Can't download Challenge Kit

  • Cant download it either, there must be a connection missing in your code for the site, telling the button where the document is. CAn i suggest that you send it out by email to al the members who have said that they cannot download.

    Many thanks

  • I am also having trouble.   Not sure why.....?

  • I had trouble too but I have a filtering thing on our computer ( sorry don't know correct wording for this) so I had to turn that feature off in order to get it to download.  

  • I was able to save it to my computer so I could email it to you if you want.

  • please do, I had tried to build my own, but it is just not the same.


  • @ Kabbott,

    Yes, thanks, please e mail me at  Sorry for the delayed response and thanks for your help!

  • Hi there.  Can someone email me the challenge kit as well?  I'm unable to download it.


  • I tried too, says, sorry but you can't enter from Canada, LOL I not from Canada, I'm from Mississippi

  • Can someone please email me the challenge kit? I wanted to start this weekend.

    Thank you so much!

  • can someone email it to me?

  • I would appreciate someone e-mailing to me too.

    I can't get this to download.  I also can't get the site to allow me to enter the challenge.  Has anyone encountered this?

  • @ Sonya - It won't let me download the challenge kit either.  But so what!  I'm still doing the 12 week challenge either way.  Welcome aboard.

    @dpatt - send me your e mail address and I will invite you to be my friend on myfitnesspal.  Then you can see what I'm eating and maybe get some ideas or try new things.  My diet is varied, tasty and clean.  I'm happy to share my food diary with you.  Maybe that will help you - or just to talk it through with someone.  You're doing alright , after all, you've had an injury so you have to cut yourself some slack.  

    I think it's easier to quit alcohol than to get the food thing right.  You have to eat but you don't have to drink.

    Happy Free day everyone and here's to week 5!


  • Hello! My name is Cory. I was able to download the kit, but I cannot register, keeps saying error try back later. It's been doing that for at least a week for me. Have you or anyone had that problem?

  • Ugh.. I cannot download the challenge kit either. No problem with the entry kit.. just can't get the challenge kit. If someone has it please send it to Thank you

  • If anyone has been able to download it can they e-mail it to me?

    Thank you!!!