Starting BLF 3/21/11 - The beginning of a new me!

  • Good morning BFL family. Wow this forum has gone silent. That's okay, I got a big brain with a big mouth which typically ends in disastorious results when both are working at the same other words I got a lot to say (although no one cares to hear it but me most of the time) (lol). Okay, so wife and I had cardio yesterday. After the front passed through, the temp cooled to around 72 degree's but not a cloud in sight so we went for a bike ride. Funny, we live by a park called Hermann here in Houston and never really went inside the park until yesterday. To our surpise their is the huge man made pond right in the center, I think someone was trying to copy the water monument in Washinton D.C. (I cannot recall the name of it but it is where Lincoln's memorial is). It was absolutely breath taking. Amazing what you see when you get of of your vehicle and ride a bike. Wife held up beautifully. She got a little discouraged this past weekend but she rebounded nicely. My wife is very competitive person and when she wants soemthing, she will get after it, no matter how she feels, which is a good attribute. So I am very proud of her.

    I had another happy moment this morning. The temp dropped to 48 this morning, so I had to pull out the winter clothes box, hopefully on last time before November, I have this long sleeve cotton shirt that is pretty nice, but the stripes are horizontal insted of vertical, so we all know what that means, any gut you have will be enhanced x 100 when the stripes are across the shirt, So I put the shirt on expecting for it to fit the way it did just 2 months ago and wow, it is almost too big. So that was very encouraging. Today we have LBWO and wife has been in charge of the ab workout. The last few times, it sucked and I hated every minute of it but I am kinda looking foward to the ab workout today.

    Congrats to you UCONN fans, now get out of my city and take your tails back to the frozen tundra you call home. (Just kidding). It was nice to hace the VCU, Kentucky, Butler and UCONN fans here, I hope all of you enjoyed Houston and you are welcomed back anytime. Now if we can get my Buckeyes to quit choking in big games, maybe I will be able to see them live when the Final Four returns to Houston in 2016.

    Okay that is all for now, everyone have a great day and stay motivated

    The only limitations that you have , are those that you set upon yourself

  • Hello all!  I have been reading everyone's posts and it sounds like we all have good and bad days.  I'm no different.  I had a great run on Saturday and this morning.  However, I can't seem to find lower body exercises that allow me to reach a 10.  Calves are easy to reach a 10, and squats are good for quads.  Any suggestions for hamstrings and abs?  I find a bit of irony in this, seeing that these two areas are the ones that need the most work!

    I found new motivation this weekend, too.  I am running in a 5K in 5 weeks.  My goal is to "run" the entire thing.  Even though I am not a fan of running, I find it is helpful in keeping me on track!

    Several people have mentioned that on the food front, everything is boring and pretty much the same every day.  I think that is normal, especially when you are trying to adjust for the first time.  I do usually have the same smaller meals (Greek yogurt and fruit, fruit and a cheese stick, or a protein shake), but I make sure to buy different flavors every week.  This week is blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. (My sister and I split a trip to Costco!)  As for breakfast...same ole egg whites and fruit or toast with All Fruit.  Lunch is usually leftovers with sweet peppers and hummus.  

    As for dinner...this is where I try to mix things up.  I try to buy different kinds of meat to force myself to have different meals, replacing traditional noodles, rice, etc.  This is what I have made in the past week

    1) Cajun chicken with penne pasta (wheat) with butter buds, baby spinach, and tomatoes

    2)halibut with couscous and a salad

    3)pork chop with cream spinach, and mashed potatoes (Greek yogurt and butter buds)

    4)spaghetti (wheat noodles) and homemade sauce (can of Italian diced tomatoes, teaspoon of stevia, and Italian flavored ground turkey) with a salad

    5)Cod with wild and brown rice (Uncle Ben's) and slaw (bag of slaw mix with low fat salad dressing I like Catalina)

    I guess I have rambled enough.  Hope everyone has a great week!

  • Marlis and Janie C-  That's soo exciting about your 1/2 marathon and 5k!  I am power walking a 1/2 M with my mother on May 7.  I havent done any training yet, so I'm mildly concerned.  Are you running yours?  I didnt like running either, but I had "Run a 5k" on my before-25 list.  So I started training, because running was always hard for me.  I ran my first 5k a year and a half ago.  If you can believe it, it grew on me.  I even bought a pair of running shoes.  Now I enjoy a good run....but not EVERY day.

    Bizzey-  haha...hoarse...cute.  

    FOOD IS BORING???  Oh no!  That makes me sad to hear that people are finding their food boring.  There are soo many amazing possibilities!  You completely change your typical chicken, brown rice and veggies by changing up the spices!  For example, a friend of mine puts parsley in her cottage cheese.  Its a totally new flavor!  I love to combine my cottage cheese with fruit (peaches, in particular).  Those are quick fixes.  If you have time, try making a new recipe.  If you need other ideas, let me know.  This is body FOR LIFE, not body for 12 weeks where I eat boring food to get the job done.

    Here is what I've discovered-->  I stay on track soo much better when I check in with the forum.  I think it needs to be a daily occurrence.  Also, for those of us who are still around, rock on!  We need to keep going strong in case out lost friends come back.

    Keep on going, people!  

  • Hi everyone, I'm Jenifer.  I've been following this thread because I too started on 3/21.  On day 16.  I did jump on the scale and no lbs lost as of yet.  I do have more energy and will do set of measurements at 4wks.  I'm sure why the lbs aren't coming down but hopefully the picts and measurements will be better.  Any pointers?  Open to ideas.

  • I am glad to see some more posts!!!

    I am having trouble the last week because I am just being lazy and not PLANNING!!!  Although I am eating a lot healthier , and running I still could do a lot better. Im basically doing this program with out even trying ! And thats not the right way. I am very active before this program , however just ate bad - or didnt eat at all!! I honestly look like the girl Alexa Adair in her 4th week of her BFLC. I am sitting at my kitchen table planning away for the next 2 weeks so I can fix this problem!!!

  • @Janine - my training plan for the 1/2M has been less than stellar - so far it's consisted of buying new shoes and running clothes :).  Like I posted before re:food - it's just sustenance for me.  I can't cook, so over the years I've gotten used to eating lots of food that is "good for me" but tastes like sandpaper.  Don't really care anymore - it's a means to an end.  I understand that this is a way of life an I dooo feel tons better, so in the end, its worth it.  Again, zero creativity and zero brain left over to devote to figuring it out.

    @Jenifer - could be a couple of things: are you getting in ALL your water? Are you taking medication? are you already super fit and just looking to tune-up?  For me, I find more significant weight loss when I positively get all my water in. - hope that helps :)

    Busy busy busy, but will try to post more often.  Speaking of Bizzey - you are Funny!

    Take care all!


  • @Marlis-thanks for the suggestions.  I do get my water in every day, I've always had 10-12 glasses of water for as long as I can think of.  Could be why I don't see the immediate weight loss and before startng the challenge I did quite a bit of cardio, now my cardio time is less but more intense:)  I didn't include wts consistantly but have a bit of muscle.  I guess I'm not starting from scratch.  My eating has been the biggest thing and I'm actually doing pretty well on it.  I have noticed that many eat cottage cheese and yogurt and I have a very difficult time with the texture(it makes me gag).  I'm a mom of a 6, 4, 2 yr old.  Homeschooling for now.  Help husband with business, am 36yrs younger and younger:)  How much bread are you eating a day, what do some of everyones daily meals look like?  I have the bfl cookbook and have found that helpfl  I do have 20lbs to get rid of.  Thanks again and I always welcome any helpful advice.


  • I know this will be my second post of the day, but I think its worth it.  One of my guilty pleasures is the Biggest Loser.  Even if you dont watch the show, tonight's episode is sooo inspiring (4/5).  There is a lot going on in the episode, but there is a huge focus on finding yourself and about changing your life.  They show the episodes on

    If you have time, definitely check it out (feel free to skip the first 30 minutes).


  • Hi guys!! happy to see more posts today!! yay!!   I did UBWO today, was good...still feeling like I need to push more...I think I need to buy some heavier weights...but I have to do the best I can until then!! I have the munchies so bad tonight!! I usually dont but for some reason I just want to eat!!!!  I have a pinched nerve in my neck and it has gave me quite a headache tonight so maybe thats why, typical fat is comfort!! lol..;) but I had a apple and 2 T peanut butter...still within my calories for the day so I'm trying to resist the urge to eat more...I think I'll go make a cup of tea...maybe that will help...I was wondering if there is anyone out there that is counting calories? I am using usually strive for 1400-1500 calories a day...I'm 5'2 weigh 158, do you think that is a good number?  I have lost weight since I started but just a I've said before I've already lost 80 I'm close to my goal in weight...I'd ideally like to get to 140 with muscle.....but Im just not sure where I should be calorie wise...and do you count veggies in your calories?

    to those of you that arent seeing the scale move...dont get frustrated I've heard a lot of people say week 8 is kinda the "week" that they start seeing dont give up!!

    I don't  like to see that people are getting bored with there food either...I'm kind of like bill in his books...I don't really care about most meals except dinner Its a little bit higher calories than the other meals and I put effort into it...I usually plan what it is...and we try to eat as a family... I enjoy food, I am a bit of a I try to mix it up a little bit.....for the other meals it is a bit boring but thats know whats yummy???     splenda and cinnamon on my cottage cheese!!!! it is soo good!!

    todays meals were

    #1 SHAKE

    #2 chicken breast with dijon mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, a few olives wrapped in a high fiber wrap( 12 grams fiber, 100 calories)

    # 3 yogurt and cottage cheese

    #4 shake

    #5 a huge salad with chicken, a red potato, a little bit of feta and lots of veggies!!!

    #6 apple with peanut butter( I havent at  any PB since I was a craving)

    ok...I'm done rambling!! :)  Laura

  • Off to a good start today.  Protein pancakes for breakfast, they are sooooo filling and my kids love them.  Daughter is not feeling well so no gym this morning but hopefully this evening will work out.

    @Laura-sounds like we have similar stats.  I haven't lost 80lbs but I'm 5'4" and 158 after having my 3rd baby almost 2yrs ago.  My goal weight is 137-140.  140 is very healthy for me but I haven't seen that number since having children.  Not discouraged but excited because my eating has really improved and that is a miracle in itself:)  I checked my calories to loose 1lb a week and they were right at 1500.  I track them on Inherent Health.  Great company.

    Have a great day and enjoy.


  • Good morning all. Welcome Jen, glad to have you onboard. Yesterday was LBWO for me and the wife, again she punished me in the ab work out but for once, I did not feel like a mule kicked me in the gut when I woke this morning. What is surprising to me so far in this journey, I am shocke dhow motivated I am . Typicallly, I will lose some interest after the 3rd week due to the routine becomes boring in some ways. This time around, I look foward to my workouts, all the time. I even want to work out on my free day but the wife is having none of that, so I show restraint.

    I have been reading your blogs regarding cottage cheese. I can do Yogurt, and just tried Greek Yogurt for the first time and I fell in love with it instantly. But cottage cheese???????? My wife loves it, eats it daily, she goes through a bucket a week (not sure what the sizes are called but I will call it a "bucket"). it's not that cottage cheese taste bad, as a matter of fact, cottage cheese really has no taste to it. So why don't I like cottage cheese? Well let me explain.........this is gonna get gross for some so I will give a chance to either delete the email now or scroll down to the next blog.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Okay...................................................................................................................

    Ok during my OB/GYN rotation, I got  to see the end results of an untreated yeast infection. First thing that came to mind was cottage cheese. Since then I cannot get that image out of my mind. I apoligize if I just ruined anyone's snack

    Stay Motivated


    The only limitations that you have , are those that you set upon yourself

  • Jen-  I’ve heard that women see the best results (if they follow the program) in the last few weeks.  Don’t feel discouraged!  You can’t see all the great changes going on on the inside (like improved blood lipid profile).  My suggestion?  Challenge yourself.  If you find that you can lift the weights just fine, add another pound or two.  If you find you can run just a little faster, then do it!  Don’t just settle for what you THINK you can do.  Keep up the great work!

    -->Also, technically bread is not a BFL food (to my knowledge).  But I LOVE bread, so I buy the really grainy/seedy stuff and put it in the freezer.  I eat 3ish slices a week.

    Beehive-  I’m with you on the urge to eat thing.  I’ve found that I use food as an avoidance maneuver for things I don’t want to do.  Once I catch myself, I try an brush my teeth.  That seems to help.  Also, if you want I can do a quick calorie-needs calculation for you, but I need to know how young you are (your age).  Let me know if you want it.  

    Bizzey-  I love cottage cheese, so I’m now going to try and forget your statement.  Thanks for the warning, but I just cant seem to pull my eyes away  :)

    Got cardio planned for tonight.  I had a rough weekend, but I’m back on track.  I AM NOT A FAILURE!  Ha, that felt good.  I think you only fail if you give up completely.

    Hope everyone has a great day!!


  • Mike - I now have this picture in my mind that I soooo need to get rid of.  Ugh.  lol

    As for cottage cheese, I am very picky about texture.  So, the first thing I do when I buy a big container of cottage cheese is put the entire contents in the blender and then back in the container.  It makes it smooth, and, when mixed with yogurt, I can't even tell it's in there!

    It's been a couple of years since I read the BFL book, but I don't remember reading anything about bread being off limits.  I do eat "whole wheat" bread, probably 4 pieces per week.  Is this bad?  

    Also, I'm not counting calories.  From past experiences, it's just too much to fool with.  And, if a diet is too much work I won't stick with it.  I just count on portion control based on my hand - One hand of protein, one hand of carbs, and one hand of vegi (3 times a day).

    I've been holding true to my eatting and working out, but like many others, I am seeing no results...yet.  I know it's not an overnight change, but it can be discouraging.  It's good to hear that it is not just me.  We will all get there before too long!

  • oh gosh mike I'm going to forget I read tha too!! I love cottage cheese!! eeks...:) I tried greek yogurt for the first time too..I got the chobani... I hate to say it but I'm not a just was too thick for me...I have another container of a different flavor so I'll give it another shot but I am thinking I'm not going to become much of a fan!!

    On page 83 I believe in the BFL book, I might be wrong on the exact page but its the page with the list of authorized foods.....whole wheat bread IS we can have bread!!! I stick to having the high fiber options that are out there...usually the tortillas that have 100 calories and about 12 grams of fiber, or flatout breads, or the thin sandwich buns....all  are 100 calories and lots of fiber!!!  and I stick with only 1 serving a day!! the rest of the day I choose yogurt, fruit or sweet pot, or my shake for my carb.

    I didnt get my cardio in this morning due to thunder and happens I'm moving right along fretting!!! :)  talk to you all later!!!    Laura

  • LMAO @ Janie C and Beehivebaby! Sorry about that, I guess I need to show some restraint in my post.............nawwwwwwwwwwwww, it's not part of my character make up. Just wouldn't be me if I allowed myself to be restrained lol.

    Yes, to echo beehivebaby, bread is on the BFL menu. But you got to read the label to make sure it is non enriched whole wheat, I think that is the key. The only problem with whole wheat is it is high in phosphates so if you have any type of medical conditions that causes your phosphorus to be elevated, then you might want to stay away from whole wheat bread. If the phosphorus does not bind, then it will deplete your calcium, then you will run into all sorts of other problems (does anyone care to guess what i do for a living lol). I myself have gone on a bread strike. I have been using non enriched, multigrain tortilla's instead, which they taste like cardboard, but it takes care of my bread fix. I also gave up pork and beef for the 84 days. I wanted to do something to show myself how dedicated I am so I gave up the two things I love the most STEAK and  BACON. So to all of you reading this, if you want me to do anything you ask, just show up at my door with a medium rare to medium cooked, chunk of beef, wrapped in apple wood smoked bacon, and you can pretty much ask me to do mostly anything and the answer will be YES! Hold on for a second, I need to close my eyes and visualize my favorite thing.......................Okay, all good now.

    Yesterday was cardio, I already shared that I bought a mountian bike, I have no idea how far I road but i would guess around the 10-15 mile mark. I rode for almost 2 hours (I know, I know 20 minutes but I cannot help it). I almost got clipped by car, which was my fault for not paying attention. The poor woman probably crapped on herself after almost smacking me with her car. I know she called me all kinds a-holes after that . I deserved it if she did. Wife pan seared some fish last night and I turned a perfectly good seared piece of fish, into a fish taco. I added white onions, lettuce and salsa. Yummo! I am starting to see why people who do not eat pork or beef are so cranky though. Fish, Turkey or Chicken, every night can get boring. But I am sticking to my guns.

    I am seeing progress and improvements, I just know I will come to a point where it will slow down to a crawl, but I will work through it. The last 4 weeks is where you will see a big difference, as stated before. I believe that is true due to at the fact, that is when you really start looking at yourself and most of will kick it into 5th gear due to they are not happy about the fact that they are not where they thought they would be, so we train harder, become a more disciplined in our diet. As a result, we tend to shed off that extra baggage in order to reach our goals that we set out in beginning, that is just my theory.

    Stay motivated and keep up the great work!


    The only limitations that you have , are those that you set upon yourself