are folks who would like to continue to stay in touch!!!!!!

  • And....I also wanted to say that my body feels completely different...and LOOKS different! And when you feel good, life just feels better all around i think :) People have definitely noticed :) I have no desire to go back to the old habits, and even when I lapse, it's not nearly the kind of downward spiral I've experienced in the past.  You have all been such great motivation and inspiration, so again, THANK YOU and all the best on your journey!

  • CONGRATULATIONS BRIDE!! I am soo happy you followed it through.. I know your day is coming up soon so no rest for you and i know for sure.. THE DRESS WILL FIT :-) To the few of us that are left here If you have finished let us know! chime in people.. :-) day one of week 12 in 6 hours for me.. Hope to hear from you all... again bride congratulations.. and thanks for all the helpful tips and info you posted on this thread it certainly helped me.. not to mention your regular updates..... ALOOOOOOOOOHAAAAAAA

  • Hello... you guys don't know me but I've been following your thread since it was started for a lot people on their 2nd challenge. I just want to say congratulations to all of you who made it through and are nearing the end of your second challenge! That goes for you first timers too!!!

    My thread is about three weeks behind you guys (Cutting Crew -- C2 It - April 25th).  There are a few of us from challenge 1 still left that are finishing up challenge 2. I'll be at the finish line soon. It's been a hard journey - more mental than physical. Wish me luck!!!

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  • Hey Buzzman, good job to get this far.

    Island - final stretch!  Time to get the fake-n-bake spray tan LOL!

    Kim/Bride - Nutrition questions:  Any comments on Coconut water?  I heard this was healthy, but I thought this had a "purging" quality.

    Also, do either of you know if nitric oxide (Force Factor is a name brand) is good/safe for strength training?

    I am back from Virginia.  Got tons of comments from friends and family on my weightloss.  Great for the ego, but I fell completely off the wagon.  No gym, no running shoes, and German food.  I am afraid to step on the scale.  It felt good to get a UBWO this afternoon.

    Also got good news on my thyroid.  Doc put me on a synthyroid med that dialed me right back in the middle of the safe range for TSH.  Metabolism back up to speed!

    Since I am in a maintenance mode vs challenge.  I really won't be celebrating day 84, but want to congratulate all of you who made it this far.  You have a lot to be proud of.  Keep it up -  this is your (new)body for life.  Take a week off if you can, but jump right back into the next challenge.  Trust me, you'll miss it after a couple of days.

    Cheers, Y'all


  • Buzzman thanks for stopping by and your words of congratulations much appreciated. Congrats to you as well your almost at the home stretch!

        Frick you are absolutely right my friend final stretch planing on finishing strong! It's been great keeping up with you guys! Funny you were asking about the nitric oxide I was just reading about it yesterday It sounds good like an amazing supplement but I gotta do more research about it..and glad your thyroid is dong good.. Check in later all ..

  • Hey Gang,  So sorry I've been MIA!  

    Couple things.....1)  the scale for body fat?  I'm not a fan, it hasn't changed for me since day one :(.  2)  Sodium in take - Bride2b said it best!!  Thanks my dear!  

    I'm so proud of those that have stuck it out, WAHOO!!  I'd love to see your progress pics!!!   If you are feeling like I am, this forum was key!  I've never looked better in my life, nor felt more confident that I can continue this forever!  I no longer feel like this is a challenge, it is my new life style.  It was truly fun having you all to chat with, and I will continue to chat via this forum cause you guys are GREAT!  


  • So I found a way to add 18 lbs of lean body mass...

    I bought a set of calipers (accufit fatTrack II).  After not seeing any movement on the damn scale, it sure is refreshing to get a more accurate reading.  

    I went from a best of 22.6 % to somewhere between 16.6 and 14.3% using a 3 point approach using this device.  What I hope to do moving forward, is use this as a tool to show progress through consistency of using the tool; that is, same time of day, preworkout, with consistent pressure on the pinchers.

    Thanks for the advice, y'all.  

  • Hi all! Checking in from my sprint :). Which is going really well!  The first day of carb withdrawal was tough, but it has gotten much easier, and no energy bonk.  Amazing how increasing the protein ratio really does squash your hunger.  I'm finding it tough to get in 1200 calories a day let alone the 1400-1600! Down more pounds too, so we'll see where this all leads :)

    Hey Frick, I'm so glad you got the calipers...what a huge difference! Congrats to you, that's a fabulous place to be. So buh-BYE body fat scale :)  On the coconut water, I think it just depends on if you like it and want to add it.  The claims are that it will help hydrate your body...with electrolytes.  Remember that sodium is an electrolyte, and it seems some brands have added this.  I've used coconut water and didn't notice any purging effects.  On the pros front, I would choose it over a sports drink like Gatorade since it's a natural product.  I say try it for a week and see if you notice any difference.  On the nitric oxide, that's not one I'm familiar with, but of course now you have me curious so I'm going to do some research :)

    Island, you are almost THERE!!!! I'm cheering for you as you cross that finish line!!!!

    Everyone have a great day,looking forward to hearing your updates!!

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