Starting BLF 3/21/11 - The beginning of a new me!

  • I got a question now that some of you mentioned it. From a pure physical standpoint, is their an advantage to working out in the morning versus the evening. I am not a morning person (I can't believe that I spent all that time in the military, not being a morning person) so I do my workouts in the evening. Mainly because of time. So am I short changing myself by not working out in the morning?

    @ RenneSteve - 20 kg = 44 lbs.  

    @ thesunshinekid - good to see a fellow Texan here (although I am really a transplanted Texan lol).

    @ Lyanna - To answer your question, I lost 15 lbs and my wife lost about 20 lbs when we did BFL in 2005. I appreciate your support and I am glad to make you laugh. I am a wanna be stand up comedian. Since I have never been stage, that tell's you how funny I am. I will stick with my day job for now. I feel ya on the water thing. Heck, I may not need to do cardio this evening, I have had lots of cardio running back and forth to the restroom all day. My only obstacle today is trying to figure out how to jam 6 meals down my esophagus! I know I can do meal replacements but even with that, if I am full, that will not go down well. So I have been doing "snacks" in between. Since everyone has shared thier day, I will share mine:

    5:30 am Yelled at the alarm clock

    5:35 am Yelled at the alarm clock......again

    5:50 am Yelled at myself for not waking up when the alam went off

    Now seriously here is my meal plan:

    7:00 am Multigrain tortilla (non enriched of course) w/2 eggs, 2 slices of turkey bacon (low fat low sodium) with Salsa

    10:45 am Low Carb Yogurt

    12:14 pm Salad with canned tuna, tomato's, cucumbers and Balsamic Vinegar dressing

    3:20 pm (now) Lady Alice Apple

    7:00 pm Pan seared fish (in olive oil) with brown rice (with onions, mushroomsand garlic) and Broccoli

    9:00 pm either a low carb yogurt or grapefruit

    Chat with ya'll later

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  • bizzey, yes there is an advantage to working out in the morning on an empty stomach, I don't have my book in front of me so i can't tell the exact, Its quite a bit of difference though....I'll look it up when i get home tonight, If someone else can look that up feel free!!  bill has a chapter in there somewhere...

    I have a good chicken veggie soup recipe that I will post tonight as well.... Laura

  • Hey all – I’ve had my GALLON (at least it seems like it) of water already today. Staying on track with meals and saying NO to the office ‘perks’. I’ve seen comments about starting before, but not staying with the program. If I counted all the times I’ve started BFL, I’d be on Challenge 17 by now. But…I did complete one full challenge – which I call C1 ;) and am now on what I call C2!!

    A positive from C1 – a year and a half ago – I’ve maintained my weight loss of 30 pounds. So impressive! This is really a ‘way of life’ changer.  I’ve been such a yo-yo dieter for so long, it’s been wonderful keeping it off. I am looking forward to C2 – and actually saying I’ve completed C2! I know I will finish because this is a great board.

    Tomorrow is my HIIT day. I’ll be on the treadmill ‘power walking the hills’ for 20 minutes. I really enjoy doing that, and it makes me a much better runner. And it’s so darn stinking quick. Twenty minutes go SOOOO fast.

    @Bizzey: The BFL book recommends working out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. There is a science to it, I don’t recall it. I have found if I can get my clothes staged and ready to wear when I hop out of bed, and can get to working out without thinking about it, I’m pretty good to go first thing in the morning. I work out at home….so I don’t have to get in the car and go anywhere. When I was working out in a gym, however, I found that I could hit my peaks much better in the evening. But everything I’ve read is that BFL is more effective if you CAN get it in the morning. No sweat, though. Just get it done. And if you work out in the evening, make sure you don’t eat anything two hours before the workout.

    @thesunshinekid: wait an hour – at least – after cardio. With weights, I’ve read that you want to eat your protein supplement or meal with protein within an hour. I usually do about 30 minutes after the work out.

  • Im so excited about sharing my day

    I woke up @ 430am , yelled at my boyfriend (the gym rat) to wake up and train me =]

    6am gym UBWO

    730am - egg whites , oatmeal w/almond milk

    930am eas carb control shake chocolate (my favorrrrriteee)

    then i here my alarm going off telling me to eat meal 3, I look at the clock and its 2 and Im stuck at work and cant get free to eat so then i hurried up and ate my chicken and cabbage w/sweet patato

    then one hour later i was hungry again becuase i missed my other meal so i had another shake

    I was kind of worried to eat that much becuase of portion control but I also heard dont let your muscles go hungry ???? (kind of confussed , so I just drank the damn shake!!!)

    then went home at 4 pm and ate more cabbage w/chicken & sweet potato

    its 6pm now , I will prob make protein pudding??? or just eat cottage cheese w/yogurt (non fat)

    what do you think ???

  • OMG! I have to share a funny with everyone!

    My son goes to school about 25 miles from where we live to keep him in the same school district which is just terrific! Anyhoo...On our way back home we have to pass a section on the freeway where there is a golf course on one side and farmland on another for a few miles. My bladder started screaming at me! All that darn water. I barely made it to the next exit. Where there is some gas stations and fast food joints. Well the gas station bathrooms are usually gross so I opted for the bathroom at Jack In The Box. As I opened the bathroom door in a hurry I accidentally hit an old lady in her early 70's with the door. It was more because of the way the bathroom is designed. I quickly apologized and continued to do my business but while I am in the stall she is still talking to me. (she must have forgot the unspoken bathroom rules) I go to wash my hands and mind you I am in my workout outfit because we are going to the gym.

    The old lady then says.."oh you look like you are ready to workout" She then pointed out that my shirt tag was sticking out and proceeded to correct it for me. I told her, yup heading to the gym just needed to make a pit stop...been drinking water.

    The lil' old lady who seems fit, is waiting for her friend in the next stall. She then proceeds to show my an exercise she does to stay fit, which was just twisting her upper torso from one side to the other and told me to do it with her. She then said, "do those every morning and you'll be sure to lose you middle." Then it hit a sweet way she called me FAT! LOL!!!

  • Bizzey- the "science" behind eating in the morning before breakfast is that because you havent put any calories in your body for a few hours, it is fueling off of the fat stores.  The calories you eat later are replenishing/refueling, but not necessarily adding fat.  Honestly, a work out is a work out.  If you cant make it in the morning, thats ok.

    Renee- Weight from pregnancy can be a scary thing.  Good for you!  Also, 20kg ~ 44lbs, in case you wanted to know :)   (1kg~2.2lbs)

    I'm soo excited to hear about everyone's day and workout.  It sounds like we are off to a great start.  Dont you find it ironic that lots of people were scared of eating before (all the bad stuff), but everyone is REALLY excited when they get to eat now? What a great thing!  For those people who missed a meal or a work out, just keep moving forward!  The world will not come to an end.

    Good luck finding the restrooms!  I get the sense that we will be frequent visitors over the next 12 weeks ;)


  • I am about to hit the sack - all of the running to the bathroom has me worn out!!  Tuesday is HIIT for me - I'm putting on my running shoes as soon as I get my oldest out the door to school.  I'm going to use the plan laid out in the book and push as hard as I can to get my 10's!

    I hope my eating looks something like this:

    8:30 (early as I can make it work, really) four egg whites and oatmeal plus some green tea

    11:00 cottage cheese, apple

    1:30 Napa Cabbage, chicken breast, strawberries

    3:45 eggs and oatmeal

    6:00 cottage cheese, grapefruit

    8:00 AdvantEDGE carb control Chocolate fudge!  And some strawberries!

    Gosh.  That looks like so much food.  Whoooooohoooooo!!!

    Julia - Herder of Herding Dogs and Children

    C1 - 3/21/2011 PUPPY POWER!!!

  • @thesunshinekid



  • Lyanna: I started a challenge today also. I'm actually a bfl veteran and have done several challenges over that last 8 years. My eating has gotten a bit sloppy over the last couple months and have put on some unwanted bodyfat. So now is as good at time as any to do a challenge and be lean for summer. All the best to you.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"


    i went and played basketball around 8pm w/friends, I played untill 1030 pm, does anyone know if I should eat something after to replenish or am I not suppose to eat after a certain time...

    thank you


  • You definitely should have at least have a protein shake after your workout.....even though it is just before bed. You need to replenish your body with proper nutrients.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Good evening all!  Day one down...phew!!  

    I did good on all my meals, no cheating (well, I did the dob of peanut butter off my finger after I made my son his pb&j for lunch) and drank tons of water.  My day looked something like this:

    8:15 Spanish Omelet and water

    10:30-apple slices and a string cheese

    1:30-Cool Taco Salad and water

    5:00-Salsa dip with Fresh veggies and baked flour tortilla chips and water

    9:30-Santa Fe Chicken Soup and water.

    There are a few more waters in between those.  I need to focus on getting a better schedule down for my meals.  Today was kind of a wonky day (2 dentist appointments and a dr's appointment for the kids), so hopefully tomorrow will run on a smoother schedule food wise cause I won't be as busy.

    I did my UPWO and I'll admit that I wasn't 100% successful.  I've never had much upper body strength.  but I got through all the exercises except the triceps dip...I got through about 3 1/2 of them...I think for the next UPWO day, I'll try doing the dips before I do the Triceps Extension and see if I have more success.

    Well, I'm gonna go drink one more bottle of water and finish off my day with one of the Fortified Fudgesicles (is it obvious yet that I got my entire menu from the Eating for Life cookbook?  I'm such a dork...) and then call it a night....

    Here's to one day down and another one come tomorrow!!!

  • Hi Lyanna,

    My name is Carla and yesterday (3/21/11) was day 1 of the challenge for me as well.  I really want to loose 30 pounds of fat and replace it with lean muscle mass.  I want to transform not only my body but my MIND.  I believe that this challenge is going to unlock a lot of hidden potential and dreams that I have and give me the courage to go forth!!!  know that we can do this - we have all the tools and resources that we need to get this done.  This is our new beginning our new start!

  • Good morning everyone , dAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 2!!!!!!

    Congrads to everyone for doing so well yesterday!!! Im up and ready for cardio!! Then its home to put a few turkey burgers on the grill!!

    I wasn't going to tell my boyfriend that I was doing this challenge, I wanted him to notice ...

    Well yesterday I was in the shower and I told him, he was very proud of me and said that he has my back 100%. He is the guy we all hate in the gym, he is perfect when it comes to body weight and muscles. Im also doing this for him , I want him to see a new me!

    Yesterday was not only the first day for the challenge , it was also the day my montly friend came therefore I was cravingggggggg chocolate- I controled myself and felt like a winner =] I know its kind of TMI ,however I am proud of myself and want to annoince it !

    Time to make some meals Have a great day 2 Everybody!

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