Starting March 7. Who is with me?

  • I have decided to start tomorrow and am very pumped!  I wonder if anyone wants to be my buddy along the way.  We can do this! We will be hot in 2011! Or should I say hotter, because we must love ourselves first.  I am also open to any tips or tricks anyone has.    

  • I'm in! I've just returned form the grocery and am stocked up on my food for the week! I have a plan to head to the gym tomorrow. I'll have to go before my husband so he can be home with the kids. Hoping getting up at 4:50AM isn't going to be too terrible! I am super excited to get going on this. It's been a long time of bad eating habits and even an eating disorder. Time to make new habits and teach a healthy lifestyle to my children! Hopefully you will have me as your buddy!

  • I will start saturday, only got the book yesterday and I am reading through and preparing my plan. I am vegetarion, do you know if program offers any advices for vegetarians, I do not eat any kind of meat. Dagmara

  • I'm starting March 7th, have already done lots of cooking for the week.  I've done BFL in the past, started getting great results but then sabotaged myself, who knows why.  Let me know if either or both of you are interested in a buddy.

  • Dagmara and CT-BFL I'd definitely think it would be great to have more BFL buddies!  Dagmara, about the vegetarian diet...if you look at "The Kitchen" Forum, there are a few conversations on there about vegetarian diets, etc. hopefully you eat eggs, and other forms of dairy which are considered protein like cottage cheese. I'm sure you could just use these as your sources of protein. CT-BFL, hopefully this time will be the magic challenge for you. I'm definitley NOT going to quit, because I am too unhappy with the way my body and mind currently look and work towards food. Im sure it will be difficult, but we have to stick together and make sure we stay strong till the end!

  • I'm in!!! I am a single mom of three wonderful children. I work full time and am going back to college march 21st as well.  I used to be a health and fitness freak (a total gym rat) but went thru a horrible seperation/divorce that began in '09 and lasted over a year. Since then I put my health and fitness on the back burner in an effort to provide for my children. I am hoping to use this challenge to springboard back into a healthy life style for me and my children.  I could use all the BFL Buddies I can get!!!!

  • I too am starting tomorrow!!! A friend and I are teaming up.. did all of our shopping today, made our meal plan, and got all of my chicken cooked and ready for meals this week!

    I am 31, a mom to 2 beautiful little girls, married 10 years this summer, at home nearly full-time, in school part-time (graduation in may) and run a photography business part-time.. I'm tired!! lol The past couple years I went to the gym 5x a week and worked out like a maniac, went from an 18 to a size 10. After losing all of the weight I quit smoking, gained 18 lbs back almost instantly, then gained a little more right after that. I am dying to be back into all of my cute spring/summer clothes and feeling good again. I just don't feel like myself.. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and be a part of such a great support system!!! 12 weeks.. we can do this ladies!!!

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm in too. Plus, I like smaller discussion groups like this. Easier to communicate and keep eachother motivated. But if it grows, then that's great too.

    I attempted my first full BFL Challenge last year from October 2010 through the beginning of January 2011. Let me tell you, the holidays was the challenge, not so much getting to the gym. However, if this is your first time, it will indeed be a challenge. The good thing about these forums is it allows people to share their successes and failures, so it's good to share your experiences to let others know that they're not alone.

    Yes, you will experience some sort of failure(s), but that's not a bad thing. In fact, it's the best way to learn, succeed and finish strong in the challenge.

    I look forward to reading everyone's updates throughout the week. Good luck and have a good week!

    P.S. The first week is always the toughest and the soreness will go away :)

    Best regards,


  • Great group!

     I am a 32 year old mother of two from Sweden who is starting today! I go to school and have to get up REALLY early to make my mornings work (0400). Today (I am 6 h ahead NY-time) the morning got a bit to hectic and I decided to not stress and wait to the afternoon. Better late then never i thought!

    It would be fun to hear your goals and challenges you know you have.  

  • I started today as well and would love to join such a supportive group of people. I Got to week 8 last year before I let life get in the way, but not this time.  My first workout went really well, and my freezer is stocked with pre-made meals for the week.

    Dagmara, I eat a ton of tofu, quinoa and protein powder, even though I'm not vegetarian. If you check out the forums at, there are tons of threads on vegetarian eating.

    How was day 1 for everyone?

  • For the vegetarians: Do you have Quorn in the US? I think it is an English product and it is made from kind of manipulated mushroom (does not taste nor look like mushroom) and it is very high in protein and low in fat. They make file's, "meatballs", minced "meat" and so on so you can vary your cooking very much! I prefer that to soy-products as they are apparently not that good for you and especially not good for women.

    I have a good recipe for vegetarian "steaks" or what you would call it made on beans:

    1 can of beans (your favorite, I like kidney-beans)

    3 to 4 tablespoons of cottage cheese

    1 egg

    1/2 paprika or other preferred veggie  

    Your favorite spices ( I use fresh thyme or basil and strong paprika)

    salt and pepper    

    Blend it all together and form round flat balls and fry them on a pan or in the oven. Easy, cheep ang good for you!

  • Morning All from CT-USA,

    It's so great to see so many people starting the BFL challenge and so excited.  I had a great upper body workout and am probably going to be really sore tomorrow; I finished about 15 minutes ago and my arms are still a bit shaky to type, yea!!

    bhpink-sounds great….no quitting until the end this time for either of us.

    Fabulously-Me, welcome…you sure do have your plate full.  I also have 3 children and 3 step children, work, etc..etc..  So I'm sure we can all support each other and finish this challenge together and strong.

    megdanmak-in 12 weeks you WILL be in the cute size 10 clothes, this program does work if you stick with it.  

    Jonathan-where are you in your 2nd challenge?  I've started before but never completed the challenge so I know exactly what you're saying.  And you're right, I can feel the Tuesday upper body sore coming on.

    Georgia-let us know how your afternoon workout went.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you can do weights anytime that fits into your schedule, it's just the cardio Bill suggest you do early a.m. on an empty stomach.

    LydiaSarah-You and I have that "made it to 8 weeks" in common so let's make sure we make 12 this time.  I was getting fantastic results last time, I'll have to see if my photos are still on the BFL tracker....then I just stopped, don't know why but don't want to make that mistake again.

    Everyone have a fantastic day!!!  Kim

  • It's so wonderful to have so many people with the same goals and desires working together to get motivated! Thanks to everyone for all your input! I'm heading to the gym in a couple of hours. My husband got called into work this morning, so I could not head out at my planned time (5am). Hoping to get as good a work out as it sounds you did Kim!

    Question: I had the Protein Oatmeal this morning, did the recipe given in the book. It seemed like a lot of food! I couldn't finish all of it either, do you think this is meant for two servings or one? Any thoughts?

    A lot of the recipes sound great, but I get concerned that with all the ingredients in some of them (protein, carbs, and veggies all in one)that I will not be eating the correct portions. I guess I should just stick with the size of my palm for the right serving of it? Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated.

    Good luck to everyone today!

  • I'm starting today too!  I'm excited to change my eating and my exercise habits.  I'm looking forward

    to getting out and doing more this summer with my 7 yr old son.  Not hiding indoors or in big baggie clothes.  

  • Gday everyone!!  I did my initial weigh in today and WOW I knew I had let myself go but didn't realize how far.  What a shock to my system when the scale read back to me 212lbs and 45% body fat!!  It's ok tho..because I have you all for support and this wonderful BFL plan. By this summer I will see a healthier me!  I am fortunate to have today off work so that I can prepare for the hectic week ahead of me.  I see lots of chicken and rice in my future LOL  If any of you have favorite quick and easy to take with recipies I'd love to see them.  I am at work for 12 hours a day so my food must be quick easy and portable. AND I don't want to live on meal replacement bars and shakes.  I will use them to supliment but can't eat them all the time.  I am excited to have found such a great group of support. Good Luck to all of you who have made the decision with me to start transforming your bodies and lives for the better. WE CAN SO THIS!!!