Q2 Crew, Starting Sunday April 3rd!!! Ready To Rock?!?!?

  • Howdy again folks :) KW, thx :) I like now you're adding in some moderate cardio at the end of the day too...extra credit! Especially for those of us who sit all day, I think any additional moving is GOOD.  In fact, I was reading how the editor at Men's Health built his own contraption so he could stand while he worked in front of the computer.  now THAT makes sense to me :) island, I know you don't have that problem, and Kim, as a teacher you are probably on your feet all the time! much healthier.

    Today's workout done, feeling really good.  Did have some chocolate yesterday....OMG. Brand is Taza Organic.  Stone ground Mexican chocolate....now that is something I will NOT be able to have in the house because it will be GONE - and I'm not even a chocolate person!!!! :)

    Everyone have a great day!

  • Sounds like everyone is rolling along and facing a few challenges along the way. That's part of the deal. I'm finally off from school, although I have a summer school meeting tomorrow and start teaching Monday.

    They are moving me to one end of the building (I've been more central) next year so that means more steps during the day which isn't a bad thing!

    Nutrition is going great! I was at my good friend's retirement party for 5 hrs. last night and only had a few bites of the food and no alcohol! It's finally getting easier again.

    Have a good one!

  • Morning, all!

    Had a solid HIIT session this morning - I just wish the gym would turn the AC up juuuuust a smidge.  Not sure if it happens to anyone else, but by the time I'm done with my cardio, my face looks like a boiled lobster!!

    I did skip out on my second cardio session last night, but it was for good reason.  I live in MA, so we had the tornado warnings all evening, so we decided to just stay in and watch the news and the lightning show outside our window.  Thankfully I don't live in the western part of the state where they had all the damage, injuries, and unfortunately, four deaths =(  Definitely will be back tonight though.  I found that the last time, it worked well as an after-work stress reliever.

    Bride - I'm with you on really good chocolate.  Since starting the challenge, I've found that I don't crave sugary sweets as much, and that I'm able to stave off any "cravings" by substituting something else... a Kashi Bar, having a cup of flavored coffee (no sugar, fat-free half&half).  But when I REALLY need it, I go for a high quality dark chocolate... not just your run-of-the-mill Hershey bar.  Find that having just one square is more satisfying than eating a Snickers bar.  I had a bar of dark chocolate in the house for a couple of weeks... would have lasted longer if I hadn't shared with my folks and my in-laws ;-)

    I also realized this morning that I've lost about nine to ten pounds since starting the challenge, which makes me warm and fuzzy, even though I haven't seen a change in my clothing sizes.  I started off ranging between 242 and 244, and now I'm down to 233-235.  I'm determined to break the 230 mark in the next week or so!!!  

    I hope everyone has a fantabulous day... hit your WO's hard and eat yummy and clean =D

  • Hey, Frick sounding off...

    You guys are jammin'

    KW - great progress.  I can't believe you can keep a chocolate bar for so long.  I admit that I have a stash of semi-sweet morsels in my office freezer.  Just a few (you know, for the heart...) and I am fine.  I find that I am weakest after eating my spicy lentil dish.  Not giving that up either.

    HD - good job on abstaining.  It does get easier with time, and after a while your friends "get it" too.

    Jessica - congrats on the jeans shopping spree.  Those are the small victories that really keep you on track.

    Island / Roos - I know you guys are out there somewhere, schlepping the lead, making us all envious.  Keep it up.

    Tomorrow is national doughnut day (and no, I'm not doing another dozen).  I have been a bit lethargic lately - probably due to the sugar rush last Friday.  Workouts have only been half-hearted, but I am taking my own advice and just showing up.  I know the energy will come.  My calorie intake is actually below target but I need to kick the workouts up a notch to truly benefit from it.  My weight is still around 179 so I'm happy there.  Looking forward to a good run and some P90x tomorrow to get things cranking again.


    Make every day count!

    Cheers, Y'all


  • Happy Friday all :) Frick, good to hear from you! I am also taking a pass on national doughnut day :) I had a really strong week, although yesterday I had a huge craving for chips.  Sat with it a bit but then had some Popchips (not a bad substitute, only went over calorie budget by 200 calories for the day.) I think my body needed more carbs since I've been ramping up the intensity and duration of my workouts.  Yeah, next time I'll try some oatmeal!!!

    So today is my "rest" day although I will be taking a long walk.  Beautiful day!  Tonight we have a charity event so will have a glass of wine but on track for the rest of it.  71 days til TDMF (the dress must fit! :) I have to say that I am feeling a big difference in my body doing more of the functional exercises and staying off the cardio machines.  Will be very interesting to see where this all ends up.

    Stay strong team!!!!

  • Hey guys and gals,

    Week 8 one day away from being wrapped up. Free day today and was quite the binge fest. Gonna finish this week up strong tomorrow though HIIT run after work and maybe a swim we shall see,

    Frick: Glad to see you back from the KK pit stop as well as taking your own advice and just showing up that really is half the battle.

    Bride you should change the "TDMF" to "TDWF" (the dress WILL FIT)

    I like the sound of that better ;)

    Well I started this challenge @ 237 lbs weighed in yesterday @ 223 14lbs down and 9 more to go to reach one of my goals set for my C2 I have reached 2 others that i have set which were getting into a size 34 jeans and taking the X's outta my shirt size. I am now in uncharted territory as my memory cannot recall ever weighing this much and wearing clothes this small lol.. This damn body fat however just refuses to go away! UGH! I mean i have lost a good amount of it but still I have a fair amount left.. the arms the shoulders legs and back are starting to take shape but those stubborn areas around the waist and my chest those are my hard spots.. I'm gonna make my last 4 weeks count for sure... Well I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and get ready for another adventurous week ahead I'll be checkin in again.. stay strong everyone you all are rounding the final corner before the home stretch.. Much aloha all.. Kaina

  • Island, way to go on all the exciting changes you've made! It sounds like you guys have some trouble areas just like we gals do. When I lost weight the last time I had some nice muscle on the top half, but the bottom half had a ways to go to catch up.

    Not my best week. Nutrition was probably at 80% but I didn't get all my meals in which resulted in a 2 lb. gain on the scale. Measurements stayed the same. It was the last week of school, then packing my room, then setting up my summer school room. I felt exhausted most of the week. Blah! I did get an hour of ST and cardio in yesterday and plan to do the same today. This week looks to have a little more time in it for workouts and I'll take advantage of that!

    Finish the weekend strong team!


  • Welcome to Monday! Hi all, hope your weekend was a good one.  We had a lot of fun between the charity event Friday night and then Saturday one of our friends had their annual "bluegrass bash" party.  Good time, and I did have some "free day" treats although I did do HIIT in the treadmill at the hotel that morning :) I've been making it a habit to wear my heart rate monitor for my workouts so I can get a better reading of my intensity and calories burned.

    So, my clothes are definitely looser and I am sticking with it, but I am struggling with a plateau right now.  Island, you are doing GREAT! And  thanks for the new phrase, the DRESS WILL FIT :) Love it, and you're right, its going to!!! This is where I have to stay focused and not let my impatient gremlins get me off track.  I'm also reminding myself that it's in the last weeks that you may really start to see the difference.  I'm one of those pear body types that gains it all over - bonus is that I don't look like I weigh as much as I do, downside is that as it comes off it's harder to notice sometimes...! So waiting for those layers of body fat to shed....and waiting....:)

    In a couple of weeks I'm going to Key West with my best friend and maid of honor...a little girl time/ bachelorette celebration.  Jessica, I am going to try ton follow your pre-Vegas salt protocol next week! Kim, hope you get some good "me" time this week!!!! Hey Anne , how are you?

    Have a good day everyone :)

  • Happy Monday, y'all,

    Chiming in from Atlanta (on the road this week = good exercise/bad diet).  Wish me luck.  I stepped on the scale on Friday and lost another 2.2 lbs.  Down to weights I haven't seen since High School.  Saw my coworker last night who hasn't seen me since December and he noticed the difference.  Adding, "but don't lose any more..."

    That's my cue to start bulking up.  

    I just added a new goal to my maintenance sheet:  Add 5 lbs of LBM by 9/1/11 through increased weights/decreased reps for all muscle groups.  I think that may be a stretch goal, but, we'll see.  I want to start schlepping the lead like my heros Island and Roose.

    Rock on Crew - make every day count - hit your 10's every workout

  • Hey Gang,  Thanks for all the good reading!  

    Still doing outstanding with sodium, haven't picked up a salt shaker since before Vegas!  I will tell you all right now, this makes a HUGE difference!  All that lean muscle that we spend so much time creating is hidden by body fluid.  Since it's 70% of our TBW it makes sense.  I'm currently at my lowest body weight ever, and I owe most of it to the sodium reduction.  Not only have I reduced my water weight, I also notice I eat less and crave less, again due to the sodium reduction.  Bride2b - U won't be sorry, but you gotta stick with it for that week, give it your all kid, I know you can do it!

    As for my WO's, still amazing, some day's better than others.  The couple times I've used the 1RM supp pre-workout have been the BEST WO's, I push myself harder and lift more weight, which is also making a  huge difference.  Keep in mind that I only use on those days that I want to take my WO to the extreme.  For all of us that still struggle with actual fat lose, I've been taking CLA for the past 6-8 weeks, and while I'm not sure if this supp is doing anything independent of it's self, I can say I've seen a reduction in body fat that I hadn't seen in the past.  I'm going to take photos again this weekend and will post them, so you all can be the judge. :)

    So all those jeans that I bought, well you won't believe this but some are getting loose already :(  Good news is that I haven't removed the tags and I will be exchanging for a size 00 (or 24 waist), yes, a size 00 not just a size 0.  I'm kickin butt and takin names!  There is just know stopping me.  I'm going to have the best body I've ever had!  

    We can do this, it's all DESIRE!  

  • Wow, awesome progress Frick and Jessica! Jessica, you're right, there is no stopping you! So cool :) So now I'm motivated tomorrow to track my actual sodium intake...something I haven't done.  I've been experimenting a bit with the workouts, and am thinking here's how I might mix it up a bit:

    Days 1,3,5:  circuit training class with Tabata cardio afterward for 10 mins (if I have the energy!)

    Days 2,4,6:  alternate UB and LB weights, do my 20 min HIIT afterwards plus 10 min moderate cardio.

    I am noticing a change with the functional exercises from the circuit class and want to keep up with that.  That said, the weights aren't heavy enough to challenge me so I don't want to lose that piece.  I'm going to try it this week and see what my body tells me.  I know it seems like a lot but last week I did 5 days in a row of the circuits and I didn't bonk so I think it's worth a try :) If you think it's crazy, let me know!

    Jessica, sheesh, let me know if you found any good low sodium cottage cheese :)

  • Hey Bride2b - Wow, that WO looks pretty aggressive.  I love the idea of the functional training, and I do admit that I do doubles (30 min HIIT cardio in am most days) then do my UB or LB, or Core a couple days during the week.  Since the weather broke I've been adding an 8 mile bike ride a couple days a week, again more moderate activity cause I sit all day in the office.  Here is my advice, try to pump up the lbs on the weights, reduce cardio a little, and then listen to your body, it will surely give you signs if you're doing to much.   And as I have said from the beginning, WE CAN'T WORK OFF A BAD DIET.  Nutrition is EVERYTHING at this point, it needs to be spot on and you will see results!

    You won't be sorry reducing that sodium, I promise!  Yes, the cottage chez dilema!  OMG I was shocked by the amount of sodium it has, I seriously never looked at sodium content before! So, for that week I didn't eat it at all.  Then I had to add it back to my diet cause I LOVE the stuff.   If you can't find the 'no soduim', it's not always available, then I found the lowest to be Breakstone brand.  I hope you can find the no sodium in your area.  

    And don't forget to increase you water!  

  • Hi all! Hope you had a great day.  Had a good workout, today was UB and I did the bike for HIIT.  Food was completely on...although I have to say my last meal was an experiment, plain Greek yogurt with one scoop of chocolate protein powder mixed in.  Not so good :) oh well.  live and learn!  So tracked the sodium today, ended up at 1260mg...it is amazing when you really start to pay attention to the amounts.  So American Heart Assoc recommends 1500mg or less/day and that seems doable as long as I'm paying attention...for the week of the low-sodium challenge I am going to keep it in the 1,000mg range and see what that does!  Jessica, thanks for the wo and cottage cheese tips!! And yep, I am focusing on the nutrition piece big time, we'll see what happens!!! My life, the experiment :)

  • Got both ST and cardio in today after sitting through a class all day. Nutrition is on the mark.

    I'm sure glad I've never been a person who uses the salt shaker! Sounds tough but you guys are doing great. It is still in lots of things when you start looking for it.

    The rest of the week should have a little extra time in it for workouts for a change!

    BFL, I use vanilla greek yogurt with 1/4 c. berries of some sort, 1/2 scoop vanilla pro powder, and either 2 T. of walnuts or almonds,  1/4 c. Kashi cereal depending on where my macros are. This is yummy! The plain is too tart for me. If I do use it I throw in one packet of Truvia. Good luck!

  • Hi all! Morning check in, hope you are all doing GREAT! Kim, thanks for the yogurt ideas:) This morning I had my plain yogurt, cut up an apple, tossed that together with some walnuts and cinnamon...now THAT was good :) So....I think I may have gotten past the plateau...we'll see if it holds this week, but if so, I'm down a little over 16lbs!! Monitoring the sodium yesterday did make a difference, I could feel it this morning...I could tell I was carrying less water, but not dehydrated, ya know what I mean? Jessica, thx again for putting that on my radar!!! I've also added kelp as a supplement ...supposed to help with cellulite, will let you know how that combined with my caffeine creams work....hehehe :)

    This morning I did HIIT running to class, then the circuit class, then walked back home.  I had the energy for it this morning, we'll see how I feel tomorrow...and today is my last day of being 41, tomorrow is the big 42:) bring it on!! :)

    Thinking of you guys and sending you all positive BFL vibes!!!!