Start Date Feb 28th. Destination Summer!

  • I would definitely suggest picking up the BFL book. It is not expensive at all (saw one in a used book store the other day for $3.00) and lays out everything for you regarding the weight training, HIIT cardio and nutrition plan.

  • I find pre planning and cooking my meals helps keep me in line. Great advice about the scale. I get so aggravated when I work hard, only to find the scale hasn't moved, or my weight goes up. I'm not officially entered into the contest, but I think you are right about the photos. It is hard to look at them , but 12 weeks from now, I will want to see the difference.

    I love that this is called, Summer Destination.  A great reminder, that summer is right around the corner. It will take 3 challenges for me to get into shape, but summer coming up, and the skimpier clothing, is great motivation.

  • Hi All!

    Great first day so far.  I didn't do my morning WO.  The alarm went off at 5 a.m. and my body said "HAHAHA - yeah right!" and I slept for another hour.  :)  So I will need to fit that in tonight instead.  The early mornings will be hard for me.  But I know the workouts are better in the morning for fat burning purposes - so I am determined to get there, just not today HA HA HA.   Eating is clean and I feel good and energized.

    A - I have been a vegetarian for 24 years and don't plan on changing that now.  I have some recipe ideas that are packed with protein if you are interested.

    Have a great day team!  :)

    Nancy Jo


  • Hello Everyone!

    Great start to Day 2.  I ate clean for breakfast, went to do my first day of HIIT.  I actually feel like I hit my 10 this morning on the treadmill.  I still need to work on it so I can improve and know exactly what to do when I get there, but feel like I did ok since it was my first time.  Then, came home and had my second mini meal (2 boiled egg whites and FF blackberry yogurt).

    Now - off to clean the house before the kids get out of school.  Then, my daughters and I are going to the gym so they can get in their workout.  I hope it is ok for me to do a second cardio workout  because I plan to just ride the stationary bike or do some elliptical since I have to be there for my daughters anyway.

    Have a super day everyone!


  • Nancy Jo, I looked long and hard into the morning thing. Here is what I found, nothing conclusive either way. I did my first challenge all with afternoon workouts. The important thing is setting a time that you can and will stick to.  I personally like afternoons more. I like the me time after work and before I go home to de-stress from the day.

  • I'm sure you'll get your workout in tonight, Nancy Jo!  And thanks for the craving-management tips yesterday.  I put one piece of carrot cake into the freezer to save for Free Day, and then I didn't feel the need to attack the rest of the cake :)  I'd love to hear about high-protein vegetarian meals, esp. ones that actually taste good!

    Well, I did my Day 1 workout yesterday, and it was 1) a relief that I am FINALLY taking steps to address my health & fitness, and 2) a really exhilarating reconnection with my, oh yeah, I do have arms & legs & muscles and I'm not just a floating head!  I can't lift a lot of weight, or do one unassisted pull-up, but I followed the program.  A first step...

    It REALLY helps to have this forum!  Thanks everybody, and good luck today!!!    - lily :)

  • Hi! Everything seems to be going well so far. Going to the gym after work for LBWO (great discussion on working out AM or PM, guys! Something to think about for sure). I know the scale thing is going to be hard for me because I want that instant gratification, but I'm willing to stick this out. I mean, it just has to give me results if I really follow the program, right?

    Mondays are my tough day with work all day and class from 5:45 to 9:15. But I packed my meals and drank plenty of water! Waking up early on Mondays for HIIT will be rough, but we do what we can!

    My struggle is always the food part...I love working out but you can't out-train a bad diet. This week will be my first challenge as we're having a birthday potluck at work. I can't not go so it will be really hard to sit there with all the treats and not eat any! But I've found I can pull the "getting married in 4 months" card and people don't pressure me to cheat :-)

    I don't like cottage cheese I won't eat it! I will make this plan work for ME. I did a program awhile back that included carb cycling so on "low" days I was eating protein shakes and Greek yogurt and egg whites all day. Made me miserable. On BFL, I can choose to eat the (healthy) foods I like! I love that.

  • Hi everyone!

    Let me start out by saying I have always been hesitant to join support groups and online communities but you guys kick butt! I really feel like I have a quality group of people to go to when things get tough, when I have questions, or when I just want to talk to someone who understands the ups and downs of a plan like this. Even when I'm not actively participating in conversation, knowing the group is here makes it a million times easier.

    Yesterday (my day one) started off kind of shakey for me. My UBWO was really difficult. I had a hard time finding my limits and was underestimating and overestimating myself a lot but I learned a lot, made many notes, and am looking forward to my next UBWO. And today... I am SORE! I mean I can barely move. I almost cried washing my hair this morning! Feels good though. :)

    The eating part of this plan has never been a problem for me really. I enjoy a lot of the authorized foods anyway and eating them more frequently only makes me happier. :) I also now have a wonderful boyfriend who has agreed to support me in this. Last night he grilled fresh alaskan sockeye salmon for us (I'm not a fan of seafood at all but would like to reap the benefits) and it was incredible!

    This morning I was doing HIIT, and let me tell you... I love to run. I haven't gotten my endurance up to where I would like it to be but the treadmill is my happy place. I was kind of angry at myself because about half way through the 17th minute I got this TERRIBLE sharp pain on my right side kind of high up by my ribs. I made it through to about halfway through my 18th minute and had to slow to a walk because it hurt so badly. I did a little reading online this morning after that and noticed that many people have experienced this. From what I understand it is attributed to breathing and your diaphram. Basically I understand that I need to practice deep, even breathing while only inhaling and exhaling when landing on my left foot. This will relieve the stress on the diaphram. Also, when breathing it is important to inhale deeply while pushing your stomach out and exhale quickly (almost like a puff). I found all of this interesting and am going to make a concerted effort to try it next time, but thought you guys might find that interesting.

    That leaves me to my last point... can you drink too much water? I have heard SO many mixed things about this question... I find myself drinking A LOT of water. Basically I drink a large glass right away in the morning, then I workout, then drink another large glass, and tons of it with all my meals... and all throughout the day. I've heard things like you can fall into a "water coma" where your head feels fuzzy and things like that but I don't know if its true and if I need to monitor the amount of water I'm drinking. I have a giant cup at work and I drink it all day long. I must fill this sucker up 4 or 5 times. I think its a 64 oz cup. And that doesn't include the water I drink when I'm at home in the morning and after work... anyone have any idea about this? I just don't want to be flushing all of the good nutrients I'm working so hard to put in my body back out or anything like that, if that is even possible...

    I think I win for the longest post ever.... sorry guys. :)

  • SoonToBeMrsJ,

    I agree. I love the choices in the BFL program! That's what makes it so easy. Anyone of any age and any background can make this work for them if they want to.

    And I too am TERRIBLE at refusing treats. But I just keep telling myself that this is only 12 weeks. I can make it 12 weeks. It isn't going to kill me to NOT have these things. As far as the pressure goes, I'm very honest with my friends, families, and coworkers. I simply tell them I'm building a healthier lifestyle for myself and they really do respect that.

    Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your progress!

  • Here is something I wrote back near the beginning of my first challenge regarding life and temptations.


    UFC117 was last night and I am a big UFC fan. Normally I head down to the casino sports bar to watch the fights as paying $50.00 for a PPV is kinda steep. I almost decided to rent it at home to remove myself from the temptations. But after thinking about it for the whole day I decided that's a bad move. This is Body-For-Life, not Body-Remove yourself from life.

    So I headed down to to watch the fights. I was a bit dismayed when I looked at the menu as it was pretty limited. Mostly all my old favs and not much in the way of a healthy choice. In the end I ordered the grilled Chicken Burger, minus the ham and swiss mayo etc they put on it and a tossed salad. Took off the top bun and ate the chicken with the bun bottom and my salad. Had 1 Molson 67 then diet cola and water after that.

    One thing I am finding is for BFL to be successful for me long term, I need to challenge my old self imposed boundaries and habits. To place myself in challenging circumstances and summon the mental strength to meet those challenges. Be it eating right, getting to the gym or pushing for that 10.

    Years ago when I attempted and did not finish the 12 week challenge I looked at it primarily as a physical challenge. Maybe age has finally blessed me with the wisdom I lacked back then, but I realize now, this Challenge is 90% (or more) mental.

    While every meal I choose to eat clean, every rep on the weight bench and ever mile I run on the treadmill is obviously good for my body, The real benefit is in my mind. Every one of those things builds my confidence just a little more that I can do this.

    I feel like somewhere, deep inside, my mind is the proverbial 98lb weakling that used to fold under pressure and make a lot of bad choices. Well, he's no Arnold yet, but it sure feels like he has put on some muscle in the last couple weeks.


  • BCbill:

    Totally agree! On one hand I believe in setting yourself up for success and for me that includes removing obstacles, but I am 100% in the mindset that this is for LIFE and I need to learn how to be around these kinds of events. I could make that my free day, but I'd rather go out to eat with my guy on Free Day this weekend, so I'm choosing this. Great post! I can tell we're going to benefit a lot from having you around here :-)


    Exactly, it won't kill me! I also find that while I think people are going to notice that I'm not chowing down on the cookies, no one really does. For me, I find it easier to be a little vague (at least in these first few weeks) about my program unless people really want to know more. You're right though, support is key!

  • BCbill,

    I love --Body-For-Life, not Body-Remove yourself from life and your attitude of using obstacles as an opportunity for challenge and growth.

    Becky, How great that you and your daughter are going to the gym together. What a good example yu are for them

    Stephinator- I think you do win for the longest post, but I enjoyed reading it!

    STBMRSJ. -Congrats on your upcoming wedding,..

    Waterlilly,  i so agree, it is fun reconnecting with your body and taking control of your life.

    I did BFL years and years ago, and felt wonderful.....I've gone out of control in the last several years, and, like you stated, it does feel like I am finally roconnecting... and it is fun!

  • I am wanting to join a group for support and motivation. I am starting tomorrow 3/2/2011. Is that too late to jump on the wagon? By the way.....I wish you all the luck  with quitting smoking!!!

  • Corbey, No it's not to late at all!

  • Thanks BCbill!  I am starting to plan my meals for tomorrow and am planning on getting to bed on time so i can get up and do my workout before work!!! IT'S ON NOW!!! :)