Anyone else starting 3/14/2011?

  • I am starting BFL for the first time on 3/14.  I have a local buddy who may do it with me but would also like to tap into to an online community.

  • I started today, not exact as the 14th but close! Good luck!

  • Starting 2nd round the 13th-Good luck!

  • I'm starting the 14th as well.  I've been eating 5/6 healthy meals a day, and run or cycle a few times a week, but am not getting the results I'm looking for.

    Monday at 5am I'm starting w/upper body...

  • Hound,

    Tell me how the first round was for you.

  • How's it going with almost a week under your belt?

  • started today as well , lets push our self's online to get our goals and outcome

  • Hi there!!!

    I've started aswell.

    Good luck with ur goals!

  • I just bought the BFL Workout Journal and will be starting tomorrow, Monday March 14...I am excited and determined...this will help me focus on my goals daily.  I too am looking for support and a place to share.  thx

  • I am starting challenge #2 tomorrow at 5:30 AM. C1 went well and I am excited about getting even better results this time around. Let's do it!

  • Kevdude,

    Great!  Not going to the gym until this afternoon.  Spent most of yesterday planning and shopping - it was a bit of a challenge; I hope it gets easier. I do like knowing what is going to happen everyday.

  • Thanks to all who have replied!  I think being connected on line will really help us all.  I know it will help me.

  • Using the journal helped me a lot the first time. I'm not too organized to begin with, and keeping track of training and eating really made a difference. I'm sort of "winging" it this time, since I pretty much know what to do. But anything to help keep you focused and on track is a big plus.

  • Good Luck everybody!!! Took my measurements... Talk about motivation!! Getting the morning emails and calls done, then off to the gym. The sun is finally out and I am visualizing me in my bikini and not wanting to crawl under that towel!!  "if you do what you always do, you get what you always got". Not this time!! There are changes being made!

  • Hi:  I am starting today as well.  I have done BFL over the years.  Began over 400 lbs in 2002.  I was 260 in May last year, now at 231 lbs!  Was registered to begin in January, but wasn't able to follow the plan exercising... Even though I did lose 13 lbs!  Any way, am starting fcrom scracth today.  Where is your locality?  I am in South West & East Florida.  Bonita Springs & Miami.  Regards & good luck.  Anna