Start Date Feb 28th. Destination Summer!

  • Good morning!  Start of day 3 for me.  Eating is going well.  W/O's not so great yet, but I will get there.

    Welcome to all the new members.  

    @Stephinator - We are a team and we will not let you go!  Clean eating (I once read) is like 75% or more of your success on this program.  Much more than the exercise, although both are important.  If you can walk - walk.  If you can jog or run - do those.  Do upper body workouts and very light lower body stuff if you can handle it.  Either way, just keep moving.  We will finish as a team!

    I love the way that my stomach feels smaller after only the past 2 days.  I mean, it doesn't protrude as much.  I guess because I am no longer over-stuffing myself (you know that feeling like after Thanksgiving dinner when you need to loosen your pants kind of stuffing).  I see success in my future!  YEAH!

    Have a great Thursday everyone!

    Nancy Jo


  • Good Morning everyone!

    Nancy you are very right, clean eating is 75-80% of the results. You can't overlook the exercising, that last 20% is important, but results can still be had with eating clean and doing what you can given a medical condition or injury.

    You also brought up something interesting, "my stomach feels smaller". For most people the first week or two is a major internal adjustment for your body. Most are retaining tons of water from a poor diet.  I remember finding the day after my 2nd free day to be quite an eye opener.  Went a little over board and man did I feel like crap the next day.

    Then I realized, that's how I always used to feel!  Chewing Tums all the time, upset stomach, sluggish. It took a couple weeks of not feeling like that to realize that feeling that way wasn't normal.

    Have a fantastic day everyone!  Remember you are worth  the effort!

  • Day 3 going fine....Dogwoods are blooming in the Carolinas, so the allergies are killing me...So, I just blow my nose in between curls!!

  • Hi! Just wanted to check in. Went to the office potluck, and it was fine! Yes I wished I could be chowing down (my co-workers can cook!) but kept my goals in mind I only nibbled on a few baby carrots and snap peas. I had planned on eating nothing but all things considered, I'll take it! I thought about grabbing a cookie to save for free day, but I didn't want to tempt myself so decided against it. I left the party when I started to feel a little hungry and no one noticed a thing! Thanks guys for your encouragement.

    I also made the rookie mistake of stepping on the scale this morning. I know, I know. I weigh myself about twice a week, and I am not in a place where I feel ready to give that up. BUT ok, I'm up about a pound from last week. Instead of throwing in the towel and deciding this isn't the program for me, I'm staying the course and looking to get measurements soon so I can start tracking that alongside the scale for the true story.

  • I'm almost through day 4 of week one and I'm taking my friend out for her birthday tonight. I'm completely fine with ordering a grilled chicken salad, no dressing, and a cup of fruit but my only concern is the chicken. Is it all white meat? What is it really cooked in? Some places have pre cooked chicken that have grill marks on it and then the pan fry it in oil. Maybe I'll go with shrimp...

    I talked to my doctor today and the spinal specialist won't be able to see me for a couple of weeks. Next week is a 2 UBWO week and I'm going to want to push it. I want those results. I want to feel strong and healthy. The diet is definitely helping with that but I love the feeling of accomplishment after a good, tough workout.

    Thank you to everyone for your support regarding my condition/injury. I have a habit of using things for an excuse. For an example: "Oh... my boyfriend isn't going to be home tonight so I don't really have to cook dinner! Maybe I'll just have ice cream and watch a chick flick..." so you guys are really keeping me in line. I can't thank you enough. :)

    Still super sore (upper and lower body) but I did some lower intensity HIIT this morning on my eliptical machine so I still felt like I accomplished something.

    I think I'm starting to notice part of the "inner transformation" which is awesome to me. Every day that I complete my workout and my meal plan without deviation (which has been every day so far) I want to give myself a gold star! Instead of thinking about what I could have done better during the workout or what I should have eaten, which is what I did every day during the first time I tried the challenge, I'm so proud of what I have accomplished. Life is good. :)

  • Hello All ~

    Late post for me today.  I'm grateful for everyone's tips and also love hearing about your successes so far.  Keep up the good work.

    I am on DAY 4 and, up until a few minutes ago, felt great about how the day was going.  Then, I had my daughter take the dreaded " before" photos of me.   Uuuuggghhh!  I immediately had a complete epiphany ~  I knew that I was heavy, but had no idea how bad it really is.  As much as I hate to admit it, I called myself a few names that weren't so nice.  Well, my daughter heard me and became really upset.  I felt really bad about that and we shed a few tears.  She told me she hates it when I say stuff like that about myself and told me that I am beautiful and she loves me and it doesn't matter what I look like.

    I have the most wonderful, supportive familiy in the world!  They are constantly telling me that I can do this and I will succeed.

    I asked my daughter to forgive me for saying the awful things I said about myself and thanked her for her support.  I haven't set a very good example for her and have prayed that God will guide me in this journey so I will realize that I am a beautiful person both inside and out who just has a few pounds to lose so I can become healthier.

    Well....thanks for listening and for the continued support.

    Tomorrow will be a better day.


  • Becky

    "so I will realize that I am a beautiful person both inside and out who just has a few pounds to lose so I can become healthier."

    Truer words never spoken!  

    The before pics can be tramatizing. I know mine were. Thanks for sharing that with us Becky, its a tough thing to come to grips with for sure.

  • Good morning BFL fam!

    I'm on cloud 9 today, probably a combination of endorphins and happiness because it's Friday? Had a good UBWO last night. It was the first time (aside from BodyPump class) where I've worked out all of the muscles in the UB instead of pairing. I'd usually do a day of chest/tri's and then back/bi's, etc. I have to say, I'm sore...but not what I was expecting. Next time I'll just have to throw some bigger weights around. I also jumped on the treadmill last night for 15min of light cardio--I'm running a 5K in a week and want to make sure I can keep pace with my boyfriend! As I was jogging, I started fantasizing of what I was going to eat for our free day on Sunday.....I'm thinking pasta. Anyone else know what they're going to enjoy on Free Day?

    "I think I'm starting to notice part of the "inner transformation" which is awesome to me. Every day that I complete my workout and my meal plan without deviation (which has been every day so far) I want to give myself a gold star! Instead of thinking about what I could have done better during the workout or what I should have eaten, which is what I did every day during the first time I tried the challenge, I'm so proud of what I have accomplished. Life is good. :)"

    Steph--You literally took the words right out of my head. I was so mentally and physically tired of abusing my body and putting myself down. After on 5 days of eating clean and having a clear focus, as well as the support of this forum and website, I finally feel like my old self again!

    Hope you all have a great day! No batteries in the camera, but I will get those "pre" pictures up ASAP!


  • Happy Friday!!

    Thanks Bill!  Today will be a much better day.

    Good luck to everyone today and I hope that you all have a great day.


  • Good Morning Everyone!

    Well, first week in the books for me. Finished off with a great run.  Overall was a very good week. Hit every workout hard and ate clean every day.

    So, what's everyone's plans for free day? All day free, one free meal, sticking to the normal eating plan?

    Soontobe- Don't let that scale dictate how you think you are doing! It is not anything near a good indication. Everyone's bodies reacts differently at the start of the program. Just remember everything we do now is setting the internal ground work for the external changes down the road.

    Have a fantastic day everyone! End of the first week is closing in, push for those 10's and finish strong.
  • Bill, I'm thinking 2 "free" meals....I eat 5 meals a day and I think on Sunday I'm going to stick to a normal BFL breakfast and snacks. I'm thinking a nice dinner of pasta with homemade gravy and a glass of Merlot and then most likely something to satisfy my raging sweet tooth! I'm going to try to maintain the 5 meals a day for the whole challenge because (even after 5 days!) I can already see benefits to jacking up my metabolism (my pooch is shrinking!...or maybe it's all the water?)

    How did/have you been using your free days? Did you eat clean? Exercise of free days? You were so successful in your first challenge, I'm aiming for crazy awesome results like yours so any tips/tricks would be great!

  • Here are some online tools/links that I find helpful. Sorry I meant to post these days ago.

    First is a food tracker. I firmly believe in the K.I.S.S. principle espoused in the BFL book when it comes to the nutrition plan, but I found it very helpful for the first 2-3 weeks to track and analyze my food intake to make sure I was getting enough, but not to much calories and the break down was right.  then click on the health tracker link on the left hand side.

    Second is Hussman Fitness. Just a pure wealth of information here. I highly suggest when you have time to work your way through all the articles on this site. One thing I especially suggest is under "the Kitchen" called how calories work. On that page is a calculator for your BMR or base metobolic rate.

    Third is an online body fat % calculator . There are various caliper methods to use as well one using just  tape measurements. Even though I have used calipers in the past, I am by no means an expert and tend to get varying readings. So to keep things simple and easy I use the tape measurement method.  Again it's not  as accurate as going and getting yourself measured by a pro, but it does give you a baseline to start with and compare during the 12 weeks.

    Last but certainly not least is I'm sure if you have spent anytime browsing the site here you have seen his name pop up, probably more than once. Some great inspiration and incites here.

  • A- My free days were a progress just like everything else in the program. At first I kinda took the free day as free for all!  As I posted earlier this was an eye opener for me. It really hit home how crappy I was treating my body before starting the challenge.

    I experienced what a food hangover is. Then I remembered, like an alcoholic, I used to wake up  with a food hangover so often I thought that was just normal.

    So on my 3rd week and from there on out I reigned things in. The first 4 meals I eat my normal BFL foods. Drink lots of water etc. For dinner I let myself have whatever I am craving that week with a bit of dessert and maybe some popcorn or something in the evening while watching a movie.  I think its important to give your body that day to relieve some of the cravings to keep strong the rest of the week.

    As to exercise, almost nothing. At most it was the daily walk with the dog. We are putting our bodies through a pretty intense workout schedule. 6 days a week is for many a HUGE increase in physical activity. Having that day of rest is important I feel for longevity of the challenge. Burn out is a real thing. The body needs some downtime to rest and repair from the weeks workouts.

    There are certainly those who do workout on free days. But, and again this is just my personal experience, the body gets tired over the course of this challenge. There were weeks where physically I felt exhausted and beat up by day 4 and it was purely on mental power to get in days 5 and 6. I couldn't imaging doing 7 days a week myself and keeping that up for the duration.

    Now, this is just my routine. Free Day is exactly that. Please don't feel you have to do what I do. Its entirely up to each of you on how you handle your free day.  In many ways it's almost worth it to feel that food hangover at least once to remind you what you used to feel like.

  • Checking in!  Day 4 going well.  I was soooo HUNGRY yesterday.  Between each meal, I had to snack on baby carrots to keep from going off the plan.  But it worked.  I can proudly say that I stuck to it!  I didn't even touch one of my sons chocolate chip cookies - which he so kindly tried to share.  :)  I feel better today.  I too only eat 5 meals a day.  I have trouble fitting in that last meal.  But I remember a huge debate about this the last time I attempted a challenge.  Many people believed that last meal was part of the key to success.  What does everyone here think?  For my free day, I will still eat 5 - 6 small meals.  And I will stick to BFL for 2 or 3 of them.  My free day will be Sunday this week.  But most weeks it will be on Saturday.  This Sunday I plan to have toast with lots of melted butter.  LUV IT!  Homemade tacos and some of my sons CC cookies.  :)  And maybe a pepsi or two.  I agree with Bill that I will rest on that day.  I don't want to burn out.  Happy Friday!!!

    Nancy Jo


  • Becky,

    I loved your post about your "before" pics.  Those pictures, especially the back pic, are real eye openers for many of us and can hurt.  I know it took courage to post what happened, but it speaks volumes.  Our own self image affects our children and our families.  We struggle to do right by them and often neglect ourselves in the process.  But eventually we realize that taking care of ourselves IS taking care of them!  When we are healthy - we help them to be heatlhy physically, mentally and spiritually.  Thanks so much for the post!

    Nancy Jo