Starting March 7. Who is with me?

  • I ended up having eggplant w/side of speghetti last night for dinner.  I haven't had egg plant in a long time.  It was really good.  

    Got up this morning at 4 am to go do my workout because I had to have my son the his BBBS thing at 6:30 am and I had to get him fed and ready to go.  I think I am going to start getting up at 4 am to go to the gym everyday!!  There is no one there!  It is so nice!!  I didnt have to wait for anything or dodge anyone or any of that not so fun stuff!!  So needless to say my LBWO was awesome!!

    Hope everyone is doing well!!

  • Never tried eggplant. But I bet it was nice just to have a free day! Mine is having to wait till next Sunday. I broke down in the middle of the week and ate somethings at dinner time I shouldn't have, so I decided to make that my free day. So it will be a 10 day stretch of no free day for me! So far it hasn't been too difficult, trying to keep up the same mind set for the next 7 will hopefully be easy.

    I must be honest to all of you, and I guess I'm asking for some encouragement! Although last week or so I posted about the Womens Document that talks about not loosing weight or seeing much by way of results until the last 2 - 4 weeks or so. Well that gave me motivation, because while I've lost about 4 total inches throughout my body I only lost .2oz from my starting weight as of last week and then this morning I weighed and again was only down .2oz. I am feeling down and while I am not going to give up I am still fighting the voice in my head that is saying

    "Am I really going to see any results at all in the next 6 weeks? What if I stay the same weight and never get to my goal?! Something good must come of all this clean eating and exercising!!!!"

    I know that it's not just about the weight, but I also feel like maybe I should have lost more inches?!? Anyhow, sorry to have a pity party here but I'm hoping that writing how I feel will help me get over it. I've been trying to stay positive and my goal these last few days has been to remember the positive affirmations I say to myself throughout the day "I love and appreciate my body, I love and appreciate myself!"

  • Got up at 4 am and went to the gym and busted out my UBWO.  It was so nice not to have to fight everyone!!  Definately doing the 4am thing Mon-Weds-Fri!!  As for Tues-Thrus-Sats, Jillian Michaels!!  My son worked out with me on Sunday.  It was nice to see him trying. :-)

    bhpink - You have got to try egg plant!!  It is so good!!  Please do not get discouraged.  The gentleman that turned me on to BFL said that in the first 6 weeks he dropped 30 pounds and in the last 6 weeks he only dropped 10 pounds but his inches and stregth were the big difference.  I understand about the Womans Document, I read every story and not one of them fit to what my body is doing.  I read all of the other posts and everyone is not down in weight but is down in inches.  I think to myself all the time "am I doing something wrong?  Should n't I be losing more inches?"  Please remember (and I have to tell myself too) that muscle weighs more than fat!!  ANd the more you work out, the more you build that muscle!!  So just because you didn't lose on the scale does not mean you didn't lose!!  Keep up the good work!!  We are all half way there!!  The first 6 weeks went by very fast and so will the next 6!!

    Stay Strong!! Ralph Marston

    Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.

  • Had Bunco last night and so was up later than wanted to be.  Did not get up and do Jillian Michaels, I just went and walked a mile at a fast walk.  Thats all I had to give this morning.  5 hours of sleep is not enough for me.  I was really good and didn't have one of the caramel filled brownies that was there for eats at Bunco.  But everyone had 1 for me!  hahaha

    I think the lack of sleep has me very unmotivated today!!  I am very excited for Easter!!  The Easter Bunny is bringing me a big solid chocolate bunny!!  I cannot wait to feel that chocolate melting in my mouth!!  :-)

    I hope everyone is doing well.

    Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.

    by Ralph Marston

  • Well tazdevilwild I guess it's just you and me! Hope everyone else reading this doesn't get tired of hearing from just the two of us! I keep posting because it helps me to stay more involved with BFL. I figure if I literally eat, sleep, and breathe BFL it will help me to continue on my challenge. I like staying involved and reading the other threads as well to keep me motivated.

    Good for you to resist the brownie temptation! A day off of workouts is not going to kill you, hopefully you've been able to eat clean today. Get to bed early tonight, and hit it hard in the morning. You've been so dedicated thus far I'm sure a day of rest will do you some good! I too am looking forward to Easter! I've been thinking about visiting the specialty cupcake shoppe! I'd like to pick 4 of my favorite flavors and eat them all at once!!! Watching the cake shows on TLC doens't help curb the cupcake cravings!!!

    Today I took my husbands Jacked 3-D supplement. He takes it before he goes to the gym because it gives him a burst of energy and power to get through a hard lifting workout. Yesterday morning I woke up and thought "man it's a good thing it's not cardio day I have no energy to do a serious HIIT!" I didn't want this to happen again so I decided to take it and whoaaaa man did it ever give me the energy I need to reach my 10! Did 2.6 miles in 20 minutes! Plus decided to walk at an incline of 5 at a 4.0 on the treadmill for another 10 minutes. Boy did it feel good! I've had great energy all day long too, which is good because I am potty training my son and need the energy to follow him around all day long trying to catch him in the act if you know what I mean!

  • Bhpink - I hope no one gets sick of my posts.  Coming on here keeps me going and makes ma accountable for my decisions!!

    Tuesday dinner was tough.  We had a BBQ for scouts and there was Hot Dogs, Chips, Potato Salad, Macoroni Salad and smores!!  They smelt so good!!  But I drank my protien shake and ate my orange!!  I have been keeping very clean on my eating even with all the temptations out there!!  

    I did my LBWO at 4am on Wednesday.  Also played softball that evening.  Again I ate very well and stayed away from the hersey's and Reece's left over from the BBQ at my house.

    Got up this morning (Thursday) and did my Jiilian Michaels workout.  She kicked my rear again!!  I like doing that so much better than running.  I am just not a big runner.  I am sure things will change but for now I am good with the Jillian thing.  I have already started eating right today and plan to continue.  It is still difficult for me to get that last meal in at 8:30-9pm because it feels so wrong to be eating that late!!  Everything I have read EXCEPT for BFL says to not eat anything after 7pm.  But my husband does help remind me to eat that last meal.  I switched up some of my food.  We will see how this affects me.  I am down another 2 pounds, for a running total of 21.0.  Again I didnt do the measurements so I have no clue on that.  I know my body feels tighter and everything doesn't jiggle like it was when I first started.  I can't help but wonder if I will see this 8 week MELT because I have been losing so much weight already?!?!  My next short term goal is to get under that 200 mark!!  I would love to be in the 180's before the family reunion in July!!  Last time everyone saw me was at my 230 weight!!  Everyday seems to get easier and I seem to get more motivated and have more energy.  I still miss everything I can't have and I use my Free Day very much so!!  I don't hold back!!

    Hope everyone is having a great day!!


  • Good Friday!!  Went to a 2 1/2 hour practice last night.  It was really fun.  Played outfield so I did alot of running.  ate very well yesterday and satayed away for the candy (it's so hard!!  It's everywhere!)

    Got up at 4 am, went to the gym and did my UBWO.  I pushed myself and feel really great about my intensity.  I am doing well on the eating toad but now I know why you should stick to your free day on that 7th day!!  My body feels like I should be eating something different and not working out today.  I am going to stick to Sunday's from this point forward.  That way I don't feel like its FOREVER before my free day.  

    Tonight will be another tough night!!  I am making homemade sloppy jo's for dinner and I LOVE sloppy jo's.  But each day is anew test for me.  I try to not lick my fingers while cooking.

    Well have a wonderful Easter!!


  • I'm jealous that due to the 2 1/2 hour practice you must be having some nice outdoor weather?! It never seems to want to stop raining or snowing and being cold here! Can't wait for the summer to come!

    Still can't believe that after all you've got going on in your life you manage to get up at 4AM. Even though I'm up at 4:45 to work out everyday that extra 45 minutes seems like so much longer! :-) Stick to your guns and right when you feel like having just a taste of those sloppy joe's remember what you started this journey for and what you really want to gain from this whole experience.

    Today I will be going to dinner with some friends so I thought I would make today my free day. To be honest though, I have no desire to eat anything different than what I normally eat on my non free days. It's amazing, I was driving over to the city (I live in a small town that has  zero yummy eating places or treat type places) and I was thinking well if I'm going to make today my free day I guess I can go get a chai latte, or a cupcake from the yummy Cupcake Shoppe, but I honestly had no desire to do so!! I feel like it's a total milestone for me. I used to jump at the chance to get something like that, but not today! I guess I'll save any cheats for Easter, even though I don't really have any special Easter dinner plans and I told my husband not to worry about any treats or Easter candy for me.

    Next week is week 8! Can't believe we've made it this far, I still plan on taking my pics and measurements next week. I'd still like to hold myself accountable to posting my pics so I'll be asking for your email address again next week. You'll have to be honest with me, even if I don't see much progress maybe you will. It will be helpful to have another set of eyes to critique my results.

    Have a great day Trish and everyone else (if you're still reading....)

  • Hi guys.. I am here!!! Just so busy busy.. but I am reading everything daily... I have had a trying week.. somehow, I lost my willpower a couple times and had a handful of pretzels and some wheat toast with peanut butter... not major cheating but I have been beating myself up for it... and pmsing this week which I gained 2 pounds.. yes, I know I shouldn't be weighing myself.. but I can't help it.. and I guess this is the reason why.. I know I couldn't of "gained" 2 pounds from last night to this morning.. but I did. and I know it's water weight... I am still working out but was challenged this week with food and pms cravings... ahhhhhh! .. tomorrow is my normal "cheat" day... but now what do I do! I look so forward to it.. do I skip it cuz I cheated those two things? I have lost inches! My jeans are falling off me now.. but won't buy any new ones (yet!)..... sorry.. venting... I feel like I need to have a better mental outlook this week.... and stay true to myself!! Okay, feeling better now!!!

    Happy Easter!!

  • Hi friends!

      Sorry I have not written in a while.....This last weeks have been really bad for me. I have been doing some workouts, but my eating is terrible!

     So I don't want to "start over" so I just started when thing got bad around end of week 3, so this week will be week 4 for me so I am behind you guys but beware! I am coming in full force! (yeah, my own pep talk). I have decided to do some extra cardio to speed things up and I need to have a better condition.

    Well I am happy to see so many of you sticking in there and you really are an inspiration to me!

    Hope your easter-weekend was a good one


  • Well, they say honesty is the best policy.  I TOTALLY WENT OVERBAORD yesterday!!  It was my free day.  I had 2 pancakes and 1 1/2 pieces of bacon for breakfast, 2 cups of coffee, for lunch we had Spiral Ham, Mashed potatos and gravy, salad with ranch and a piece for chocolate birthday cake and a piece of german chocolate birthday cake.  Ate half my chocolate bunny, 1 peep, a couple malt balls, a couple reeces cups.  for dinner had doritos, 1 sloppy jo, little slice of lasagna, some potato salad, some macoroni salad and 2 more pieces of cake!  I was so sick all night and this morning.  Still feeling it!!  I feel hung over!!  And I didn't drink 1 drop of alcohol!!  Boy will I NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!

    Even feeling yucky I went to the gym and busted out a damn good LBWO this morning.  I have been really lazy today but have eaten all the right stuff.  Tomorrow will be better.

  • Was extremely busy yesterday.  Was getting everything ready for the Blue & Gold/Crossover Ceremony for cub scouts last night.  I only got 4 of my 6 meals in.  Oh well.  I did get up that morning and do the Jillian Michaels workout and I was going going going all day, moved 20 tables and 106 chairs.  Needless to say, I only sat for about 4 hours yesterday but while I was sitting I was still dong something for the ceremony :-)

    Got up at 4 am today and went and did my UBWO.  Went well.  Went home afterwards and went back to bed (just exhausted!!).  I am up and here.  Eating very well so far today.  We have 2 softball games tonight, one at 8pm & one at 9pm.  Ugh!  At least tomorrow is a HIIT day and so I don't have to get up until 5:30 am.

    Hope everyone is doing well!

  • Very busy at the office again yesterday.  Missed 1 meal.  We had 2 softball games last night and boy did I run!!  We won the first game 34-12 and the second game 16-13.  I ran more in the first game then I did all last season!!  I am so sore, not only from my UBWO yesterday but from the games.  I am exhausted!! haha

    Got up this morning and did my Jillian Michaels 20 minute 30 day shred.  I think I will skip Jillian on Saturday and go out and run.  The weather has been super nice!  Eating as well as I can with how busy I am.  Can't complain, in Real Estate and the way the market has been, I will take it where I can!!

  • I'm still here everyone, not doing too great on the food or exercise.  My grandfather got sick very quickly so I took my 2nd grader and drove 10 hours to be with him, my grandmother, mother and family for his last days.  He passed away on palm Sunday, 4/17 but we couldn't have the mass until Easter Monday 4/25 seeing it was Holy Week.  Anyway, I've made it back home but am still not in great shape.....don't think I've gained much but plan on working hard again as of Monday morning. I'm so so proud of all of you whom are still going strong or struggling and still going-you're amazing, so keep up the good work.  I love to read all of your post.

  • CT-BFL - Sorry to hear about your grandfather.  

    Friday I did my LBWO and ate like I was suppose to.  Saturday I did my HIIT by running 1.2 miles and walking .4.  I ate very well that day.  Sunday was my free day and I ate everything I wanted however I did it in m oderartion and I am not sick today!  I got up this morning at 4am, did my UBWO, went to the office to clean it and got a phone call from my Mom at 5:12 am, my cousin killed herself last night.  I know life goes on, but I am not handling this very well.  I haven't eaten anything today, I tried and my body rejected it.  I am just drinking alot of water.  I know this is bad but I just cannot get my stomach to do what I want it to do.  It will get better.  Services I am hearing will be on Saturday.  Guess I'll make that my free day considering I will be in Tucson for the funeral and that day will not be an easy one to deal with either.  It just doesn't feel real yet.....

    Hope everyone is having a great day and yeah to the beginning of week 8 (looking for the great MELT)