Starting March 7. Who is with me?

  • Hey everyone!  I enjoyed reading the blogs this weekend - so great to read about your successes (and set-backs because we all make mistakes - but it's so important not to ditch everything and return to self-destructive behavior).

    I did a 30-minute cycle HIIT this morning on my trainer and I must admit - I did a mild static run (5.5) for 30 minutes before the HIIT.  I was feeling a lot of pressure and frustration and I just needed to MOVE.  Needed those lovely endolphins kicking in (hahaha - I know, I'm corny).

    I am officially on Day 23!! My last (attempted) challenge I had the journal and only made it to Day 19.  This time I have been tracking everything on a different notebook, but today I am starting using the BFL Journal.  Psychologically I think using the BFL journal will help me.  I have used about 5 of them in the past - from start to finish, so it has meaning to me.  For those of you that don't have this journal, I strongly recommend getting one. Also, I feel like today is a new start because my first successful challenge started on April 5th, 2003.  I saw amazing results by the end of May!

    I am feeling excited and like I have a fresh start, somehow!

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  • Hello everyone.  Just wanted to jump on here and log my weekend.  Saturday morning, got up at 5am did my HIIT workout.  Then went with the Cub Scouts to do a Consevation Project.  Wow!  I haven't done Manual Labor since 1998!!  We were rebuilding the trails with TRACKS that were destroyed in the 2002 Rodeo-Chedeski Fire.  Holy Manoly!!  Even my hand muscles were sore!  Had every intension to do good this day, then we went and saw Battle LA, AWESOME MOVIE!!  I did have popcorn and glazed almonds and some root beer.  After that we went out and put some signs up for a new listing I have and my son went to Grandma's house, so my husband and I decided to go out to dinner.  I had 2 Jalepeno Popper Puffs (they were SOOOO hot!) and a mushroom Swiss burger and curly fries.  I use to be able to put all that back and then desert, not that night!  I was not able to finish my fries, not even close.  That was a first for me!!  Needless, to say, I changed my free day to Saturday and was excellent yesterday.  On Sunday, I went out and showed property to a family until 11 and then went and showed property to a different family at 12.  Then we went bowling with the scouts, 2 games.  I bowled the best scores I have ever bowled.  Then we went to Softball practice.  I played 1st, 2nd and Left field.  I went up to bat 4 times.  Did well on the batting so did some running.  Then we went grocery shopping and my husband insisted I buy a new pair of pants.  We argued for a bit and I finally gave in.  Well, he was right, I was able to fit very comfortably into a size 18.  I showed my son how they looked on me and he says "Oh mom, those look so skinny".  Gotta love kids!!

    So, when I started I was at 230.4 pounds and when I weighed in for my 4 week weighin, I weighed in at 214.6, I am down 15.8 pounds and down from a size 22 to a size 18.  When I came out of the dressing room and my husband smiled and said, "looks like a size 18 girl.  You look so sexy" I started scrying, right there in the store.  I was so excited and happy and overwhelmed all at once.  I knew I had lost weight and I knew my pants were getting loser, but never in a million years did I think I was down to an 18.

    Just gets me thinking that if I can do this well in the first 4 weeks, holy heck on what I can do with the next 4!!!

    Congratulations to everyone!!  Keep up the good work and we will all be there befor eyou know it!!

  • Wow!  Am I the only one left!?!  :-)

    I got up this morning and did my HIIT.  I am having to work myself back up in the running department because of the week I was sick and only did fast walking.  I was able to do 7 laps (which is 1.4 miles).  I walked 1, ran 1, walked 1, ran 1, walked 1, ran 1 and walked 1.  I sure am sore today.  It amazes me how I can work harder and harder each workout and some days i'm not sore and other days kill me!!

    I am changing my free day to saturday again since we have another Boy Scout Camp out.

  • I'm here, you're not alone!  You are doing amazzzzinggg!!!  I still haven't weighed or measured since day #1.  I can't belive that you've lost almost 4 lbs every week; keep up the good work and I'll write more later.  

    Did UBWO today but owe a HIIT for one I missed when I was out with ankle issues.  I'm not missing 1 workout during this challange.

  • I am here!  Taz, I meant to respond to you yesterday!! As I was reading your post, my eyes popped out of my head!  That's an AWESOME acheivement so far!  This plan works - that's for sure.

    Even though I am on Day 24...i am feeling like I'm on Day 3.  I have done all the workouts to the letter, and some extra on the free days, but I see now that I haven't been totally committed to the eating.  My sister reminded me that the EATING plan is 75%  of the program!

    For extra support, please check out and click on Ten Keys to Fast Fitness..I find myself referring to that website everyday and it's helping me a lot!

    Have a great day!


  • Boy-Shorts - Thank you!!  I feel more alive than I have in years!!  I hope I can keep up on the 4 pounds a week average, but promise I wont get discouraged if I don't.  About 2 years ago, I was going to the gym everyday with a friend of mine.  I lost 15 pounds in a year and half of working out.  Imagine frustration.  However, now I know why I didn't lose more!  I didn't change my eating habits.  I was still eating whatever I wanted when I wanted, no restrictions.  And honestly, I had that thinking of "I am working out so I can have an extra piece for cheesecake or extra helping of spegetti"  Eating is 75% of the program, totally.  Your sister is very smart.

    I had my LBWO this morning.  The gym was so packed and is was so hot, I hated it.  But I did what I needed to do and got the heck out of there.  I am still behaving on the eating and keeping up on the workouts.  This week is tough caue I am getting home late and to bed late and 5 am comes to dang soon right now.

  • Hello tazdevilwild, boyshorts, and CT-BFL! You are not alone! I too have been here reading posts but just haven't had a chance to post myself. All the emails come straight to my phone so I see them more than I get to the computer.

    Anyhow, had a great HIIT this morning in additino to my LBWO. I'd cheated a bit this last week and actually took two free days!! EEEKKKK! I had made my yummy chocolate chip cookies and just couldn't stay away from them! Don't want that to happen again so I told my husband he can no longer count on those cookies for the remaining 7 or so weeks! I did set a new personal record on the treadmill which I was way stoked about! 2.5 miles in 20 minutes!!! Yessssss!

    The eating is back on track and I also found a great picture of the body I so desire that is now taped to my pantry door! That should keep me from wanting those stupid cookies!

    Have a great day all, hope everything is going well!!

  • Hi guys... I am here.. always reading posts daily.. just can't get on much.....

    I am doing good.. down 5 pounds and feeling good... had a couple days this week that I was just hungry all day no matter what.. not sure what that was about.. all the junk food was calling my name.. but I stayed strong!!! My free day is, that keeps me motivated.. eventhough, I "pay" for that free day every Sunday!!!  ughhhh ;)

    My workouts are going good.. don't get sore anymore, not sure if my body is used to it or I should be pushing myself harder... but I am liftig the heaviest weight I can manage....

    bhpink - Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies are my one weakness! My kids (I have three)  all know to not bake cookies unless it's on a Saturday.. cuz Mama can't handle it!!!

    Sounds like everyone is doing well..... time is just flyin by now....

    Have a blessed day!!

  • Hi friends!!!  Chocolate chip mouth literally watered when I read THAT!! UGH!!

    Today I was at a tradeshow and wouldn't you know?  Our booth was right NEXT to bagels, muffins and all the other crap they serve at tradeshows! Luckily I packed myself a myoplex lite and I resisted!!!!  Talk about PROGRESS!  It was tough but I made it through (I admit, 3 hershey's kisses crossed my lips, but no big.  I was able to satisfy my "itch" with a relatively small treat).  

    Also, I only slept about 3 hours last night and still got up at 4:00 am to do my HIIT.  I feel as though I have finally crossed the ABYSS.  

    I want to thank all of you who have been posting because, literally, you have saved me during this challenge. I am so inspired by all of you and I sincerely appreciate you all sharing your stories on this forum.  

    A special shout-out to bhpink - 2.5 in 20!  Great!  I know how hard your legs are moving at that speed! Taz, CT and everyone else - keep going strong.  


  • CT-BLF - Injuries SUCK.  I very proud of you for not letting it get you down and you have the ambition to continue and finish this challenge!!

    boy-shorts - I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!  You didn't give into the temptations.  And I bet that was hard!  I love fresh warm bagels.  Yum!!  Might have to have one on Saturday now!!

    Sactee -  Sounds like you are doing amazing!  Keep up the good work!

    bhpink - You can still have the cookies!!!  You can make them on your fre day.  Make only enough that you know you and your family will eat that day!  then the temptation is gone but your still get to enjoy.  I might have to make me some Chocolate Chip cookies on Saturday now!!!  And holy heck girl!!  2.5 miles in 20 minutes!!  WONDERFUL!!  I get excited when I can do 1.5 miles in 20 minutes!!

    I am really so proud of everyone and how far you have come in your journey!!  As Bill would say "No one is perfect.  We all make mistakes.  therefore, no one can follow the Body-for-Life Program "perfectly.  Most of the time, I eat six nutritious protein- and carbohydrate-balanced meals a day.  Most of the time, I exercise intensely, first thing in the morning.  Most of the time, I keep positive mindset and am optimistic.  And most of the time, I feel healthy and energetic.  Remember, it's what we do most of the time that shapes us, not what we do some of the time.  So, don't worry if you're not perfect."

    Stay strong!!  Keep up the good work!!  Make sure you have a Chocolate Chip Cookie for me!!

    Good night Day 31!!!  Can't wait to see you Day 32!!  Only 53 more days to go!!  We are almost there!!

  • Ok, I was just sitting here and I finally had the time to go over the website.  the website has so many more food options than the book as well as different excerises than the book.  so which one you suppose to follow?

    Any advise?

    OH!  And what is your take on those crystal light water flavor things?

  • And also, when you go to the sample daily menu section and read the "suggestions" and you look at what I am eating everyday, I am eating HALF of what I am suppose to.  I don't understand.  Woudl I be getting better results if I ate more?

    This is a basic day:

    Meal 1: 1/2 cup of cottage chesse, 1 lowfat yogurt, 2 glasses of water

    Meal 2: Protein shake, apple, 2 glasses of water

    Meal 3: 1/2 a chicken breast with a tsp of BBQ sauce, sm baked potato, 1 serving of brocolli, 2 glasses of water

    Meal 4: Protein Shake, Orange, 2 glasses of water

    Meal 5: 4 ounce Top Round Steak with 1 tsp A-1, 1/2 cup Spegheti Squash, 1 serving of green beans, 2 glasses of water

    Meal 6: Protien shake, 1/8 a cantalope

    I don't feel hungry.  I don't feel lethargic.  I am more tired from not getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep than from not eating.

    Any suggestions?  Ideas?  Hints?  I want great results!!!

  • Good Morning everyone.  It was cold and wet outside today (it rained yesterday and last night) so I decided to do Jillian Michaels 20 minute 30 Day-Shred video in the comfort of my warm home today.  I was dripping sweat when I got done with this!!  Push-ups, jumping jacks, butt kickers, jump rope and more.  I think for the next 4 weeks I am going to do this video on my Cardio days.  She says you can lose 20 pounds in 30 days if you do the video everyday for the 30 days.  I figure I can do it 4 days a week and maybe it will help me lose more weight and gain more muscle.

    I envy those of you that can stay off the scale and not weigh yourself for 4 weeks or longer!!  I have to get on it EVERYDAY.  So, I got on this morning and I was down to 213.2 (17.4 pounds down!!!!).  Again I haven't measured anything, so I'm not sure on that, but the 18's I bought on Sunday are already alittle loser!!

    Anyways, you guys are probably sick of hearing me gloat so I'll get off here.

    Have a fabulous day!!!!

  • Tazdevilwild - I'm gonna have to look into that video, sounds great!! Congrats on the 17.4 lbs.. I'm jealous!! ;)

    I am working really hard.. pushing during workouts, running like a maniac and hitting my 9's, sometimes 10's ( I try like heck), and eating right.. but, I'm down 5 lbs. Now I know, 5 lbs is 5 lbs, but I'm just frustrated I'm not seeing the scale budge a bit more. A couple of weeks ago I was down 8lbs, now I fluctuate between 5 and 6. I started at 210 in a tight 14, now I can zipper my 12's (not quite ready for them yet though). I'm working out every day I should be, and I forced myself to take my free day last week out of the fear that if I didn't, I wouldn't be getting enough. I occasionally miss a meal, but not all that often. Most of the time I drink all of my water, it's still hard to get that much in.

    What are you thoughts on condiments?? I did make a stir-fry last week and used a little sauce, but not much and counted the carbs in it so my meal was balanced.

    I don't know. I feel like I'm doing something wrong and not seeing the results I'd like to see. I'm 5'6" and over 200.. shouldn't I be dropping some poundage here??

  • megdan!  Thank you for the Congrats but plese no jealousy aloud!!  We are in this together!!  I am so proud of you getting those 12's zipped up!!!  I can't wait until I can wear a 12, hopefully it will be before I go to the big Family Reunion in July!!!  Anyways, I was told not to look at the pounds!!  Look at the inches!!  You have to take your free day, believe me, I DO!!  I totally look forward to my free day!!  I cant wait until Saturday this week!  We are having pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Ham, Turkey & cheese sandwiches with chips for lunch, Dutch oven enchiladas for dinner amd smore's for desert!!!  I don't gorge myself, I dont stuff until I cant breath but I dont eat ANYTHING, I mean NOTHING from the list in the book on my free day.  Whether thats good or bad right or wrong, thats what I do.  I eat perfectly throughout out the week, I drink so much water I am in the bathroom every hour!!  It was brought to my attention at the beginning the I wasnt eating enough.  I actually had to add food!  I was shocked!  Maybe your not eating enough food either?  As for condiments, LOVE THEM.  I had my Top Serlion with a HOT salsa on it today instead of steak sauce.  Maybe you are gaining more muscle  and thats why the numbers are not dropping, mucsle does weigh more than fat.......