Please Help!!!Weight training

  • I did my first LBWO on Monday, and I really think I may have started lifting too much weight. I have been extremely sore, to the point where I can't sit down and my muscles spase every now and then, and Im still walking with a limp; but it feels good in a weird way LOL As a newbie to exercise, how much weight should I be lifting? I had to give my body time to heal, but Im ready to give it a go again on Sunday, just scared I might injure myself if I keep lifting like I did on Monday.

    Please help! I'm so ready to for the challenge and trying my hardest not to get discouraged by not knowing how much weight I should start out with!!!! Did anyone else start out with this problem? Should I consider the first couple weeks a trial and error for weight lifting til I find out what is best for me? Or should I be pushing my self thru the soreness? So new to this I dont know what is considered normal as far as pain....thanks for any help that can be offered!

  • if you haven't worked out for a long time any weight you would have used would have made you soar.  i would drink lots of water and stretch more before and after your workouts.    Don't get discouraged by some pain.  

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  • Yes! You're going to be sore for a couple of weeks, at least! But like you said, it's a "good" kind of sore. You do need to listen to your body and definately don't do anything if you feel you might injure yourself, but the idea of this program is to push yourself harder each workout. You'll be surprised at how quickly you progress, even through the soreness.

    And water and stretching are going to make a huge difference in you growth and recovery!

    Congrats on getting started! You're gonna do great!

  • As they said, sore = good, pain = bad.  Soreness and even some aches mean you are just doing micro damage to muscles you havent been using.  Actual PAIN should not occur.  If you have a pain then evaluate yourself and if you think you've done something to yourself, have it checked out.

  • To quote my favorite Three Days Grace song - "I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all"

    Into C2, I feel ZERO soreness after weightlifting.....and I don't like it.  

  • yea. "No Pain, No Gain" but they just couldnt get a good rhyme with No Ache or No Sore lol..