A little confused.

  • Looking at Bill's workout examples (pg 77) why does he change the exercise in the scond half of the highpoint?  Did I miss something? 

    Also, when making up my own workouts, am I supposed to pick one of the 4 exercises per body part (pg 136)?  Should I rotate them through out the weeks?

    Maybe it's the hour, or my mood - but I'm just not making any sense out of this on my own...


  • Budmuffin,

    A simple way of explaining it is  that the switch in exercise is to provide an extra shock to your muscles and crank out the last bit of "umph" left. Any time you change things up in your exercise program and provide a new stress to the muscle it responds better. That is why are suppsed to change the exercises you do for each muscle at least every 3-4 weeks (in other words, don't do a standing bicep dumb bell curl only for your whole 12 weeks to work your biceps). Our body adapts quickly and to get the results you want, you have to keep challenging it with different exercises and increasing weight.

    When it comes to making your own workouts, you should pick 2 exercises per body part. For example do the 12, 10, 8,6,12 serios of a bicep curl with dumbelss, then do 12 more reps using the preacher curl machine. After no more than 4 weeks (sooner is even better) change it to 2 new exercises (maybe use a bar and cable for first serios and then do concentration curls with dumbells for last 12 reps). Just a note about working legs: Many of the exercises for legs work the whole leg. A squat for example works glutes, hams, and quads as do lunges. You will still pick 2 exercises for each muscle you want to target even if the other muscles are also getting worked as well. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks so much for your quick response, marathonmama.  This makes much more sense now.

  • I probably need to do this... thanks for the tip, my upper body does nothing now my body is so used to it but I don't want to hurt myself doing something else...