Starting BLF 3/21/11 - The beginning of a new me!

  • Tomorrow I start day one and I'm so pumped, but also scared! There is nothing like putting yourself out there, so much accountability! (  I am headed to the store tonight to shop for my next week's meals.  I also will be training at home since we do not have a gym in our little country town.  I did buy a set of bands to work with. Has or is anyone else training at home?

  • Arlandes - I am training at home.  I do have a treadmill and a set of Bowflex dumbbells, however, I bought a set of bands to try this time.  I love them!  I can't believe they work as well as they do.  The really nice thing about them is that I can take them with me anywhere.  I travel a lot to visit family, and it's nice to know I don't have to worry about how I'm going to workout when I'm out of town.

    I ran this morning, since yesterday was my day off.  Great run!  

    I'm about to make my shopping list for the week.  I'm looking forward to trying that black bean recipe and others from my Eating For Life cookbook!

    Hope everyone has a great start to the week tomorrow!

  • agribbons - One trick that is helpful when you eat out is to split a plate.  I do this with my best friend when we eat Mexican out.  It helps with portion control, as well as the old budget!

  • Thanks Janie!  I do not have the Eating for Life Cookbook but I will share a blog that I follow of a girl who completed 2 rounds of BFL and she has a lot of BFL friendly recipes posted.

    Maybe this will help some of us!

  • Wow.....Week one is done. That was fast!! Had my free day on Friday so today is cardio and abs. I find doing abs with cardio is a good fit for me. Look forward to week 2.....let's all stay strong.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Glad everyone is doing well.  I had amazing results the first week - 8.4 pounds lost!

    I feel sooo much better already, but have a long way to go.  Need to get off another 50 total.  not sure how far I'll get in 12 weeks, but I'm not stopping till it's all gone!!

    This really is something I could do for LIFE.

    Thanks everyone for sharing recipes and I'm looking forward for making some of them!!


  • It's so nice to read everyone's progress and encouraging comments!  It's makes it easier knowing there are other people out there doing this with you.  I'm glad to have completed Week 1.  It went well for me.

    One thing I noticed is how hungry I am on days I work out compared to today when I didn't.  I think it shows how well the workouts work for the body and increase metabolism.

    I'm also impressed with what a difference it makes to eat or drink a protein smoothie after workouts.  I feel re-energized for the day instead of sluggish and exhausted.  Eating 6 times a day, and getting plenty of protein is a big help.

    Good luck to everyone this coming week....Week 2!  Hang in there.  Take it one week at a time, and slowly but surely we will get healthier each week--stronger, fitter, leaner.

    Teresa, in West Virginia

  • Hello Everyone...And Welcome Arlandes!

    The last few days have been rough! I had a horrible headache/migraine Thursday and Friday. I didn't workout. I still tried eating my six small meals a day. I think I got only 4 meals on Friday. I felt better on Saturday but my son has been sick going on 4 days now. He slept almost the entire weekend and running a fever...I think he may have strep and have to take him to the Dr. tomorrow. Poor guy!

    I was craving chocolate over the weekend but on Saturday I made a protein pudding that was just yummy. My boyfriend and I got the Eating for Life Cookbook on Saturday.  

    Today was our free day. I slept in and I didn't go too crazy. We got some fried chicken from this place down the street. I had one piece with corn. I had a chocolate chip cookie, diet soda and 1 crunchy taco from Taco bell. Hmmm...that is actually all I ate all day. I had a lot of homework I was working on today. i notice I feel different today. A little more sluggish... I miss drinking all the water.

    However, my boyfriend and I went through the BFL cookbook for some meal ideas and went grocery shopping for the week. We actually just got back 30 minutes ago. We go late to avoid the crowds. :)

    Anyways, Although this week didn't turn out as I had planned or hoped for, I know some things will just happen. But I am proud that I didn't eat nothing bad for me.

    Week 1 down and 11 more to go. WE CAN DO THIS!!  I am so proud of everyone for doing so well this week. This is a great forum and I am so lucky to have all of you for support. Let's make week 2 even better!


  • MARLIS! WHOOO HOOOO! CONGRATS! 8.4 lbs gone! keep up the great job!

    I didn't weigh myself yet. I am going to wait until the end of week 2.


  • OH, Monday!!!

    Here we go for WEEK 2!!!!  I ran sprints on Saturday and I'm still walking around like I don't have knees.  Whew.  That was a TOUGH WORKOUT!  I'm going to make them my Saturday Standard, I believe.  I sprint as hard as I can for 30 seconds and walk back (or walk slowly for two minutes.  I did ten of those and boy, by number 8 I thought I was going to toss my cookies.  GREAT WORKOUT.  I'd like to get to 15 by mid-challenge and drop thirty seconds off the "rest" between sprints by end of challenge.  

    Today is Lower Body for me.  It's going to be interesting because my hamstrings are a little like goo from Saturday.  

    Let's do this, people!!!

    Marlis- you go girl!!!!

    fit4life - What sort of ab work do you do?

    Lyanna - hows that menu for the week?  

    agribbons - Let's clean it up this week and work to our potential!

    Julia - Herder of Herding Dogs and Children

    C1 - 3/21/2011 PUPPY POWER!!!

  • Happy week 2 everyone. We had a great week one. My free day was Saturday. I ate a breakfast taco, 2 eggs. turkey bacon, Salsa and my treat was low fat chedder chesse. I did not eat until later that evening, I had a salad from a barbeque place called Papa's. It was your basic salad but I added smoked chick breast and my treat on it was honey mustard dressing, and I had a glass of Merlot to wash it all down.  That was my off day pretty much. We learned from back in 2005 not to over do it on the off day, we paid a heavy price after week one and niether one of us was right for 3 days. As for the weight etc.....I have no idea. I am not getting on a scale nor am I taking a measurement until day 84, unless I absolutely have to. But I can see the results already, my clothes are fitting a bit loose today. So either I lost some inches or my imagination is playing a cruel trick on me. Yesterday, we had LBWO, my hamstrings feel like some one is constantly punching me in the back of my legs every step I take. Wifey is in charge of the Ab workout, we modified the ab workout due to the recommended ab workout is designed for people that have not work their abs for years, I have worked out on and off since our last BFL regiment and my wife, well sheis the ab exercise queen so we are doing alot more than what is required. I am letting her dictate the ab workout because in 2005, although we both did BFL, she had a perfect six pack and I had.....well............a 3 1/2 pack.......sort of. I did not give my abs the proper attention and i cheated a few times with the diet so, I think I did not achieve what I could have based on that. I am so focused now and want it so bad that even on my off day, I am still very picky about what I eat and still want to work out. I almost felt kind of guilty Saturday for not working out, but I have to remember that BFL is not a sprint, it is a marathon and I am in it for the long haul. Besides, the old body needs a break every so often. Okay I got random thouht to share, but I am warning you ladies, the guys will find this funny, you will probably not so here is your chance to jump to the next thread..........I will wait.................................................................................................................................................................................

    Okay, I took anatomy some years back in college, we were going over the 5 senses of the body, touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. So I was sitting here thinking about that day and a thought occured to me....if all human senses are interconnected, that means when someone farts, not only can you hear and smell it, but you cna taste it too!

    Have a great week 2 and everyone keep up the good work. We all should be proud of ourselves.

    By the way my name is Mike!

    The only limitations that you have , are those that you set upon yourself

  • Greetings Everyone!  Hope you are taking Week 2 by storm!

    Beehive- Yes, I think parsley would be a perfect sub for the cilantro.

    Janie-  I think chicken or turkey would be a good sub for the salmon, unless there is another kind of fish that you do like.  But, let me tell you that I don’t like either salmon OR blackbeans.  But all together in this recipe?  I think its divine.  That’s what I love about cooking…there is much much potential for different flavors.

    Marlis and Everyone Else-  Be careful when you stand on the scale!  Try not to use it as a measurement of progress.  Yes, the weight loss is great (congrats, by the way!), but you are losing fat and gaining muscle….if your weight doesn’t change, that isn’t a bad thing.  Just be careful that you don’t get discouraged!  I, myself, am only going to hop on the scale halfway through and then at the end.

    Mike/Bizzey- (do you have a name preference?)….Interesting comment on the fart thing…I suppose you’re right.  Probably not the first thing I would have thought of, but true ;)

    I had a rough night last night.  I was staying with a friend and her father had given her this huge tray of sugar cookies…plus, I had peanut butter and bread at my disposal (good, seedy bread and peanut butter are two of my FAVORITE things).  Needless to say, I went crazy.  I woke up feeling yucky today too.  I had forgotten how much I didn’t like that feeling.  But, I’m surprisingly okay.  I had a great recovery day today, which is fantastic.  Normally it takes me a few days to get back on track.

    Also, I am super aware of my hamstrings right now…I have to stretch them after every work out….gotta get them loose.

    Bring it on Week 2, we’re ready for you!


  • Good mornign everyone!

    @ Janie - Mike is fine, Bizzey is my stage name, well whenever I become a big star in the music industry (laugh) that is the name I will chose. My friends actually started calling me that some years back and it stuck.

    Janie, I feel you on the hamstrings, I feel like I am carrying two steel blocks this morning. I have that "did some get the license plate of that truck that just ran over me" feeling today, but hey, no pain, no results. All I know is my next investment will be in Alleve. I know, NSAIDS are not good, too much and you will ruin your kidneys and liver so be careful to all of you who use them (i.e. inbuprofen, naproxyn sodium etc.).  Wife and I did cardio yesterday. Traditionally, I am a runner but the knee's and my lumber spine are not what they use to be so I have opted for alternative methods of cardiovascular exercise. Although I hate walking because it seems like it takes forever just to build the heart rate up, it has been nice walking with my wife. Between our careers and hobbies, we rarely get time where we can just focus on each other, so that 30-40 minutes is much welcomed. Besides, my wife walks fast naturally and when exercising even faster which is good for me. I use to pick on her because I could not understand how a track person (she use to run sprints and was and still is very good at it) hated running distances, well she would always ask me to walk with her and I would make fun of walking (I use to say walking sole purpose is to get me from the frig to grab a beer and back to the couch lol) well, guess who is having the laugh now???? Anyway, I am very pleased with my eating regiment, which is the hardest thing for me at this point. I have remained disciplined. Yeahhhhhhh me!  

    I hit a mile stone today, I actually tucked my shirt in this morning, and I felt good about it. On day one, my worst part of my body was the gut! I typically wore my shirts untucked so my stomach would not be the focal point of my body. I actually tried on a whim this morning to tuck it in just to see how it looked and to my surprise, not bad! Now don't get me wrong, I still have a long way to go before I achieve Mr. Fit4life's abdominal status, but at least I can look down and see the whole shoe instead of the toe of my shoe, without having to bend over a little bit! It's a bitter sweet ending to the front porch (that was my nickname for my stomach), bitter because losing my stomach means losing weight. Let me explain real quick, being 5'6 and small framed most of life, I wanted to achieve the big guy status, I just chose the wrong way to do it. Sweet, because I am on my way to finding that elusive ripped abs that I lost somewhere around 20 years ago!

    We got UBWO today, I am amped! I kinda lost some steam last week but I am back in stride again.

    Everyone have a great day and stay motivated and dedicated!


    The only limitations that you have , are those that you set upon yourself

  • Good luck to you it sounds like you have made the commitment to change and arent going to settle anymore for mediocrity make sure you get your nutrition in order and go for it !!!



  • Hi guys!! I've been MIA for a few days, I'm still here!!! trucking a long!!  didnt get my cardio in yesterday, but got back on track today and got LBWO, it was a great...cardio tomorrow!! eating has been pretty good, the only thing I'm having a problem with is getting 6 meals in, sometimes I do but most of the time its been 5...I'm tracking my calories so I'm getting plenty of cals in, usually between 1400-1500...

    we own a restaurant(pizzeria..yes torturous!!lol) so sometimes we just get so busy we can't get a meal Its a work in progress to get that 6th one in!!

    arlandes, thanks for that site! I love food blogs so excited to go check out a bfl one! coolbeans!!

    mike, again loved your post...I do not want to be tasting any farts!! ;) sounds like you and the wifey are doing awesome!! me and the hubby are pluggin...we went all out on the free day, but we kinda decided that we want to for awhile...eventually we might decide that its not working but it helps him stay motivated to stick with it knowing he has that one day..(he has never done anything like this before)  I'm not expecting to ever have a six pack or look like those picture in the bfl book, I'll be happy just being healthy and not as flabby!! lol...we are a work in progress I guess!! :)

    everyone else good job and keep it up!! I am able to read most of the posts that come thru on my phone...unable to respond until I get on my computer...and sometimes I'm just to exhausted by the end of the day to even type!! lol...but I'm still with ya all.....ALL THE WAY!!! YAY!!!!