Weighing in on the subject of weighing in!

  • Hi all,

    I'm curious to know how often people weigh themselves?  I like to weigh in every week to make sure I am on track (not that I count on the scale to give me 100% results - just to use as another measurement tool) but perhaps a bigger distance would be better.  I'm afraid that if I don't do it often, when I do step on the scale, I will expect more results than what I am getting.

    Thanks for your input!!!

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  • I weigh in on Wednesday's..once a week. I think your right it keeps u on track and accountable, and is a great tool to use afterwards as well. Get on that bad boy once a week. So today was my weigh in day 16lbs down, and I am just finishing week 8!

     Good luck to you!

  • Wow, 16 lbs in 8 weeks is fantastic! Good for you.

    I'm doing once-a-week weigh-ins as well but also doing measurements and body fat every month. I feel like i might be one of those people who doesn't see the scale budge much, so I'm hoping to see a drop in the other numbers to stay motivated.

  • I think a lot depends on the person. If you live and die by what the scale tells you, probably should stay off it. To often I have seen people get really down when they don't see the lbs coming off as fast as they think they should.

    If you can truly take the scale in a clinical fashion, just another number to track and not get to high or low then one a week maybe. I weigh in once a week on the morning of free day.

  • I weigh in at the beginning, then at the end of weeks 4, 8 and 12.

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  • I'm worse or like a woman lol I been known to weigh daily!!

  • Hi Ebay,

    Go take a look at this: bodyforlife.com/.../3651.aspx

    It will show you what I think about the scale...


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  • The first couple weeks on BFL I lost a good bit of scale weight. Then I gained a pound, then I lost half a pound, then I stopped weighing myself because I was losing inches and found the scale just discouraged me with all the ups downs and failure to budge. Some people will have a steady drop in scale weight, especially if they have a lot to lose, and that can be motivating so weighing once a week can actually help. But, for someone like me, I think it's better to stick to every 4 week weigh ins if all other factors are showing fat loss (body fat calipers, measurements, clothing, etc).

  • My last challenge I weighed myself on day 1 and not again until day 84.....and I'm glad I did that. The thing I don't like about "scale weight" is that the scale cannot tell the difference between fat and muscle. I can gain 5 lbs. of muscle and lose 5 lbs. of fat with no change in my overall weight and yet my body composition is very different. In the passed I have been somewhat depressed after stepping on the scale and expecting to see a certain weight only to have my weight a few pounds heavier than I thought. My recommendation would be to just  let the mirror and your pants and belts be your guide. All the best.

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