Starting BLF 3/21/11 - The beginning of a new me!

  • aagribbons4 and tampagirl, I am also in

    tampa - for the next couple of months anyway.

    The weather has been gorgeous and I'm so looking forward to being outside feeling better and looking better!

  • @sabinmom - I quit my gym membership long before I started my first challenge. UBWO - using dumbbells - chest press on the stability ball, and pushups (if you are really good at pushups, which I am NOT, then put your feet up on the stability ball and complete incline pushups). shoulders - using bands or dumbbells, do military press, then do shrugs with dumbbells. Back is one arm dumbbell rows, then do pullovers on the stability ball. Biceps are concentration curls sitting on the stability ball, then hammer curls. Triceps are over head tri extensions using bands or dumbbells, then tri dips (all you need is the kitchen chair). That's your UBWO without a gym or a bench.  LBWO - best of the best is the walking lunge. Depending on what shape you are in, you will start with no weights. These are touch. But, when ready, dumbbells, then do straight leg dumbbell lifts. For quads - squats are the best, or squat against the stability ball on the wall, then, using a dumbbell, leg lifts on a standard hard kitchen chair. For calves, one leg calf raises. if you have stairs, do it on the stairs so you can get the stretch. If not, do it from the flat floor. Sometimes I used the side of my treadmill to get the stretch, sometimes I just did it on the flat floor. The second one I like are the seated calf raises. For abs, use the stability ball and do those crunches, then get down on the floor and complete a set of bicycles. [I think most of these exercises are in the book.]

    @caprie - most people in the gym who are in great shape started out of shape. They will, most likely, admire you for your moxie. I LOVED my gym membership, just don't want to spend the money right now. I found it much easier to hit those peaks - or as BFL calls it, the 10's - probably because I always thought someone was watching me.  For BFL, most of the time you'll be in the free weight area. Read the book and follow the exercises. Bill Phillips knows what he is talking about. Biggest Loser and P90 are all based on his principles, he just came up with it first.

    Tomorrow is Day 1 everyone. Plan your workout and get it done as soon as possible. Once the workout is done, all you have to pay attention to is eating. If you plan your meal the day before, the eating is easy. The hard part is saying NO to anything that is laying around the office ( I KNOW you don't have it at home, because you've thrown it all out!). And drink LOTS and LOTS of water.

    My plan for tomorrow:

    5:30am UBWO

    6:15am: oatmeal + 3 hard boiled egg whites

    9am: protein shake and apple

    11:30am: whole wheat noodles, marinara sauce with turkey, salad

    2pm: ff mozarella stik, carrots stix, triscuits (I know, definitely not on the plan!, but I used it last challenge and am hopelessly addicted)

    4:30pm: chicken, rice, green beans, salsa

    9:30pm: yogurt and cottage cheese (I have class tomorrow, this is the earliest I'll get to eat)

    Good luck everyone. It is 84 short days. Don't be discouraged by setbacks. Rather, celebrate EVERY success.

  • yayyy !!!! Lets do this ladies =]

  • Hi everyone. I am sending this out because I look foward to hearing about everyones first day !! Its bed time then up @ 430 am =] best wishes to everyone =]

  • Welcome everyone!!!

    I am so excited for tomorrow.  I too have been cooking up a storm in my kitchen. It's been hard to keep the kids away. LOL!

    I pre- made

    Whole grain pasta shells, with chunky vegetable red sauce and ground turkey. It made 7 servings that I placed in freezer bags.

    I made 9 servings of brown rice and placed in a container in the fridge.

    I cooked up 14 chicken breasts and placed those in a container in the fridge too.

    I also boiled up a dozen eggs.

    My boyfriend is also going to try the BFL program although he said he is not as die hard as me. But he wants to start eating the six smaller, healthier meals. I think once he sees my progress he will want to dive in too. :) My 14 year old some wants to join in with me too. So he too will be eating the smaller meals throughout the day and joining me at the gym. I know with both of them also wanting to eat healthier will make it much easier on me. I am thankful for my family support and having a great group here!

    Tomorrow schedule

    6:30 4 egg whites, over a small baked potato with salsa

    9:30 lowfat yogurt and turkey

    12:30 my pre-made pasta meal

    3:30 4 egg whites  (from the hard boiled eggs) with a cup of fruit

    4:00 - Cardio workout. (I will be doing my cardio in the morning but tomorrow, I have to re-sign my son back up at the gym, so after I pick him up from school, we will be heading to the gym.

    6:30 chicken breast w/ brown rice

    9:00 lowfat yogurt with turkey


    Believe it to achieve it,


  • Hi Lyanna, I am starting on Monday aswell. Looking forward to it. I also have 60-70 lbs overall but the first goal is 25lb. I did the program half heartly before about 4 years ago I remember feeling strong and lost some weight.but this time I prepared. Mentally and I set up my week of workouts and meals. I recommend it that is why I gradually moved away from the program I was not prepared for set backs and interuptions and temptations. Slowly my weight crept up on me and I was in denial until last week when I was shopping with the sister inlaws and the sales clerk looked at me and said the size 14's and up are at the back of the store. Talk about a slap in the face. Anyways she did me a favor I guess I was wanting to start over and that was motivation enough. Good luck  Let's keep in touch  Cheryl

  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Janine. If its alright, I would LOVE to join your group.  I did the challenge last summer and the only reason I made it was because I had an amazing group of people in the forum for me to check in with.

    Here is a little bit about my story.  I'll warn you in advance that I am a little embarrassed about my situation, but I know no one here will judge me (Thanks, BFL family).  I am 24 years old and am currently a graduate student studying nutrition (graduate in April!).  I am also a certified aerobics instructor, teaching at my school REC center.  Like I said, I did the BFL challenge last year and it was great! ....for the first 5 weeks.  Something happend when I moved back to school and the second half of my challenge was really hard.  I maintained what I had lost for about 3 months, but put most of it back on around Christmas.  Here is why (and thus, the embarrassment): I have suffered from disordered eating for the past 2 years.  I'm seeing a counselor and am discovering that the eating is a symptom of something else.  Either way, those first 5 successful weeks of challenge #1 were the best 5 weeks that I have had since my "symptoms" began.  I felt sooo great, and being able to check in with my forum did wonders for my motivation.  I've felt really inspired by reading all of your posts and I havent felt that way in a while.  I think its a sign for me to try again.

    So, here I am, in Challenge number 2.  This is part of my recovery, both in mind and body.  Although this may seem insignificant, my first goal is to make it through the first day at a time, right?

    That being said, I'll repeat that I am a dietitian in training and a certified aerobics instructor.  I have a lot of health and fitness knowledge and would be happy to share if and when people have questions.

    For those people who are afraid of the gym?  Fortunately, or unfortunately, most people are looking at and judging themselves in the mirror.  They are probably NOT looking at you.  You can do it, one step at a time.

    Good luck tomorrow!    Janine

  • welcome janine!! I'm sure we are all excited to have someone as knowledable as you join our group!!! Nobody will be judging or thinking badly about anyone here!! we are all in this together!!  I am actually doing an 18 week challenge, hopefully it will be a forever challenge with no end in site!! but that is my goal!!!  I am looking forward to hearing about everyones eating and workout for tomorrow!!! Laura

  • thesunshinekid,  I am totally with you on the eating part. I work out 3-5 times a week for an hour a pop, but due to my love for food I can't seem to lose my tummy.  That is why I'm doing BFL.  I sooooooo need to focus on portion size and not so many sweets.  Oh how I love cereal!!!!

  • Hello Lyanna!  I'm glad  you got this forum started.  I too will be starting 03-21-11 and I'm also 32.  I have 3 children 13, 11, and 5 who keep me running.  I decide to take the BFL challenge in order to get my eating habits in check.  I'm not overweight and I do work out a lot, I just feel so blah all the time because I tend to eat eat eat.  I need to stop stop stop, haha.  I hope the structure of BFL will change my lifestyle and make me happy :)  Good Luck to all and I look forward to reading and chatting with everyone.  We can do it!!!!!!!

  • Good Morning everyone!!!

    Janine-Welcome!!! =]

    here is my plan for today


    7am-egg whites 3, oatmeal 1 cup with almond milk (no sugars)

    9am-eas carb control shake (choc-loveeeee )

    1130am-chicken breast w/cabbage ,sweet potato (yummmy)

    100pm-eas shake carb control

    3 pm-cottage cheese (non fat), yogurt  non fat, rasberries

    6pm - chicken breast , sweet potato, cabbage

    9 pm bed up next day 430am-


  • Hi everyone,

    I am a mother of four kids (7, 5, and twins that are two). I started the plan 1 1/2 months ago, but fell off due to stress eating. Ahhh! Today is a new day and I am going to start over. I know that I need to keep myself from overeating after work!! Good luck everyone.

  • Good morning everyone! I finished my first UBWO for the Challenge. Yaaay. I've packed my food for the day.  Yaaay.  Now, I just need NOT to add anything to it.  Good luck everyone. You can do this today. Drink your water!

  • @Okla_runner

    GREAT JOB!!!

    I did as well, and it felt great , it was intense and fast paced, came home and made 3 egg whites w/ oatmeal !!!

    meals are prepared and ready for the day , dont let ANYONE swing you in the wrong direction... especially when your @ the office and they are ordering unauthorized foods ..,and offer you some... say no!!!


  • Good Morning ladies!!   Today too is my day 1!   I'm 43, and I also live in FL.  It's too darn hot to hide in winter clothes all summer!!!  A few years ago, I had great success with BFL, only to once again fall off the wagon and self sabotage.   I'm a little unsure why I do this to myself.   But, mentally, I'm hoping this time to transform my outer self to match my inner self.   I'd love to be part of your group...have room for another???