Buts and Guts REUNION 3/28/11

  • Hey Buts and Guts Crew,

    Lets get this group together again, and see if we pick up some newbies.  It sounds like we are all game and I am really excited!  I have missed you all so much. 

    Roll call - Melissa, Sherry L, Lonna, Anna, Mel, Laura, Lisa, Zack, Sherry, Michelle, "Leggs"

    Sorry if I missed anyone, but hey, let us know you're with us.



  • Hey Meliss, I am in I can start up again as soon as TUesday, And yes I really need to!

    I missed you too!!!


  • Cool...I just "e-mail subscribed" to replies from this thread.  I've been reading through the BFL book in preparation for starting the challenge again, and I'm going to have my hubby take my "before" pics tomorrow night.  

    Looking forward to getting started again!

    Sherry L

  • Lets do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah!  WOO!

  • Just finished workout #1 and I'm feeling great!  Can't wait to hear from you all...hope you have a great workout and a great day!

  • Good Morning fellow "Crew" members!!!

    Sherry!!!! What do you mean you are already done? What time zone are YOU in, ha ha.  

    Im in CST, but act like a laid back Californian.  I usually don't get going till 11 am.

    But I look forward to todays workout.  In fact, when we had a 58 degree day ( yep thought spring was here, now its freezing) I hit the nice 5 mile bike trail by my house, and i overcame the  "killer hill"  right off the bat. Whoo hoo.  That set the stage for the rest of the trip since the "killer hill" was the first hurdle so my conditioning or stamina has improved!

    Ok , Lonna, I'm gonna "do it" .... just not yet , ha ha. ( yawwwwwwwwwwwwn)

    Check back later to keep myself accountable to my workout and eats.


  • Hey Everyone!  I am in!!!!  Did my run this morning.  Looking forward to getting back into it.  My 20 year high school reunion is in July.  Good motivator :)  Thanks Melissa for getting this started up again!

    We Are Back!


  • Yay!!!  Hi Mel! Two reunions in one year, HS and This one - ha ha

    Don't just thank me, I would probable not EVEN try had not the others hopped on board too. I so need this crews support.  I feel likes its Friday instead of Monday :)

    I haven't worked out yet. But was so happy you're back, just wanted to say "HI"


  • Ok worked out, it was tough and don't feel like I accomplished "it" so I am gonna do some additional stuff later.  THEN in the meantime, I was just walking and WHAM out went the knee.  Hellooooooooo body, I worked the upper not the lower. OY, hope its better for cardio. Feeling good emotionally!!


  • Just finished the day 2 aerobics workout and I'm feeling good!  I did the stationary bike, which I find a bit boring, but we've been reorganizing the basement and my heavy bag hasn't been rehung yet.  Also, I don't know who designed my stationary bike, but the seat "locks" in place with resistance only (you slide it into place and push a bar over until it's tight).  Seriously, now, who thought that was a good idea?  You put a 230 lb + person on there who is trying to push herself intensly to reach a "high point," and the thing is GONNA move!  It's hard to keep the intensity level up when your seat has slid back and you're basically pushing with your toes!  I added in my arms though and managed to keep my intensity up that way, but what a pain!  I'll certainly be keeping the seat locking mechanism in mind the next time I buy a stationary bike.

    Also, my upper body is sore from yesterday's workout.  Feels good!

    Melissa, hope your knee is feeling better.  I know we're all gung-ho and raring to go, but take it easy and don't hurt yourself!  :)

    Hope everyone has a great day and great workout!


  • Awesome job everyone!  Sherry be careful on that bike :)  

    I finished Day 2 workout.  I ran yesterday so did legs today.  It wasn't easy.  My knees definitely felt some pain but I am taking it easy at least for the first week or so.  I also bought another BFL journal to start my new journey.  I'm writing everything down this time.  Even cheat days!!!  My hope is to make it a cheat meal instead of a whole day.  I think that messed me up last time.  I'm taking my before pictures today.  ugh!

    Have a great day!


  • Hi everyone!  I just finished my day 3 LBWO.  I'm feeling a little under the weather today so I didn't reach a "high point" in my workout, but I still feel pretty good about it overall.  

    Just before my workout I sat and made a grocery list for some recipes from the "Eating For Life" book, so I'll be going to get groceries in a little bit.  Hmm...wonder which recipe I should try first...

    Have a great day and great workout!


  • Great job Sherry!  The fact that you actually did your workout while feeling under the weather is impressive!

    I LOVE the Eating for Life cookbook.  I get a lot of food ideas from there.  

    I am sore today but got my workout in.  I have been getting up at 5:00 to get it done before work.  I have been dragging myelf out of bed but once I start working out, I am so glad I did it.  

    Does  anyone take supplements, EAS products, vitamins...?  I just went and got the EAS protein powder to make shakes in the evening but wanted to see what other people are using, if anything.

    Hope everyone is doing well!


  • Hi Mel.  I use the EAS protein powder too.  I use the vanilla flavour and add frozen fruit to it after workouts to help with muscle recuperation - and the fruit helps it double as a "meal." I really like it.

    I also use Myoplex lite bars, Chocolate Chip Crisp flavour, which I sometimes have as my evening meal, and it takes care of my chocolate cravings.  I also tried the Myoplex Low Carb bars but I didn't really like the texture. I just ordered the Myoplex Lite shakes to try.  I'll let you know what that's like after I try it.