What do you guys know about the supplement, CLA?

  • My coworker said that she takes these supplements to help her burn fat and she said that she has seen great results from it. Have any of you heard of it or recommend it?

  • I actually have heard of it and have considered taking it. From what I understand some tests have proven that it does promote fat loss, but in additional it may also help prevent cardiovascular disease and may be an anti-cancer agent.

    Wikipedia is down right now for some weird reason, but I remember that there are two different isomers, I THINK it was iso9,11 and 10,12 (you may want to look that up). I do remember that I reminded myself the next time I go into GNC to pick up the odd numbered isomer, because the even numbered one supposedly has had some bad side effects. The odd numbered one supposedly hasn't had any side effects in test cases at all.

    As far as which isomer is commonly used in CLA products, I'm not sure of that either without reading the label.

  • Remember if you are supplementing with CLA, it is an omega 6 & you need to up your omega 3's.  We all already consume far more omega 6's than 3's.  I did use CLA during my first challenge, in a lower dosage than recommended, and think it may have helped reduce fat in the tummy area.  I have since stopped taking it, as well as any other supps, other than my calcium, multi & vit C. because I don't want to have to take a supplement for the rest of my life to look a certain way.  I would much rather have the best body I can achieve through a clean diet and exercise.  Do your research and then make an informed decision.  Only you can decide what is right for you.

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