A few questions

  • I have a few clarification questions if you y'all can help me please???

    - Mushrooms are considered a veggie right?  What about tomatoes?

    - Is there a limit to veggie intake in a day/meal?

    - Sometimes there is someone on the machine that I need -- is there a right or wrong order to muscle groups?

    - If I get the eating right in a day, but my schedule changes and I can't get to the gym , should I:

         a. skip it;

         b. double up the next day;

         c. go on to the next planned workout and make up the missed workout on my free day; or

         d. do the workout I missed the next day to stay in order and make up the missed workout on my free day?


    Thanks so much for any and all help!!!

  • Hi Kris D -

    I consider mushrooms and tomatoes vegetables.  Others may differ, but veggies are the one thing that I do allow myself extra servings of (the non-starchy veggies only).

    The muscle are worked in that order for a reason (generally we work the larger muscles first).  Perhaps if someone is using that machine, you could ask him/her if you can work in your sets while he/she rests.

    Your next question is a tough one and you would probably get several different answers.  My answer is based on the fact that one of my goals (and self-promises) was to not miss a single workout.  I'm afraid that if I let one slide, it will make it that much easier to let another one slide, and another one, etc.

    So if I miss a workout, I make it up... period.  It might mean doing UBWO and cardio on the same day or doing something on free day.  I never skip a workout.  (I might make an exception if I'm in the hospital or in jail... but so far, so good).

    Congratulations on making this commitment to change your life.  You won't regret it!

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Kris-D

    I agree with lady George. I really honestly don't think you can really get too many veggies but that is my opionion.

    As far as the order in which I work out. I typically do follow the order in the book but I have on occasion switched it up before. I think as long as you get the workout in that is really what matters.

    As far as missed workouts. I know the books says if u miss one just forget about it and move on but I personally have done both. I have missed a workout and just considered it missed and then I have done that workout on my free day to catch up as well so I think it is really personal preference. One thing I have done is really tried to plan ahead so I don't miss workout but I know sometimes it just happends.

    Hope we answered your questions for you. Good luck on your jourey.

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